HTTYD Sexualities

Hiccup: Straight

Astrid: Between Straight and Bi, but prefers men, specifically cute, dragon riding men who may or may not go by the name of Hiccup.

Fish Legs: Straight

Snotlout: BI BABY

Ruffnut: Pan

Tuffnutt: Ace

Heather: Demi

Stoick: Straight

Valka: Straight

Gobber: Gay

*I’m basing my theories off what I have seen in HTTYD, HTTYD 2, RoB, DoB, and RTTE. All of this is speculation, but it’s what I think.

strangelypaula  asked:

Heyyyyyyy (: You said you'd write hijack stuff? Umm, can you write one for me when they first meet in the forest? K thanks x

Hiccup stumbled through the snow covered woods, cursing when his metal foot caught on a root.

The auburn haired boy went down with a yell, face planting into the freezing powder.

Hiccup groaned. “Oh, the gods hate me.”

He lifted himself up on his arms, moving to get up, and found himself looking at a pair of bare feet.

His eyes tracked up the spindly legs and brown pants, taking in just how thin this person was. A white cotton shirt, leather waistcoat, and woolen cloak revealed the gender of the stranger before Hiccup even got a look at his face.

When he did though, he could only stare.

The boy didn’t look much older than him, maybe a year at most, and had skin that was almost as pale as the snow.

His hair was white, like an old man’s, and his eyes were the most startling shade of blue.

A small part of Hiccup’s confessed that he was really attractive but he shook the thoughts away.

Hiccup squinted up at him and couldn’t stop the words that fell from his lips.

Clambering to his feet, Hiccup voiced his question.

“Who are you?”

The boy’s expression changed intently, going’ from something resembling smug to shock. Blue eyes went wide and he opened his mouth, the words he wanted to say lost in his throat.

Finally he managed to gasp out, “You- You can see me!?”

Jack rushed forward, throwing his arms around Hiccup’s neck.

A shiver ran through Hiccup’s body at the feel of the chill radiating from the boy’s body and he pushed him away, taking a step back.

Hiccup’s brows knitted together. “Why wouldn’t I see you?”

The white haired boy gave a sad smile. “Nobody ever sees me,” he replied in a raspy voice.

Hiccup’s eyes softened, confusion still shining in their depths. “What’s your name?”

A smile returned to the strangers face and he took a timid step forward, closing the space between them.

“I’m Jack. Jack Frost.”

Hiccup’s mouth fell open. “Jokul Frosti,” he breathed, knowing he was right when frost bloomed under the boy’s feet.

Jack’s brows frowned at his Norse name, but didn’t say anything.

“You’re a Spirit.”

It wasn’t spoken as a question, but Jack nodded anyway.

“cool.” Jack just blinked at him, then burst out laughing. “Did you just?”