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Every sports anime has a:




The Perfect Duo but Complete Opposite:

The Snappy One but Always Listen To The “One”:

Comedy Duo:

Narcissistic Character:


Height Difference:

Best Friends Since Childhood: 

Character You Thought Was Going To Be Bad-ass But Is A Complete Dork:

Character That You Thought Were Nice but Actually A Psychopathic Manic:

Sad Back story Character: 


The One That Talks For The Silent One:

Over Powered Rival With A Sad Back story:

The Adorable One:

The One That Quits Then Finds Meaning For The Sport:

Sempai and Kouhai:

The One That Is Made Fun Of Because Of Their Height:

Creepy One:

Sorry, I re-used some people again and this is all the sports anime I know. p.s i got lazy

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Headcanon where all the KnB captains and HQ captains meet at a nationwide sports club captains' meeting? (I can totally see Kise and Oikawa hitting off)

actually i can see that too tbh but like Kise isn’t a captain so i wont be including that in the following.


  • Okamura would cry in pain after meeting Oikawa because the guy’s basically a chick magnet, reminding the poor basketball player that he is still single.
  • Sawamura would get along really well with Ootsubo because of their somewhat kind attitudes. 
  • From the moment Oikawa saw Akashi he hated him instantly. (His genius senses were tingling) 
  • Hyuuga would talk about teamwork and the various ways to do in with Sawamura, and the two would compare sport styles. 
  • Hanamiya would get so pissed off over Bokuto’s loud and energetic attitude he would throw a book at him.
  • Kuroo decided it was great to try to provoke Hanamiya, causing the two to get pissed off by the end of the day.
  • Ushijima actually got along well with Akashi since they both have that calming personality.
  • After Kasamatsu talked to Oikawa, he felt a bit irritated because he reminded him of familiar blonde back in Kaijou.
  • Bokuto at the end of the day cheered Okamura up despite not really understanding why he was crying. 
  • Kuroo pretty much tried to provoke everyone in the room. no joke.

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So, like, imagine. Iwaizumi, Kasamatsu, Daichi- basically all the "dad" types getting together and it's just a bunch of them complaining about the Oikawa of the team or planning their next encouraging speech. Or they talk about the meek, shy guys and how to toughen them up.

AWWW YISSS like the hella doting dads they are anon!

If there’s such a thing as a MOMMIES SQUAD, then they are referred to as the DADDIES SQUAD:

  • Initially though, it didn’t actually started out as a DADDIES SQUAD. Like one day, Oikawa and Kise were suddenly called over for an emergency press conference at Sports Monthly and tagging along with them (to keep them in line) were Iwaizumi and Kasamatsu. It was a bad week for the both of them since the two drama queens were not really in their best behaviors because so many things are going on all at once. 
  • And that’s when Kasamatsu suggested that they go ask for advice from Hyuuga and Riko since the two are quite well-known to be very good and effective disciplinarians, as seen with how they manage Seirin.  
  • Riko proposed that they meet at her house and well, they did. The initial plan was only to ask for advice but through some weird twist of fate, it became a daily thing for the four of them. They would meet everyday after practice and would discuss how things went with their respective teams, how their discipline strategies and approaches fared against the two and when the time comes for Riko and Hyuuga to give their opinions on things, Iwaizumi and Kasamatsu would frantically take down notes because seriously, they need them. 
  • This went on smoothly for about a month with minimal but significant improvement here and there. Until one day, they were shocked to see Akaashi, Daichi and Yuuki outside the door. Apparently, a rumor started going around that Hyuuga and Riko are holding a BABYSITTING CLASS in Riko’s house. The three then held out money envelopes and bowed deeply asking to be admitted to class, much to Riko’s chagrin. It seemed like that rumor also said that Hyuuga and Riko charged  ¥10,000 per class, and whoever did so is definitely in for a spanking.
  • After welcoming Akaashi, Daichi and Yuuki into their mini-gathering, it was then that they officially became known as the DADDIES SQUAD. Actually, they had a rule which states that no one must be allowed to know of their secret meeting and if somebody does find out, then that person must not be kept alive to speak of their little secret. It was a well-guarded secret that they would protect with their lives on the line. 
  • After officially becoming the DADDIES SQUAD, they would all keep a diary where they carefully write in detail the events which transpired in their respective clubs. They would often start their discussions from this and would compare notes. And not-so-unexpectedly, Iwaizumi and Kasamatsu’s diaries resemble each other so much, it kinda felt like looking in a mirror. And this is  probably the reason why the two share a bond a so deep, not even the red string of fate can interfere with it.
  • In terms of how they dote on their children, the DADDIES SQUAD would proudly give credit where credit is due. Unlike the moms who would openly flaunt the accomplishments of their children tho, the dads would be a bit quiet about it, preferring that people found out about it not from their own mouths but from other sources. But once the cat is out of the bag, they would brag about it as if it’s the last thing they do and flash their proud daddy smiles all night long. This is but a rare event that is only known to the squad.. That is because they can never, for the life of them, actually do something so openly like this in front of their children. 
  • Once a week, usually on a weekend, they would go together for a breather from their daddy duties by going to karaoke or something similar. However, even if they would say that it was to take their minds off work, it would inevitably end up with them violently arguing whose children are better. 
  • Despite their occasional bantering though, they would always be more than ready to help each other out- especially if it was about a discipline strategy gone wrong and ended up causing more chaos instead.
  • And they are actually searching for more like-minded individuals to join them. They may not admit it, but the DADDIES SQUAD has become something special to them. Being a daddy maybe a major pain the ass, but they wouldn’t give up their position for anything in the world- or so Riko led them into believing. 

First we had the  good looking, loved by women, envied by men with not-so good-looking personalities club”, now we have the “daddies squad”. And since some people kinda requested for a “mommies squad” and a “short and cute looking but could totally kick your butt at their sport squad” I might write a little something for them too soon. If you have more headcanons, scenarios or incorrect quotes for these sports anime crossover clubs/squads, please don’t hesitate to send them in!