eunkwang and hyunsik interview for KBS cool FM concert ENG SUB (cr: sungjaelly) 


150904 KBS CoolFM Big Concert Backstage @ Eunkwang and Hyunsik interviews GFRIEND

To any of you who loved ILHOON in Hyuna's MV

• Love BTOB
• They’re under appreciated
• They have the best vocal line I’ve ever heard in my life
• Buy their albums on iTunes
• They’re all precious dorks
• Sungjae broke a watermelon with his head
• Peniel is smol and from Chicago
• don’t u wanna see someone break a watermelon with their head hmm
• melodies are a really chill fandom I mean look at me

• If you need motivation watch:

BTOB: The Beat


Check out their MV’s too.
• Second Confession
• Irresistible Lips
• Beep Beep
• The Winter’s Tale
• Insane
• Thriller
• Future Tomorrow
• Summer Color My Girl
• It’s Okay

Anyway just love BTOB. They’re a stan worthy group and deserves lots of love.

Also, love 4Minute too.

(All credit for the two links goes to the YouTube channels who translated them)