I think that A Seat at the Table for me is an invitation to allow folks to pull up a chair, get very close and have these hard uncomfortable truths be shared. It’s not going to be pretty, it’s not going to be fun, you may not get to dance to it, you’re not going to breathe easily through it, but that is the state of the times that we’re in right now. It’s my invitation to actually open up those doors and to have that voice, get messy and lay out my truths and stand firm in them.
—  Solange on her new album

I cannot believe that there are 1,000 of you! I’ve been at this blog a lot longer than it would take most people to get here, but I still think of it as a huge accomplishment given my multitude of hiatuses. First I would like to say a few words about a few special people:

@cametowiin Let me say a few words about this piece of shit. This woman is literally like the main person I rp with; she doesn’t rp on tumblr anymore which is sad but we have at least 30 things going on outside of tumblr. Her portrayal of Isaac is so ridiculously spot on it makes me cry. Everything about her and her muse are amazing and I will never unfollow her blog even if she never logs on again because she is my angel.

@voidkept / @dcvoid and @nvgitsune you are here together, because while we don’t rp a ton on here, we still have a ton of threads started. I really enjoy talking to you on skype and you’re both pretty great if you ask me and i just want to love you always

@foxcured we just met but i’m already super excited about everything that we are doing, and talking excitedly through IM. Even if I do imagine you as a unicorn made of balloons at a frat party

@noctuatim we also just met, but spies sterica is my life already, and i hope i don’t bug you talking about it in IMs, but I already think you’re absolutely amazing, and i’m excited to see where our friendship/writing partnership takes us

A few people that deserve a little extra love:

@erasedncxt @facetiious @elevenmccall @falseargent @ofbluejeeps / @wcdidthis @superhumanstilinski

People that I wish I did more with/admire from afar:

@voidskeeper @stilinskinator @starkwithsarcasm @silcnced @loupgaroulahey @hisbats @clawmarkcd @clxustrophxbic @bravehearted @bitteredhale @ofsollicitudo