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i won @amerivisionblog …….heck

thank you for voting for costa rica!!! i didn’t expect this after finishing second with chile last year…..at all

also a big thank you to turt for organising the contest for a second year! it was amazing as always 💕

so uh. see you in costa rica next year?? if i still exist then lmao

do you ever feel #exposed when you go nuts in the tags of a post and a mutual reblogs it from you and tags it “#p” for “photo” or something generic like that and you wonder if you’ve just shown them an embarrassing part of your soul without them reciprocating and therefore somehow gone down in their favor

Good For You // Dear Evan Hansen || Arena Stage

So my dad and I started a list of hilarious plot holes this season and please feel free to add on

  • Gendry’s marathon: absurd distance, no training or exposure to environment, no equipment
  • Jon and Sansa don’t discuss major initiatives before they speak to northern lords
  • Jon and Sansa have no small council
  • “Lingerfinger”
  • Olenna’s lack of escape plan from Highgarden, the Tyrell house seat where she lived her entire life
  • Jaime falling into deep water that was previously shallow then landing SOMEWHERE along the shore in full armor
  • Daenerys and Tyrion didn’t ask where Jaime, the most valuable hostage and Lannister commander, went
  • Yara’s fleet gets surrounded by Euron somewhere in the ocean despite naval prowess and didn’t see him on the horizon
  • Euron’s fastest ship building and travel ever
  • Blatant defiance of time/space continuum
  • Bran emo, non-communicative, and creepy
  • Arya and Sansa fighting over knitting despite the impending doom of humanity and political pressure from Daenerys and Cersei
  • Jon, the King in the North, hasn’t communicated with Queen Regent or family for weeks
  • bag-a-wight
  • bro squad standing on a random rock in the middle of a lake
  • bro squad didn’t wear hats/hoods but suffered one casualty from cold-related issue
  • no one gives a fuck that Jorah came back from dragonscale, a terminal Westerosi plague, unscathed
  • Rhaegar’s annulment
  • Jon’s lack of response to Arya and Bran’s arrival at Winterfell
  • the Hound throwing a stone at the wights, then the wights realizing the lake was frozen
  • ice javelin; Viserion retrieval chain
  • the Night King didn’t throw the ice javelin at bro squad overnight
  • Daenerys tells Jon to bend the knee but offers Cersei a wight
  • Cersei content with pregnancy despite the prophecy

My wardrobe from college fits Amanda way too well

(I also gave her my phone case because I’m self indulgent as f u c k)