“My father is a singer, Lim JiHoon, but he hated me wanting to become a singer. I barely got approval to play the guitar. I really had my heart set on studying [instead of singing] and so I studied abroad in Shanghai for 2 years. But I couldn’t give up my dream of being a singer so I came back to Korea and soon joined Cube.”

Happy Birthday Hyunsik! Thank you for always holding onto your dream and making it come true, showing the world your talents and of course, your eye smile and body.


I thought I would share this video with my followers, I don’t know If you have seen it. All credit to mamamootrans, I just wrote a summary down below. It really made me cry.

Wha Sa: you know how everyone has one dearest friend, their one and only friend in the world? Do you sometimes ask them, if I were to die, what would you do? How would you feel?

Hyunsik: Nope. I have never asked that question.

Jaejin: me neither

Wha sa: (laughs) I mean, there is a member of Mamamoo, called Whee In, she is my hometown friend. We have been friends since first year of junior high, and we also shared the same dream. Yeah, so we came to Seoul together. Hand in hand, and became part of the same group… it’s that kind of situation.

Jaejin: ohh

Wha sa: We depended on each other so much while we were training… Because we are the type of people who usually never let our parents know that we are going through hard times. Instead we would go to the Han river together and cry. It was that time, when I would ask “Whee in-ah, if I died what would you do?” and she got all annoyed like “what’s wrong with you?” and I urged her on, “tell me, tell me.” 

Hyunsik: (laughs)

Wha sa: And in the end she said, “how would I live without you?”…Listening to her answer, I also began to think. Without her, it would not have been possible for me to go through all those hard times all alone in Seoul.