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Jungkook Wings Album ‘Thanks To...’

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Jungkook Thanks To…

Our family that is one-of-a-kind under the sky

My mom, dad, and older brother

Even if I normally act indifferent, please understand that I’m not like that inside, haha.

I’ll call a lot and send you lots of pictures. Even if I don’t listen to you (?) I’m still your son.

Thank you for always being my strength. I love you.

Jeon Hasa-nim [his brother]… Well, you can suffer, haha.

I’m joking. You’ll probably be leaving the military soon. Before you do, come out and think about what you’ll do [afterwards]. I’d like to have a meal with you soon.

[Continued under cut]

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PD Shares How Wanna One's Kang Daniel And Ong Sung Woo Play Pivotal Roles In "Master Key"

PD Shares How Wanna One’s Kang Daniel And Ong Sung Woo Play Pivotal Roles In “Master Key”

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SBS’s “Master Key” has been garnering great interest for its star-studded lineup every week. When asked who he believes plays a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere on set, producing director Im Hyung Taek chose Wanna One’s Kang Daniel and Ong Sung Woo.

Last week’s episode had NU’EST W’s JR reuniting with the two Wanna One members, and the upcoming episode will show them meeting up with Jeong…

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how about a prompt about how ha jin meets modern wang so, directly continued after ha jin cries in the museum? insert some fluff into it please!

Goryeo Week: Day 1
Favorite Character: 4th Prince Wang So 

This isn’t fluffy at all I’m sorry. I just couldn’t bring myself to write fluff for this when all I was feeling was pain, so it’s really angsty. This features Modern!So and his name comes from @chapitre7 ′s lovely stories. Also I chose to not include the daughter because I had already thought of this ending before Seol was even introduced and I couldn't figure out a way to properly put her in this ending. And since this fic is really So-centric, I thought I’d contribute to #GoryeoWeek as well. Enjoy~

Peha, please watch your health.”

Gwangjong ignored his royal advisor.

He stood on his balcony that had the best view of the garden and the stars. The cold air bit at his ears, and he regretted that he didn’t wear the furs that an envoy had gifted to him last year.

It had been four days since he had been poisoned by an unknown enemy. He had no doubts that it was one of the noble families that had done this to him. It had always been a tough fight to keep those people in line, and their power in check.

Wang So was tired. Tired of being alone, tired of being king, and tired of living.

Maybe my time has finally come, and I finally get to see you again, Soo-ah.

The few trusted physicians in the palace had said that his health was deteriorating at a fast rate. A cure had not been found yet, and already his adviser was asking about his next royal decree. When he had heard this, he was at ease. He had lived for five decades, and two decades without his Hae Soo.

He had become king for her, to protect her; and he was doing that still. He believed that he was looking out for her somehow from where he sat on his isolated throne.

Over the years he had lived in the shadow of himself. Yeon Hwa still visited him in his chambers, but he never sent for her himself. They had fathered several children together, but they all wanted something from him. They all wanted the throne, a seat he never wanted in the first place.

A coughing fit took him by surprise and he immediately tasted the metallic taste of blood in his mouth, his adviser had a handkerchief on hand and gave it to him. The sight of the scarlet stained piece of cloth made him laugh.

It reminded him of the time when he had been in the exact same predicament he was in now. When he was willing to throw away his life for a woman that had already belonged to another man. He hadn’t even realized what he was willing to throw away for her, including his own life if it meant that she could live. The taste of that poisoned tea was still vivid in his memories.

The only difference was, back then had been youthful and was able to purge the poison easily, but the body he had now, was older and it had grown so used to the luxuries of the palace that it was no longer able to fight off the toxic kiss of death that was slowly running through his veins.

“Ji Han,” he waved for his advisor.

“Yes, your majesty.” A few years after Ji Mong left, he had one of his cousins replace him. Wang So still felt the lingering anger and then sadness he had felt when everyone decided to leave him. Ji Han was loyal enough, but he wasn’t truly his person. Not like Hae Soo and Baek Ah were. At least his advisor kept him company, when so many chose to fear him instead.

“Thank you, Ji Han,” So smiled gently, still looking at the sky.

“You’re majesty,” Ji Han protested.

So raised his hand to stop him, “I am feeling gracious today, Ji Han. Take my words and leave me be for the day.”

“You haven’t taken your meal yet, do you want me to call for—”

“There will be no need for that. I would like to rest for the evening.”


