Exo’s Reaction - You’re Pregnant

Xiumin - *When you tell Xuimin that you’re pregnant, he seems unhappy at first but then smiles and starts tearing up, he kisses you on the head and rubs your stomach* I’m so happy now!

Lay - *After you tell him, he instantly got excited and kissed you passionately* Yeah! I’m going to be a dad! 

Kai - *When he hears the news, he goes speechless, just smiles, hugs you and kisses your cheek*

Suho - *Looks at you and smiles after looking at the test results, he wraps his arms around you from the back* Omg this is amazing

Kyungsoo - * He loves the news and gets all excited but then realized this is responsibility* 

Tao - *He can’t stop smiling at the fact that he’s going to be a father and promised that he will love his child unconditionally*  

Chen - * You send your two sisters into the room holding a banner saying, ‘there’s going to be a little Chen/(y/n) on the way’, you walk in and he jumps up and gives you a massive hug and takes you out to dinner*

Kris - *He just looks at you blunt then suddenly burst out with tears of joy, he pointed at you and told you to come here, he then placed his hand on your stomach and sung a lullaby*

Chanyeol - We are going to be great parents, i will do everything and anything! *he winks at you with his warming smile along with and and he grabs hold of your hand to pull you close*

Baekhyun - *You stand behind him and told him the good news, he turned around and put you on his lap* This is going to be a great future ahead for us!

Sehun - *You ask him if he’s waited for this for a long time and he said yes of course. He looks you in the eyes and tells you he loves you and his son/daughter to be*

Luhan - *Luhan is shocked about the results but he wanted this to happen, he got onto one knee and did his part* (y/n), will you do the honor of being my wife? *you say yes, he rubs your stomach and cuddles you* You and this child of ours is all i needed to complete my life


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Character(s): Reader X Kihyun

Genre: royalty!au, smut

Warning(s): sub!kihyun (i tried br0), elements of bdsm, lingerie, degradation

Length: 5K

Summary: In which Kihyun teases you by wearing pretty red lace panties.

Gold and green robes glitter as they cascade down the grand staircase, rippling silk over the sleek, cool marble. Kihyun scratches his nose, squinting as the seamstress eyes him with a contemplative look, the long measuring tape hung over her shoulders.

“Pray tell, your highness, have your limbs always been this short?”

He flushes a bright red, splutters and garbled words spilling from his lips, “I-I am n-not short!”

“Ah, but of course, sire. Forgive me for my audacity.”

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Giving Exo(4) a BJ

Giving exo BJ. *blushes* or just (Kai,kyungsoo,lay,sehun) *nose bleeds* 감사합니다

I’m only going to do those 4 because i have so many other requests to go through! I hope you like this though and 당신은 환영합니다!


Kai: He is going to fuck your mouth lol. He is going to hold your head and pull your hair. he is going to very vocal about it as well probably talking dirty to you. It’s gonna be fast as well.

Kyungsoo: You’ve got control for now. If you get on you knees he is going to love it so much more. Just so he knows he is still in charge. Run your hands along his body and hold onto him. He likes it really wet and slowwww.

Lay: He would love it slow and sensual. He would never want to ask for it so he would be so grateful you offered aha. Add as much touching and licking as you can.

Sehun: make it really sloppy and wet with this kid. he loves the look of you between his legs on your knees. He will tug your hair and push you head into him.

[group chat]

2:16 PM

sehun: hyung

soo: Yes?

sehun: someone left some money on kitchen counter so i took it. spent it on myself because why not.

soo: That’s nice.

3:15 PM

baek: so i left some money on kitchen counter right??

soo: You did?

baek: and when i came back it was gone!!



soo: :)

selcouth | 00 prologue

fandom: monsta x
member/reader: jooHEON, female
genre/warning(s): fluff, greaser!au, 50s!au, mild violence mention?, svt cameo, there’s one joke about a cop being a pig (my greatest line in fanfic history), obnoxious!reader (imsry u suck for a bit), pushy!jooheon (these aren’t warnings, just my way of deterring you from reading a potential musical fanfic)
length: 2K+
summary: (adj.) unfamiliar, strange, yet marvelous; in which jooheon is a greaser and you’re a little pretentious,    
a/n: if i don’t publish this now i’ll never flipping finish it. other chapters will be longer. there is a minor character death planned in the future so just fyi for folks. slightly based on the outsiders universe, but like?? i can’t write angst lol so a) don’t worry it’s not That angsty, and b) you don’t actually have to be familiar with the outsiders. maybe grease. should i turn this into a musical fanfic?

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Cafe Corner

This is for the anon who asked for a scenario where you’ve been dating Heechul for two and a half years (it appears to be a popular number) and you have a cute date in a cafe and fans overhear you having a really cute/weird/funny conversation, and you get teased for it.

 I hope I haven’t taken too long to get to your request! Enjoy!


“Okay, but I’m fairly sure you look better in my underwear than I do,” you tell Heechul as you plop down at a little booth table in the corner of the cafe.

He jokingly flicks his hair, smirking. “Of course. I am handsomer than any man. Prettier than any woman.”

You roll your eyes and pat the seat next to you. “See, this is why you can’t get any girlfriends, Heechul. Nobody wants to date someone with a superiority complex.”

He sits down, putting his arm around your shoulders. “I know. I’ve asked you so many times to help me find a date, but instead you keep taking me for dates. Two and a half years of being dragged around on dates with you. How did I end up like this?” he asks, playing with your hair.

“You told me to find you a date. I found you one. You never told me I had to introduce you to anyone.”

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This is for the anon who requested a scenario in which you and Heechul, unmarried, are in the middle of doing it and Siwon walks in and people get angry.

So, you know… here goes.


Heechul has never been one for hesitation. When he sees the opportunity to do something he wants to do, and he thinks he’s allowed to do it, he does. End of story.

That’s why you’re good for each other. You don’t like hesitating, either.

And that’s why, when the dorm is quiet, and dark, and you’re allowed, for once, to be completely alone with each other, you don’t exactly wait until marriage.

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Little Brats (Leeteuk Fluff)

So this is a scenario for the anon who requested a fluff scenario in which you’re trying to have a movie date/night in with Leeteuk, and the other members keep popping in to bug you. I hope you like it, and thank you for requesting! :D


“So what should we watch?” you ask Leeteuk, already blushing a little. You’re sitting on the couch in his dorm, a pile of movies in front of you, trying to decide which one you want to watch. You’d opted for an at-home date, since dating out in public was dangerous, especially for him. This way, at least, the two of you could be left alone.

Or maybe not.

“Watch Frozen! Anna! My Anna!” you hear Heechul yell, and then hear laughing from the same direction.

“No, no, watch Titanic! Hyung! Draw her like one of your French girls!” Eunhyuk yells, followed by more laughter.

Leeteuk blushes, glancing at you, then yells, “YA! Are you guys going to EXO’s concert or not?!”

He’d chosen this particular night because the majority of the Super Junior members had decided to go be fanboys at EXO’s concert, so he’d thought you could be alone.

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