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Are you and Daddy having issues in your relationship? Why are you speaking like that about him?

“He’s probably crying over his boner again. Or maybe he finally went and cheated on me by now~ Jeez we have no problems at all~”


I’m sorry but one of the stupidest things Marlene has done is start this “lifelike” mask sh*t. I didn’t mind those initial Ali masks because they were noticeably fake and added creepiness to the show. But now we have these “lifelike” masks to deal with. First of all, no mask is going to look THAT real. You mean to tell me someone could be prancing around town in a mask looking like someone else and nobody would notice? It’s not Halloween folks! I know this show hasn’t exactly been realistic but the whole mask crap is just utterly ridiculous and fake as sh*t!!! Another cop-out to me because you can always say any one person was wearing a mask. I can’t roll my eyes any freaking harder.

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I love that Magnus is dancing. I think it's great. But there's also a part of me that wants it to not be a thing, like Harry is so super talented beyond his dancing and if all people ask if for him to dance it makes me :/ idk. Also a part of me would still love "here is Magnus with perfect cat-like grace and poise, and he also has to left feet and I still love him" ya know? I didn't know I could be so conflicted over something as simple as dancing!

i love that harry is going to be dancing as magnus but yeah i do agree harry should be recognized for more than his dancing, even though he’s an exceptionally talented dancer! But he’s also a very talented actor and quite a good singer too (fuck u @ glee).

but i think the dancing we see will be really perfect for magnus – we know harry choreographed it himself and i’ve loved all of his interpretations of magnus’ movements, so i’m sure the dancing will be just as great.

i suspect we’ll still see the fluid movements but not the typical kind of dance we’re used to seeing from harry…like something more more “magnus” if that makes sense. either way i’m really looking forward to it!

so i’m super into @lazyshulk‘s talon mercymaker au & ended up sketching some of it. 

i’m a little nervous bc i found it after starting my own talon mercymaker fic & obvs i don’t wanna seem like a copy but “Doctor, Doctor” is honestly so cool and unique (blind mercy is a really interesting concept, i love it) i don’t think there will be similarities beyond the premises.

i didn’t see their sketches of what their Mercy looks like till i’d already drawn most of it, but i did add the shoulder feathers and mask markings & colored the wings accordinly when i did. i also took some inspiration from @lowaccelerationobject’s talon mercy design.

i forgot mercy’s wings in the last one but i don’t feel like adding them

I……..can’t fucking wait to see Magnus dance like that Istg Harry will make this god damn spectacular and it’s gonna be a delight and I’ll have a ten second sequence to watch every single day for the rest of my life bc Shum jr. was wrong when he said Magnus can’t dance and he ends up up proving it to his own ass GOD IM SO READY FOR THIS YALL

Dear Antis

I am an anti. I hate sh@ladins as much as anyone. 

But sending anon hate and death threats to them is never okay. Under no circumstances should you ever resort to that. It doesn’t matter if they send it to us. Call them out, educate them, but NEVER send anon hate or death threats to anyone.

This has been a PSA.

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but i don't want to be a shallie i want to be a shallot and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen, firing ships into the sunset get it bc i ship sh@ladin k@llura and a l0tor ship it amuses me to call antis anti-shallots but yeah shallies is cool bc sh@ladin allies. The Shalliance. beautiful.


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Sh*dge is so bad. Pidge is like 14! I'm 14! That's terrifying! What do you think about sheith and Shance?

I don’t like them but the only sh*ladin ship I vehemently hate is Sh*dge and that’s because it’s explicitly pedophilia, like even if she isn’t exactly 14 (idk if her age is confirmed) she’s clearly portrayed as younger than the rest of them, just as Shiro is shown to be obviously older than the rest of the gang, so to pair off the two opposite ends of the age spectrum is just incredibly creepy.

As for the other Sh*ladin ships, I dislike them because the age difference makes me very uncomfortable but I also know that their ages aren’t confirmed, they’re just said to be in their late teens, so they could technically be like 19, so I’m not super vocal about my dislike of those ships because it comes down to opinion and personal morals and the like. But yeah, to summarize: I don’t like any of the Sh*ladin ships but Sh*dge is the only one I Hate With A Passion.