He told himself that this wasn’t the end. That there was a chance to see her again. It was a hope he had clung onto desperately over the years, the only thing that had kept him going for as long as he had. He walked to the part of the room where the portrait of him hung. He remembered how he had told the painter to draw it to likeness. It had occurred to him that there was the slight chance that it would live on. It was a gift. A gift he hoped would reach her.

The palace was so empty without her.

So missed her way of living, her courage, her vivaciousness, and her headstrong personality.

Where are you now, my Soo-ah? He chuckled to himself, so foolish to still be have hope.

He knew that she was out there.

In all the years he had known and loved her, had always accepted her. Even in the moments when he knew that she was hiding something from him. He never minded, they did promise to never lie to each other.

From the moment he met her, he knew that she was different.

Her mannerisms, her outlook on life, her sense of justice, her alluring kindness that she bestowed on every one she met, and this marked her as different from the rest…even when he saw her strange handwriting, he wondered, but he never asked, never doubted.

Even when she died, the only thing he regretted was not telling her just how much he loved her, and how much she meant—means to him, even now when she is somewhere he can’t possibly reach.

Till this day he still doesn’t truly understood her place in his world, but only that she had never really belonged there. He wondered if maybe when she died, if she went back to where she was truly needed, and that was his hope.

So went to rest in his bed alone, the sheets cold and the coals not yet warming up the vast room. He felt his eyes get heavy, his heart beating rapidly and then finally slowing down. He listened to its rhythm and imagined how Soo must’ve felt when she died.

Overtime he found himself unable to recollect exactly her features and that broke him. The only thing that consoled him was that there were things that he always remembered even as time passed: how she smelled like the morning air, rose oils, and soaps, as she called them. The feeling of her embrace, the touch of her skin, their first night together, an engraving on his splintered heart, when he was foolish enough to believe that nothing would ever come between them, that nothing in the world could ever take her away from him.

The image of Soo came to him as he dreamed, her smile just as warm and understanding as he had always expected from her. She was also holding a bundle of peonies, in the same clothes that she wore on their first boat ride, and the lotus hairpin still in her hair as she smiled at him. She held tight onto the flowers and laughed, the sound so bright, a melody to his darkness, a sound he had missed the most in the seclusion that he’s lived through since she left him to cruel, dark govern a world himself. His only source of light had gone out, and had left him forever to fend for himself.

He opened his eyes one last time to watch the sky from where he laid, as the room dimmed when the moon eclipsed the sun in its embrace.

So greeted death like an old friend. Then to the heavens he asked them for his first favor, despite never believing in their power once in his entire life, but he did now. He still wanted to find his Soo even if it was just to be with her among the stars, even if it was just for a moment.


A rhythmic strange sound woke him.

So opened his eyes and a clear light blinded him. When his eyes got used to the brightness, he saw that he was in a strange room filled with contraptions that he had never seen before. There were needles that went into his arms. He tried to take them out but someone had stepped into the room and cried, “Hyung!

So stared.

Eun-ah? The sudden sight of his brother completely stunned him. All of his memories came back in flash,

Eun on his birthday smiling.

Eun with his wife on his wedding day.

Eun dying before his own eyes, the killer his own brother.

So felt tears threaten to spill, his arms desperate to reach out, to pull his brother into an embrace they never got to share.


Hyung, it’s me Hyun Taek. Do you know where you are? You finally woke up just when eomma and I thought that we had truly lost you.”

“What is my name?”

“Hyung! Do you have amnesia? I need to call the doctor right now. Eomma should be here any minute too. I’ll go get her.”

“Wait—” before he could protest, he heard Eun—Hyun Taek, speak to a woman just outside the door.

“Where have you been eomma? Hyung’s awake.”

“Omo, what?” So watched as a woman he didn’t recognize stepped into the room, tears were falling in streams down her face.

Hyun Woo-ah!” before he could react the woman had pulled him into a hug. “Finally. Thank the heavens for bringing you back to me. I genuinely thought that I had lost you Woo-ah. When the doctors told me that people in comas had little chances of waking up, I didn’t believe them.

“I knew that my son would come back to me, he always did. You have been strong all your life. There was no way death could ever tear us apart, my dear son.” she pulled back, looking at him with the utmost tenderness in her eyes. She reached up to touch his face, and So flinched.

