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Silicon Valley S04E01

Oh, silly me. I guess when I hacked together the video chat as an in-house tool, I didn’t foresee that hundreds of thousands of people would shit themselves over how fucking awesome it was.

sign of the times (a riley matthews fic)

But she swallows the tightness in her throat, forces a small smile on her face and hangs up the graduation picture of her and her friends above her desk. Her heart tugs as she thinks of them all, scattered across the country. All off to find their own destinies. Her fingers ghost over her ribcage, the galaxy etched into her skin burning at the thought of them all. The pride that she often feels when she thinks of her friends comes crashing onto her like an ocean wave.

She ignores the bitter feeling of loneliness that follows it only moments later.

Chapter: 1 (Girl Meets New Beginnings) 
Ships: Riley/Lucas (main romantic pairing), platonic Riley/Clique Six, Riley/Charlie, Riley/Dave & Riley/Asher 
Word Count: 11k+ 

Notes: Well here it is friends, the first chapter of what will hopefully become my best work yet. I’m so excited for this fic and everything I plan to do with it and I hope you guys are excited too. Special shout out, as always to @friarlucas for editing and overall supporting this endeavor. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! Also, this fic takes place in the same canon verse as Maggie’s “Gravity on the Open Road” fic, you don’t need to read that fic to understand this one, although I highly recommend it, because it’s a wonderful fic!

Riley enters college under the complete and total assumption that she’s going to love it. She has no reason to think otherwise, especially after bidding all of her friends goodbye on their road trip across the country, and their wide-eyed and blinding smiles burned in her memory forever. They were all excited for the next chapter in their lives, and she was too. Of course she was nervous, but those nerves were overshadowed by something stronger, an anticipation and excitement of things to come.

So when she drudges across the main lawn of New York University, her backpack on her shoulder and duffle bag in hand, her parents bickering behind her and her younger brother by her side, a smile finds its way across her face. Things are going to be different – no friends, no Lucas, no dad as her teacher, but she has faith that it will be a good different.

Her room is a cramped double in the third floor corner of the largest freshman dorm, and her roommate merely nods at her when she first enters. While this dampens her spirits momentarily, she catches a glimpse of the New York streets below her window and realizes that things aren’t all bad. She’s Riley after all, always finding the good in otherwise unsatisfactory situations.

She won’t lie and say the less than pleasant living arrangements she finds herself in makes the goodbye she bids to her family hurt any less, but she plasters on her ever-present Riley Matthews smile and knows that things will get better in time.

Her roommate, as she learns over the next couple of hours is named Hannah, is a chemistry major and is not in college to make friends. That stings a little and Riley’s childish dream of being best friends (as best of friends as one can be with her true best friend across the country in California) with her college roommate immediately crumbles around her in a cloud of dust.

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I’m Moving!!

Hubs was offered a new fancy job this morning at the headquarters for the company he works for! He’s gonna be one of those guys who flies on jets every day and tells people what to do across the country. (He started at the very bottom rung of the ladder with 2 other jobs 8 years ago, no college degree, worked up the company on hard work and sweat, and recently people in HQ were practically fighting over him!) I’m so proud of him. I always told him, “I bet you will help run that company some day,” and I think he just might.

We are going to try to buy our first house, and and and, he starts the first week of june! Like… holy hell! 

I’m so excited and also want to vomit all over the place. I have so much to do… SO MUCH TO DO!

【あおい】ぼくらはみんな意味不明 【歌ってみた】
めっちゃ意味不明~! 歌わせていただきました!! 本家様 sm30964600 MIX kain @kain2525 あおい @nicodance_Aoi

AOI SANG AGAIN. Aoi’s cover of “Nobody Makes Sense” by PinocchioP ft. Hatsune Miku.

Aoi: I sang it!! 😊💟 Listen to me! 💓

Nichan: Oh!!!

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pet plots: big families w/ tight knit siblings, girl gangs, two-people-who-constantly-bicker-bc-they’re-secretly-in-love, girl from wrong side of the tracks falls for the perfect girl next door, found families, scrappy resistance organizations, slytherin/hufflepuff relationships (platonic and otherwise), former enemy gradually joins the squad a la prince zuko
your greek trope: medea!! and! jason!!!! i also love a good hades/persephone, hector/andromache, achilles/patroclus, and andromeda/perseus. and also orpheus and eurydice. and anything iliad related.
hopes & dreams: exciting angst and drama onsite, hilarity and internet friendships offsite. just lots of love and creativity all around! <3
who plays you in your biopic?


Long time, no see beautiful Simblr people,

I was very intrigued by @redhotchilisimblr‘s replica challenge because I like to build from reference images all the time. So I decided to take on the challenge and I am so excited to join in on the fun! I love how it turned out and I hope everyone enjoys it too.

It was a bit challenging trying to get the size right. I originally build it it 4 tiles less wide but that didn’t leave enough head room in the roof for the top dormer. Also, with some of the limitations of building in The Sims 4 it was a challenge to get the window placement and porch column detailing right but I ended up getting it in the end.

The rules required you to decorate the porch so that I included that image. I also fenced out the backyard. I ended up using a bit of CC but I tried to keep it all Maxis Match in my usual build style. The challenge also required you to choose a color from a provided palette so I went with Slate shingle siding and a Cream Time door. This is located in Willow Creek. :D

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Am I the only one really excited for the supercorp sneak peeks but also we got to know about Lena's background a bit ??? Like her and Jack use to invent stuff together in their garage!!! To me that's cute & we get to know more about baby Lena.

Yoooo I’m thrilled because that is one of the very few headcanons that I’ve had for Lena since the beginnin! I’m so excited to learn our adorable, beautiful genius used to build things in her garage like the amazing scientist she is! It’s so perfect!!

Now I want fan fics and art on my dash of a tiny or teenage Lena, with dirty clothes and messy hair, mumbling to herself as she solders away at something – nervously biting her lip and then setting into this big ass grin as she discovers that it works! I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED!!

So my little sister is coming to Europe in June/July (she lives in Korea) and she has (after I basically saw her Facebook update and bombarded her with OH MY GOD COME VISIT ME IT’S REALLY CHEAP PLEASE OH PLEASE messages) promised to come up for like 4 days at the end of June.

I have not seen her since Christmas 2014 (we were best friends growing up and then both moved abroad and went off and did things and have barely seen each other except for a few times over 7 years) and I am so excited I may cry.


This is it. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Gotham is finally returning with the famous episode “How to Riddler got his Name” the episode we have been hearing about since we were only like on episode five. Nygma is becoming the Riddler, Fish is coming back, Nygma will be getting Hallucination Oswald and I am so excited. And whatever does happen, just try to enjoy yourself. We have been absent from Gotham for so long and now it’s time to jump right back into it. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN GOTHAM FANDOM!!!

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What do you think of that new su promo? Do you have any predictions?