date someone who:

- makes your heart go !!!!!!
- makes you genuinely happy
- will never force you into anything
- knows how to listen to you
- doesn’t negatively judge you
- has a positive impact on you
- loves you for YOU

I just want to thank you for a lovely afternoon.

When I was running ten minutes later than scheduled, not having to picture someone stressing over time discrepancies was a relief. When it came time to buy the tickets, there was no shuffling over wallets: false or otherwise. I paid. And I got the sweet popcorn and a glass of red wine. And, when I shuffled into my seat and had trouble balancing all my bags, there was no one to notice when I spilled a bit on my black velvet dress. You laughed at the same part where Mark sings an anthem against the Catholics whilst emptying wallets. The rest of the people in the movie theater were uncertain whether to live or swim in the discomfort that happens when immorality and humour cross paths. You even noticed my dress before we left the house.
A velvet daydress with a plunging neckline. I wore it for you.

So, thank you, Lauren, for a wonderful afternoon.