“Woo-ah, what’s wrong?” there was hurt in her eyes.

Eomma, he’s probably still in shock. It has been a year after all,” Hyun Taek quickly interjected. He looked back at So and addressed him, “we should just be happy that he’s back eomma.”

So watched as this person that looked his brother began to cry.

He felt overwhelmed; he knew that this wasn’t his brother, and that this wasn’t his mother, and that this was not his body.

Whatever had happened, he knew enough that this wasn’t Goryeo anymore.

He also couldn’t help but then think…

Could this be where you are too, Soo-ah?

Here in this strange world?

Are you waiting for me too, as I have been?


A year passed, and still Wang So was using this man’s body.

He had gotten used to things quite easily. There were some things that he still didn’t quite understand but he had to learn to fit in.

Hyun Woo as everyone called him, was someone that was well loved. Even though he still looked like his past self, So still found himself touching the scar that no longer existed to remind him of his misery.

Here So was a new person and he had been given a second chance in a body that did not reflect the age he felt inside. He had tried to push his new “family” away. Hyun Taek came on occasion to talk to him and for that So was grateful.

Hyun Woo’s eomma also came by and every time she did, his heart hurt. So was envious of the man who had a mother that loved him so much.

I’m not your son, he wanted to scream at her.

Even today when he was on his way out she had left him a note to tell him that she had made him some side dishes that she had left in the fridge when he was sleeping.


So walked in the streets of Seoul and watched everything passed him by, still not yet used to the change that he saw. Instead of palanquins and small vendors, he saw high rising edifices and things called “cars” being used that made the usage of horses unnecessary.

As he observed everything for the thousandth time since he had gotten here, someone bumped into him, interrupting his thoughts, “excuse me—” So began.

The man smiled at him, his curious eyes as recognizable as the day he left.

“Ji Mong?”

“Pardon?” Ji Mong stood in front of him. He was wearing a suit similar to his, and he no longer had facial hair, and his hair was slicked back and he looked like he knew something that So didn’t.

“Did you hear about the event going on at the museum in honor of Goryeo’s, King Gwangjong?” The man asked.


“I think you should go.”

He didn’t hesitate. This was a sign. Something in him told him to run to that museum. To run there now, as fast as his legs could take him.


So frantically entered the main doors of the exhibit.

Everything seemed to move slowly, as if he was suspended over time, watching as a surveyor, but not taking part in any of it.

He frantically searched the signs for the royal showcase and turned left after frantically asking for directions. When he found the place, he saw the portrait of himself hanging there, the paper yellowed over time, but that was it—that was him, and someone was standing there in from of his portrait, sobbing so hopelessly, his heart broke. He watched her as her body trembled with grief. She then said something to the picture but he couldn’t hear of what. He stepped slowly towards her.

One step.

Two steps.


He stood behind her, not believing this stroke of fate.

His whole body was wracked with anticipation and fear, his emotions a flurry in his mind.

Soo-ah,” he breathed.

She started, and turned around achingly slow.

They met each other’s eyes, her tears non-stop now, and his expression mirroring hers.

“Soo-ah.” He repeated. Soo-ah, Soo-ah, Soo-ah, he repeated to himself like a mantra, desperate to cling onto her, still not really believing that he had actually done it.

I found you.  

For anon

Flying Without Wings

Today seemed more beautiful and special than any other day. Why shouldn’t it though considering it is your wedding day. The day you finally get to say and hear the words ‘I Do’, the day you and the man you loved finally got to become one. Besides it being a beautiful day it was also painfully nerve wrecking.

If your soon-to-be-husband could see you now he’d probably be nagging you about how you’ve not eaten anything all day and that you should calm down rather than pace around the room like a mad woman. Just the thought of him brought a smile to your face and butterflies to your stomach.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a knock on your door as your best friend, who was also your maid of honor, went to check. You could hear her yelling “Teak-oppa I swear if that’s you I’m gonna kill you and then run away with y/n” you laughed at her craziness but didn’t blame.

Leo had been knocking on your door since yesterday begging to see you but tradition states than a man and woman cannot see each other 24 hours before the wedding otherwise it’s bad luck and to be honest no one takes chances like that on their wedding day.

Your heard Sora, your best friend, open the door as her cheerful tone told you exactly who it was. Without a doubt it was Hyuk but you pondered on what he would be doing in the bridal suite.

