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ONF’s U Predebut Dance Compilation

hey guys, I’m actually really proud of this and I just wanted to share Yuto’s predebut dance cover’s, so I hope yall enjoy.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmPW0d5RWLo)

Trailer for Hysterical! (1983), a real groaner of a horror spoof starring the Hudson Brothers (variety show never-wases, although one of them is Kate Hudson’s dad), Bud Cort, Richard Kiel, Exeter from Mork & Mindy, and Charlie Callus as Dracula. 

Because it was endlessly shown on HBO in the 80s it will be featured in my new cable tv appreciation zine, HZO…coming zoon! (sorry)


Waterproof iPhone, anyone? Possibly.