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[They just send me a letter informing me that my services are no longer needed at the place I work.

Reason? Failing to show up… even though they told me every single day they didn’t need me. 

I was hoping to get some money over the breaks again since that would make up for some of the expensive (read: loans) I’m making right now… I worked there for 10 years and they just booted me.

Which means that I am now officially without any income. I’m looking for jobs but all I can find offer hours during my none-paying-can’t-quit-because-trouble-otherwise-job or they rather take a 16 year old. I am not picky because beggers can’t be choosers but I really can’t work a cash register because I can’t do math for shit. I keep giving back the wrong amount and I can’t deal with being fired.

If anyone wants or can my paypal is dequidthelios@gmail.com I’ll be needing all that I can get.] 

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listen... i'm 25... i'm a teacher... and earlier this year when i went to take my ID picture, the lady running it grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me back out of the room and told me, "IT'S NOT TIME FOR NINTH GRADERS YET, GO BACK TO CLASS!!!" and that's the story of how everyone thought i was 14 and wouldn't let me take my picture :(


fam im sorry. thats so terrible. i laughed. im the worst™


San Myshuno, 2 years later

Dear papa (and dad too, if you’re reading this),

I hope everything’s going well in Windenberg. I just got off the phone with Cassia, who apologised for waiting so long to tell me she’s pregnant - I don’t blame her, really, not when she’s got her head stuck to that damn telescope all day. Can you believe it? Cassia, married fresh out of high school and pregnant before 25. I’d be shocked but I suppose it isn’t that surprising when you think about it.

I’m so glad to hear that Laurel and Tessy finally got married in the spring. I wish I could have been there, but I was stuck in that Berlin blizzard and had no hope of arriving in time. Did my gift arrive safely?

As for me… well, the last two years have been even more chaotic than I could have imagined. My course has been accelerated to fit my needs, and I’m so grateful for that, because I’m able to condense a five-year advanced degree into three. I’m almost finished. I just have my final project to do for my astrophysics unit and a few spare spots for electives (don’t know what I’ll do, though) and then I’ll be graduating. I’ve decided to stay here for the time being to do my Masters, and perhaps even a PhD. Only time will tell!

I promise to call you soon. Give my sisters my love.



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Look I think March 25 will also mean good things for Louis!!!!! Harry announcing all of this today, a day that is very connected with contracts and all that, makes me believe he couldn't actually say something before. Hence why he remained quiet. It's too much a coincidence him doing all this on this day. So maybe March 25 will also mean they can finally end babygate!!!!

I can only hope…..

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hello! do you know where can I read 25 hours and a place on earth with you? i've heard good things but can't find it 😂 thanks!

If you want to find links to ANY fic that I talk about frequently, please look up the title through my tags!! I always post the links!

25 hours, a place on earth with you (major character death)