“Woah! You look amazing!” Hyuk said as he came into the room and saw you dressed up in your bridal gown “Hyung is going to faint before he even gets the chance to say 'I Do’” you just laughed at the crazy maknae’s statement.

“Thank you although I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen” you said with a smile “so what are you doing here? I highly doubt you just came by to sat hi” Hyuk smiled as he walked over to you making you wonder what he was up to.

“I was sent by Taek hyung to check up on you since he said that Sora might kill him” Hyuk said as you laughed at your fiancée’s strange but sweet antics “he said that you probably haven’t eaten anything because you’re nervous and also that’s your nerves would be off the chats” how did Leo know exactly how you were feeling?! Although you wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

“I would love to say that’s he wrong but sadly he’s completely spot on” you said as you sat down as Hyuk smiled and sat down next to you.

“Well if it makes you feel any better he’s probably more nervous than you are! He’s driving us all up the wall!” Hyuk said making you smile at the thought of a panicked and nervous Leo.

You spoke with Hyuk for a while before it was time for him to return to the groom’s side. Hyuk had really helped you calm down and you now knew why Leo had sent him.

You had been informed that the groom’s party had left and your bridal party followed soon after. It didn’t long to arrive at the church, your butterflies were going haywire and your hands were being clammy. Your father came up to you and told you to relax because you were about to marry the man that loves you.

Sora fixed your trail as you linked arms with your father. The music began to play as the doors were open. All eyes were on you but your eyes were only on one person. You were grinning from ear to ear and you could have sworn that you saw Leo get a little watery eyed. You saw N tease him a little as Leo just told him to shut up. You looked at the ground and smiled before looking back up at Leo.

Your father smiled as he handed you over to Leo who took your hand in his. He gave you one of the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen him as he mouthed something to you.

“You look beautiful” he said with a smile and somewhat of a sparkle in his eyes.

“Thank you, I could say the same about you” you mouthed back as he shyly bit his lower lip.

“We are gathered here today…” And so the priest started.

You were hardly paying attention to what was happening. You were surprised that you even managed to read out your vows and take in Leo’s when he read his. The next words that you heard were “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride” as you saw Leo smile while carefully lifting your veil.

His right hand gently placed itself on your waist as his left hand cupped your cheek and wiped away a tear that had unconsciously cascaded down your cheek. You both smiled at each before his lips were on yours, the whole crowd cheered and clapped especially his members. This was the first time he had kissed you in twenty four hours, your first kiss as a married couple.

Thus the day went on as you and Leo shared your first dance, as nagged you about not eating like you knew he would and as he couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off of you. Not knowing where the time had gone it was already way past midnight as the reception party finally ended allowing you and Leo to retreat to your hotel room.

Leo had wanted to leave for your honeymoon tonight but you had told him that the reception party would end late and you’d be too tired to travel so you both decided to leave the next day.

Whilst in the elevator Leo had his arms wrapped around your waist as he peppered your shoulders and neck with kisses making you laugh. He whispered sweet nothings to you making your insides do cartwheels.

“I love you y/n” Leo said as he nuzzled his face up into your neck.

“I love you too Woonie” you said as you placed your hands on top of his, you felt him smile against your skin before the elevator stopped as reached your floor. You tried to pull away from him but he just held you tighter.

“Wait I wanna holder for a little while longer. I didn’t get to see you at all yesterday and today I didn’t have a chance to be alone with you” Leo said as against your skin putting a smile on your face.

“If you let go then we can go to our room and you can hold me as much as you want and we’ll be all alone” you said as he pulled his face away from your neck with a sigh. He took your hand and laced his fingers with yours as you smiled and kissed his cheek.

You walked to your hotel suite as Leo slid the card in and opened the door. He ushered for you to step in first as you smiled and walked in. The room was absolutely amazing, there was a huge window that had a breathtaking view that captured your attention immediately.

Leo took his jacket and waist coat off as you enjoyed the view. He removed his cufflinks as he rolled his sleeves up till his elbows. He loosened his tie and undid the first two buttons of his dress shirt. He then walked over to you as his arms were once again around your waist while his chin rested on your shoulder. You relaxed into his touch as you leaned against him and swayed your bodies from side to side.

“It’s so beautiful” you said in a hushed voice.

“What is?” Leo asked in a calm soothing tone as he looked at you.

“The view, it’s so beautiful” you said.

