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I’m still working on getting their personalities down, so my challenge for this sketch page was to draw them how I pictured them, not trying too hard to make it pretty but trying to keep it relatively on model. :) This is my first ever time drawing Gladio and Iggy, too! 

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not your type?
Final Fantasy XV
not your type?


Here’s a very subtle evidence of one of the very few gay jokes in the game, where Prompto teases Ignis about Ardyn not being his type.

Ignis: The chancellor has an agenda all his own. 

Prompto: Sometimes it helps… like when he called off his army and let us escape.  ( ・ㅂ・)

Noctis: But he was still a creep about it.  (; ・`д・´)

Gladio: It feels like he’s only helping us because he wants something… I just don’t know what…  (´ー`)

Prompto: Reckon we’ll see him again? 

Ignis: Certainly hope not.  ( ̄Д ̄°*)  

Prompto: Not your type?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Noctis: Food: 8000 Gil
  • Noctis: Phone Bills: 2000 Gil
  • Noctis: Hotels and other accommodations: 10,000 Gil
  • Noctis: Hairgel: 500,000 Gil
  • Noctis: Gas for the regalia: 1000 Gil
  • Noctis: Someone good at the economy please help me budget this my nation is dying
  • Cindy: Spend less on hairgel
  • Noctis: No
  • submission by @shadownightes

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how long has vox machina known each other ? is that written somewhere.

I’m not entirely sure! I’m certain it has been said on stream before (recently if I’m remembering correctly) but I can’t recall what was said. From checking CritRoleStats’ page here they’ve been together for at least 437 days since their time in the Underdark. Other than that I’ll have to update this answer if I find the full answer or someone lets me know!

Animalistic desires

Welcome to Korkeasaari Zoo, folks!

What you see below on your left is a wooden replica of a Giant ground sloth, which sadly has been extinct for over 8000 years.

But back when he roamed the land, you would NOT want to meet this guy! He was over 6 meters tall, and weighed up to 7 TONS! Yawza!

Before we begin our tour, allow me to throw in a little selfie I took with this gorgeous seal! 

Much like Berlin has different kinds of bear statues all over the city, we now have seals in different colors and styles! Cool, huh?!

Anyway, let´s begin! 

And since we already mentioned bears…

This individual was at first all nice and accommodating and agreed to pose for pics - until suddenly she got all in her feels and sulked off to stare at wall.

Bitch. 😒

In the aquarium, we saw turtles and wild underwater creatures (some of who look like they are silently screaming for help)…

… and on the outside some very bored camels.

In the enclosure next to the comatose camels…


The pouchier, the better, baby! 😉

Raccoons were a lively bunch, eagerly playing with balls…

.. while these parakeets were trippin´ balls or something ´cos damn they were wired UP! 🐦

This monkey wasn´t much more in tune with the real world either, but rather just showed off his tasty hay by shoving it against the glass. 🐒

This massive thing I believe is a European bison and weighs around 800 kg which would be roughly 17-18 VKs…

… meanwhile this little guy aka a minipanda named Eriel apparently only eats bamboo which is very low on energy content so she actually sleeps at least 12 hours each day. 

I love her. I wish to be her.

Just a few weeks ago there was a happy event in the vicuña family as they were blessed with a little bundle of joy - seen below on the left. 

On the right you can see an African spurred tortoise, the third-largest species of tortoise in the world.

The red angry face staring at you from behind the fence was… I forgot what it was but it was loud. 🙉

Now, before we move on to Kissalaakso aka Valley of the Cats, I think it´s important to take a quick peek into history.

As we know, sometimes the conditions in zoos are not up to par even today - but oh man, were they horrendo in the past!

Korkeasaari was founded 125 years ago, and some of the old cages are still around - and they are grim. This here is a cage in which bears used to live in.

I mean… Jfc. 😢

I shudder to think of those poor bears of yesteryears, being stuffed into these tiny and depressing cages with no room to move, no stimulations of any kind, robbed of all joy basically.

Sad is what this is. But thankfully these days the conditions here are MUCH better! 👍

Anyway, about the kitties…

Damn these chickas were probably up all night with their local Man Boi Letos and this is the result… Lethargic as ferk. 😴

This one had just enough energy to lift its head.

My fave was the majestic Siberian tiger. Damn that is one glorious creature! 😍

Even while licking its privates in plain sight… 


And speaking of perverts: this little hussy was parading its front AND back at us with no shame whatsoever! 👀

Meanwhile his horny colleague was trying his hardest to impress a girl by huffing and puffing and getting all plump and shit…

… but she wasn´t having any of that and sent him packing, defeated. 🙁

I later spotted him again, with his neck in a million twists, no doubt plotting revenge.

I felt very judged by this owl. 🙈

So much so that I absolutely had no choice but to…

Quite possible the best ice cream I have ever had, must say! 😋