hyung jin

  • Yoongi : *looks at Kookie's laptop*
  • Yoongi : *furious* Jeon Jungkook!!! Are those Jin hyung's nudes?? Did you take those without his permission?!!! How dare are yo-
  • Jungkook : Hyung wait that's not me~ I got it from Jiminie hyung~
  • Jimin : Hey!!You brat!!! Hyung listen it was taetae's fault~
  • Taehyung : *points at RM* Noooooo- I just found it in Namjoon hyung's porn stash!
  • Namjoon : Hobi! It was Hobi!! He sent those to me!!!
  • Yoongi : *Death stare* So, Jung Hoseok, do you have anything to say?
  • Hoseok : Uhmm yes actually.
  • Yoongi : I'm listening.
  • Hoseok : These photos came from you remember?
  • Yoongi :
  • Hoseok : It was in a file called 'roommates with benefits' in your laptop?
  • Yoongi :
  • Bangtan :
  • Yoongi : Uhm,okay yeah...never mind.
Old Weather Joke

Jin: I’m cold.
Namjoon: Here, take my jacket Hyung Jin: But then Joonie you will be the one that cold
Namjoon: I’m ok hyung don’t mind me *put his jacket on Jin immediately*
Jin: Joonie.. (put his angelic smile and blushing face here)

Taehyung: I’m cold..
Yoongi: ….
Taehyung: Hyung!!! I said I’m cold Yoongi: Tae I can’t control the w– *sigh* here take my jacket.
Taehyung: I’M JUST GONNA HUG YOU❤❤ *glomps*

Hoseok: …
Yoongi: Here, take my jacket Hope. Hoseok: B-but I didn’t even say anyth– Yoongi: Ssh, take my jacket.
Taehyung: The weather is so cold isn’t it?
Hoseok: Eat this soup Taetae~ it should warm you~
Taehyung: Thanks, can I also have your warm embrace?
Hoseok: What’s not Tae come here~ Taehyung: ❤ (smile beautifully you could die.jpeg)

Jin: I’m cold..
Yoongi: Well damn, Hyung. I can’t control the weather!
Jin: MIN YOONGI!!! !!! !


Jimin: It’s cold
Jungkook: So
Jimin: Excuse you but you should’ve put your jacket on me and said you’re okay
Jungkook: Did your head hit something or what also why aren’t you bring your own jacket in the first place
Jimin: You dumbass hopeless romantic shit
Jungkook: Should I hit you so hard you could feel warm inside


Hyung line to accompany the maknae line!!! Maknae Line here!!!

Necromancer Yoongi, Enchanter Jin, Banshee Hobi and reaper Namjoon, I wrote little captions~~

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