“Hmm you’re more beautiful and I could gaze at you for hours” Leo said as you giggled at his cheesiness.

“That’s so cheesy Woonie” you said still giggling.

“Maybe, but it’s true” Leo said as he placed a long kiss on the crook of your neck.

You just smiled before sighing at the feeling of his lips on your skin. His hands moved to yours hips as he drew circles on them. You turned around to face him as you placed your hands on his chest and rested your forehead against his.

“I can’t believe you’re my wife” Leo said as you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck as your hands tangled themselves in his hair.

“Well you better because I have the ring and documents to prove it” you said making Leo laugh.

“I love you so much” Leo said hardly above a whisper. He didn’t give you a chance to reply as his lips were soon on yours. They glided against yours as his tongue ran over your lips. You kindly parted them allowing his tongue to explore and penetrate your wet cavern.

His tongue easily dominated yours as he pulled you closer to him till there was no space left for air between you two. You allowed yourself to moan into the kiss as his hands ran up and down your back. He pulled away from the kiss giving you a chance to catch your breath. He slowly turned your body around so that your back was facing him once again.

You were about to question him till you felt his hands in your hair. He slowly and carefully began to undo your painfully tight bun as your hair fell loose. A sigh of relief left your lips at the feeling of your hair finally being freed. Leo gathered your hair and moved it to one side over your shoulder as the zipper to your dress came in view. He kissed the back of your back while he slowly unzipped your dress before allowing it to fall on the floor and puddle around your feet.

You had no bra on considering there was already one implanted in your dress. Leo’s hands ran over your bare shoulders and down your arms till he reached your hands and laced his fingers with yours. He trailed kisses down your back along your spine. Once he was done smothering your back in kisses he stood up and turned you around.

You looked up at him as his hands came to rest on your hips. He gave you a small smile which you returned as he kissed your forehead.

“Since I unzipped your dress would you mind unbuttoning my shirt?” Leo asked as you wanted to laugh how cheesy he was being but you couldn’t because you actually like it.

You brought your hands up towards his chest as you slowly began to unbutton his shirt, his toned chest and abs coming into view. You pulled the shirt over his shoulders as Leo slid his hands out from the sleeves and let it fall to floor with your dress. You ran your heads over his bare torso as his eyes remained on you.

“Would it be weird if I told you that I like the way you touch me?” Leo said as you looked at him and smiled, you weren’t sure what to say though.

“Hmm considering I’m your wife and you’re kinda mine for the rest of our lives I would have to say no” you said, Leo gave you a huge grin before picking you up bridal style.

“Good because I love touching you and that’s something that isn’t going to stop for the rest of our lives” Leo said as he gently lay you down on the bed and hovered above you.

“What? Touching me?” You asked.

“No, loving you” Leo said before his lips were once again on yours. You smiled into the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck whilst his hands explored your body.

This wasn’t the first time you and Leo have been intimate but he was your first and last just like he promised he’d be. However there was something different about it this time, his kisses, his touch, his body against yours it all felt different but in a good way. It kinda reminded you of the first time you and him had actually done it, the night he taken your virginity and claimed you as his for life.

In some ways it was your first night, your first night as a married couple.

His lips left yours all too soon as he kissed your forehead, then your eyes, then your nose, then your cheeks and it went on as he left no skin untouched. His traveled all over your body, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

You knew exactly what this meant, Leo wanted vanilla sex for your first night as a married couple. It’s not something he had ever mentioned to you but you knew from his touches and kisses that tonight was gonna be slow and sensual.

His lips traveled back up your body till the reached your neck. His face was buried in your neck as he kissed your sensitive skin before biting and sucking on it, not rough but not gentle either. A breathless moan fell from your lips as you felt his right hand knead your breast. You bit down on your lower lip as your hands were tangled up in his hair.

He didn’t leave too many hickeys considering you’d have to travel tomorrow and he wouldn’t really want your hickeys as the news headlines knowing very well that reporters as well as fans will crowd the airport tomorrow.

“I promise tomorrow we can have all the fun you want but tonight I just wanna feel you close to me” Leo whispered in your ear as he cupped and caressed your cheek.

You had no words so you just nodded and pulled him in for a kiss. It was somewhat sloppy as your tongues were tangled up with one another’s.

