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*when asked if he likes euiwoong or woojin*
hyungseob: among the 01 liners i like woong the most and among the 99 liners i like woojin the most
euiwoong: what kind of ridiculous answer is that –__–
hyungseob: my love is fair!!
euiwoong: that’s like saying “among girls i like my mom the most and among boys i like my dad the most” when asked if you like your mom or dad

hyungseob’s cute love for woojin and euiwoong’s savage-ness is something i need in my life

2017hnb“첫 단체 V 라이브 ‘소년들의 꿈의 기록 - 자기소개 시간’ 끝!
시청해주신 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다.💕”
“First group V live 'H Next Boys’ done!
Thank you so much to all the people that watched.💕”

trans cr. fywoodam

anonymous asked:

hii!! i want to recognise and better know the hnb boys, so would you kindly reply to this with their names, positions, birthday date and pictures??? i only recognise jinyoung and woodam so far; sorry for the bother btw!! i just dont want to be ignorant to the other boys, because they all deserve to be known

You are not bothering me, it is not a problem!  (I’m going to include everyone)

Jo Yonggeun 

Birthday: January 23, 1995

Position: Leader, vocal

Kim Hyunsoo 

Birthday: April 12, 1995

Position: Vocal

Park Woodam 

Birthday: August 8, 1995

Position: Main vocal

Jung Woncheol

Birthday: January 12, 1996

Position: Main dancer, vocal

(*Former Member) 

Kim Junhyung

Birthday: February 9, 1997

Position: Rap

Woo Jinyoung

Birthday: May 31, 1997

Position: Rap

Lee Jongmin

Birthday: October 6, 1997

Position: Vocal

Park Hyungjin

Birthday: November 14, 1998

Position: Vocal, dance, visual

(*Former Member) 

Jo Yooncheol

Birthday: May 31, 1999

Position: Vocal, maknae 

Hope that helps! ♡


The @2017hnb instagram just posted all of the boys daily looks (minus Woodam since he’s still on the show), but aren’t they the cutest? 

I’m so ready for them to debut! 

In order of appearance: Jo Yonggeun, Kim Hyunsoo, Jung Woncheol, Kim Junhyung, Woo Jinyoung, Lee Jongmin, Park Hyungjin, and Jo Yooncheol. 

(credit to the @2017hnb instagram)


didnt stream today but apparently there was a 나의고정 PICK section for the trainees to choose who they want to debut with(?) smth like that and hyungseob chose woojin *heart eyes* *mum smile* i love my brotp HYUNGJIN RISE TO THE HEAVENS



“소년들의 꿈의 기록 - HNB 연습생 어린 시절 사진 공개!
자세한 어린 시절 이야기는
6월 22일 목요일 오후 8시!
HF뮤직컴퍼니 채널에서 HNB V LIVE 2화에서 방송됩니다!
연습생들의 어린 시절에 대한 질문들을 댓글로 남겨주세요~! 댓글을 뽑아 V라이브에서 연습생들이 직접 답변해드릴 예정입니다~!”

“Boy’s Dream record - HNB trainees childhood photos are revealed!
More childhood stories on
Thursday, June 22nd at 8 P.M. KST!
It will be broadcast on the official HF Music Company channel!
Please send in your questions about the childhood of the trainees~! Comments will be drawn and read by the trainees themselves~!”

(T/N: Order of Trainees, from top left: Jo Yonggeun, Kim Hyunsoo, Park Woodam, Jung Woncheol, Kim Junhyung, Woo Jinyoung, Lee Jongmin, Park Hyungjin, Jo Yooncheol.)

Park Hyungjin | 21 | Personal Trainer

Having had quite an easy life, Hyungjin had never been used to have to work for a living. Not that being a personal trainer was like work much – he’d been used to going to the gym and working out for some time now, especially after his dad had bought out the local gym. After the gym went bust, he had to find a new source of money.

Being the moderately quiet guy he’s always been, Hyungjin found it hard to make friends outside of his workplace. Reblog/Follow for a follow. He’s looking for friends, not just followers.

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