“My father is a singer, Lim JiHoon, but he hated me wanting to become a singer. I barely got approval to play the guitar. I really had my heart set on studying [instead of singing] and so I studied abroad in Shanghai for 2 years. But I couldn’t give up my dream of being a singer so I came back to Korea and soon joined Cube.”

Happy Birthday Hyunsik! Thank you for always holding onto your dream and making it come true, showing the world your talents and of course, your eye smile and body.


Eunkwang: There are so many wishes I have for Hyunsik…
Minhyuk: You’d ask him to stop surprising you? (laugh)
Eunkwang: Yeah. At our previous dorm, when I opened the door, he surprised me by yelling “Wah!” loudly. I thought I’d have a heart attack. Also, when I entered a place at work alone, with the lights out, Hyunsik had hidden there before and suddenly, just his face appeared, so I thought he was a real ghost and I screamed! - HaruHana Vol. 21


150321 Jintaek Manager Instagram Update; “3rd Anniversary Congratulatory Video”

*changsub is really obsessed for uptown funk


150319 @lee_cs_btob: 새벽감성.

trans: Dawn of Sensibility.

*they’re “singing” uptown funk