You felt the loss of heat from your body as Leo stood up and unbuckled his belt before pulling his trouser pants down along with his briefs. You moaned at the sight of his hardened length as he crawled back on top of you and yanked off your panties. You were both surprised at wet you were but the amazement only lasted for a few seconds as he was now hovering over you once again.

He rested his forehead against yours and laced his fingers with yours as he slowly began to penetrate your tight walls. You let out a loud moan, it was almost a scream, as he continued to push his length into you. He lazily kissed you as his hard member filled you up.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked at you for a sign if it was ok to move. His face was still ever so close to yours as you could feel his hot breath on your lips. You smiled and pecked his lips as he smiled back and knew exactly what you meant.

He slowly began to thrust into you, his pace was normal but not fast enough. You knew he wanted tonight to be slow and meaningful but you still needed him to go faster otherwise neither one of you will climax till dawn.

“W-W-Woonie p-p-please go faster” you said as you pulled your hands away from his and cupped his cheeks.

“Damn I thought you’d never ask” Leo said as he slowly began to pick up pace. His thrusts began to get faster but they weren’t beastly or rough.

Leo wanted to climax with you and told you to hold on for as long as you could. Towards the end you were clawing his back when you finally managed to climax together. He still continued to thrust into you only this time slower as he rode out the last of both your orgasms.

He slowly pulled himself out from your before cleaning you up and crawling back into bed with you. He pulled the blankets over both your bodies as you snuggled up into his arms.

“Woonie” you said in a sleepy voice.

“Hmm?” Leo said in response as he played your hair while drawing meaningless shapes on your back.

“Sing me a song” you said.

“What song? Do you have any requests?” Leo asked as you nuzzled your face into his neck.

“Any song, it doesn’t matter as long as you sing it” you said as Leo smiled and kissed your forehead.

A huge smile grew on your face as he began to sing your favorite song 'Flying Without Wings’ by Westlife. His soothing lulled you to sleep as you were soon fast asleep in Leo’s arms. He looked down and saw you peacefully asleep.

“Good night Mrs. Jung, I love you, so so much” Leo said as you snuggled closer to him and mumbled an “I love you” back making him smile before he too joined you in world of nod.

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Is Running Man Scripted?

Lets go back in time for a little bit, it’s June 15 2008. The day that Family Outing premiered on SBS. it quickly became one of the most popular and successful variety shows ever but ended prematurely due to poor ratings which were a result of some controversies and scripting. one thing you all need to realize is that a majority of variety shows are scripted in some way, but that doesn’t mean that its a bad thing. however, family outing went a totally different route and scripted everything. one of the scripts for an episode was leaked to the general public and every action, reaction, comments were planned out. so in a way, it was like you were watching a movie, but the PD made it seem like it was all natural. The second controversy was during a fishing scene in a 2009 episode. Kim Jong Kook caught a really rare fish, but the Korean audience was sceptical and took screenshots of the scene highlighting out where a diver was seen underwater so that he could hook the fish onto KJK’s fishing pole. the main PD at the time denied every single controversy, and threw Yoo Jae Suk under the bus by making him apologize at an SBS award ceremony. The show “ended” when both Lee Chun Hee and Park Ye Jin left, they filmed for another year with the same cast but it wasn’t the same and poor ratings led to its cancellation. 

Family Outing season 2 was a result of the cancellation for the first family outing with a completely different cast and crew. but just like last time, poor ratings led to its cancellation. The main thing to take away from this is that the three PDs who were working on FO season 2 were Cho Hyo Jin, Lim Hyung Taek and Kim Joo Hyung, if you’re wondering why those names sounds familiar, its because all three of them joined with Yoo Jae Suk and discussed a potential new show on SBS which would eventually lead to Running Man. 

Running Man is no different from Family Outing, there is scripting and probably a lot more than you would notice. I’m not saying RM plans out what the members say and their actions, cause that’s not what they do. The only scripting that happens is during the beginning of the episode, and partially near the end of the episode. The cast already knows who the guests are, they all hang out in the waiting room together getting their make up done. So whenever a guest is introduced and they have no clue who it is, its more than likely fake. but this doesn’t really change the show for me, so what if they over react that girls generation or BigBang is appearing, They only do that to make the show exciting, and that’s their job as entertainers, to entertain. a really good example of this is Episode 162 when each member had two idols as their team mates. the classic 12 minute intro had them dancing along with the idols. a behind the scenes video was revealed and you can clearly see the entire roster dancing in the same room and even talking with each other. so when HaHa freaks out when Apink walks out of their car, he already knew who it was. but again, does that really change the show for me or you? probably not because if I didn’t do research it would have looked genuine to me. Another thing they script in the beginning is the teams that are formed. You find it odd that Yoo Jae Suk is usually on the team with the popular guests? since he is the main guy and typically the funniest, he gets paired with the guests so they get more screen time. 

