GIF+TEXT: BTOB Reaction When you ask them to meet your parents

Eunkwang: “ Do you think this suit suits me? And what about if i do a heart? Do you think they would like it?”

“Eunkwang oppaaaa”

“Okay okay sorry.. I’ll be good don’t worry!! ” * Suddenly becoming serious*

“Hein? This is better? :D”

Minhyuk: “Y-Your parents ? I don’t think that’s a good idea ! What if they don’t like me?” 

“I’m so going to mess this up someone help me “

Changsub: “Are you crazy, women? Why would i want to see your parents , it would be hell”


“Sorryy , i was just kidding, alright i’ve got this !! I’m sure they would like me , i mean who don’t anyway~~”

Hyunsik: *Calls in sick* “I-I would love to , but i’m kinda sick right now honey ..*cough* Maybe you know *cough* Another day”

Then later he would be in the dance room practising and thinking about you, and feeling guilty for ditching you.. “ I should’ve atleast tell her how i felt, i don’t want her to think i don’t want to meet her parents, i’m just.. scared”

Peniel: “Why is something wrong? Did i get you in trouble or something? Did you’re dad wanted to see me for that?” *Clearly looking concerned about you*

“No nothing’s wrong, i just want you to meet them , is it too much?”

“Oh, ofcourse not ! *smiles* I would love to meet them as well , but .. Do you think they would understand my so broken Korean?”

“Ehh you’ll be fine don’t worry~~” 

Ilhoon: *Nervous laugh* Y-Your parents? Are you sure? “

“Maybe another day  hein? I’m kind of busy now you know.. Schedule and stuff .. I-I mean .. ” *He start stuttering while trying to find some excuses*  

Sungjae:  *has a major panic attack thinking they won’t like him*

“Y-You think if i did some aegyo they would like me ? Maybe?”

“Or should i act cool ?”

“O-Or maybe funny?”

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