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DGNA has returned with their first korean (Digital) Single called Lucky man after 2 years please give it a lot of love

Byun Hyunmin, Kim Chan, Kim Taewoo, Choi Jaewoo

upcoming recovering the password to his instagram account (@jonghyun.948) jonghyun has went on a cleaning spree of the accounts that he follows on the count. he is now following twenty two accounts, rather than over thirty like before. below is the complete list of accounts he now follows along with the accounts that he unfollowed and one account that he newly followed:

complete list of followed accounts:
515sunnyday (snsd’s sunny)
bambijin90 (wefreaky’s sojin)
beatburgerjae (shim jae won)
cnbluegt (cnblue’s jonghyun)
crush9244 (solost - crush)
dlwlrma (solost - iu)
essential14 (clothing brand??)
gucne (mixing engineer for sm)
hermosavidaluna (f(x)’s luna)
hotsoostuff (snsd’s sooyoung)
hydrayuge0 (producer - greg hwang)
iammingki (davichi’s minkyung)
jayjoonkim (designer - kim jae joon)
minhyun85 (actor - baek min hyun)
philtre (planet shiver’s philtre)
taeyeon_ss (snsd’s taeyeon)
vousmevoyez (f(x)’s krystal)
younha_holic (solost - younha)
yulyulk (snsd’s yuri)
xodambi (solost - son dam bi)
xolovestephi (snsd’s tiffany)
ziont (solost - zion.t)

newly followed accounts:
taeyeon_ss (snsd’s taeyeon)

accounts that he unfollowed:
callmegray (soloist - gray)
junggigo (soloist - junggigo)
luvlyzzy (after school’s lizzy)
mightyirony (soloist - iron)
mminam0425 (actor - kang min jong)
mr.mpm (dgna’s hyunmin)
oncelime (the nuts’ song jung)
satgotloco (soloist - loco)
shy_1120 (director - yoo seung hyun)
simonjakops (dmtn’s simon)
sy_911120 (myname’s seyong)

the woods - jongtae

~4.1k words. pg-13. slight fluff, more angst, childhood au. 

tw: child abuse, implied minor character death (aka not Jonghyun or Taemin)

The woods behind his little red house gave him nightmares.

In the spring of 2003, the Lee family moved into a small residential neighborhood in rural Wisconsin. Taemin was nine and he hated it, hated coming from a big place like Los Angeles where there was so much to do and so much diversity. For where there used to be cars and lights and people in his mind there were now trees and ponds and one-way streets, grazing animals, stars in the sky. 

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