During the mini games which are usually during the middle of the episode aren’t scripted because I dont think you can really script anything from that. a show like RM encourages you to be competitive and athletic, that side of you just comes out naturally and you try your hardest. Do you really think in the early episodes of RM you could have told KJK to tone it down a little bit? hell no. the man wants to win and will do whatever it takes to do so. 

The ending is where a lot of the fans usually lay their eyes on. The BigBang episode is where I noticed a lot of “scripting”. when a guest as big as them appears on the show, you better hope that they stay until the end of the episode so you can retain every single V.I.P that tuned in. and think about it, if you were a fan of BigBang and a majority of the members were in jail and the there was still 40 minutes left would you still be watching? The RM cast let them escape so many times that it was laughable. Even Ji Suk Jin the “weakest” member of RM would have completely destroyed BigBang in name tag ripping. Another one that had a lot of rumours was the RM x Law of The Jungle episode. there was no proof of this happening, but it was said that LOTJ was beaten so bad and quickly, that they had to re shoot the entire name tag sequence. now again, there is no proof of this so I cant really say anything on this. but its a theory, so take it with a grain of salt. I personally dont believe that’s true because a lot of time would be wasted, and most of the members have other schedules the next day, so dragging out the filming just for a similar outcome wouldn’t make any sense. Lastly I do believe that in some cases the RM cast goes easy for the final mission usually the name tag ripping and lets the guest win and claims the prize. Now this part does kinda ruin the show for me. because there is no way the RM cast should lose to anybody, especially when the guests got the physical stature of gumby. but I understand why they would want to or need to do it. you gotta make the guests happy, and if a win makes them happy then just let them. another reason is that if they won the first time around, they might appear again just to claim another prize. it helps them and helps the show. 

So with all of this information, does it ruin running man for you? it sure didn’t for me. so what if they overreact to the guests in the beginning and sometimes let the guests win at the end. it doesn’t change how much joy and laughter I got from each episode. The intention of a variety show is to entertain and make you laugh, and if they fulfilled those needs then its a success. 

Now if you wanna watch a show that’s blatantly scripted, go catch an episode of We Got Married. 

Hyuk fell on the relay bwahahahahahahaha

Ravi is dying 😂😂😂

Where is Taekwoon when this happened?

Edit: Since a lot of people assumed that idk Taek’s whereabout or his current condition, I know he went to the hospital for his contusion on his nose and went back to their dorm to rest and that VIXX’s activities were altered as a group atm (and that The Show took them out of this week’s #1 nomination even though they’re winning on the prevotes smh). I’m not really asking where he is literally. I’m implying that he missed a moment to see Hyuk falling. The rest of the members were cracking up and Taek’s probably upset that he missed out on an opportunity to laugh at Hyuk.

Imagine vixx playing poker. 

The cheaters: Han Satan, Hongbeezelbub, Hakyeon (it’s the Hs omg)
The difference between the Cha and the other two cheaters is Hakyeon thinks he’s being subtle about it but he’s actually just craning that giraffe neck of his to see the other members’ cards while the maknaes have secretly teamed up against the hyungs

Taek, unsurprisingly, is the best, but surprisingly, Jaehwan is the second best when the maknaes aren’t sabotaging him or Taekwoon. Ravi just bursts into tears when he gets a bad hand.


[NEWS] BIGBANG in Talks to Appear on “Running Man” for First Time in 3 Years

According to an exclusive report by Sports Today, BIGBANG is looking to make a group appearance on “Running Man,” for the first time in three long years.

Several industry insiders have stated that the group has a “Running Man” appearance coming up, and in a statement to Sports Today on the morning of May 13, an affiliate of SBS Entertainment said, “BIGBANG is going over final details regarding their ‘Running Man’ appearance. The filming date is predicted to be near the end of this month, but it hasn’t been decided as of yet.”

“Running Man” producer Im Hyung Taek also spoke to media, and said, “It hasn’t been confirmed yet. They are currently in discussions for an appearance.”

source: soompi

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