kyewon12: JBJ 1주년축하합니다 짝짝짝
만나서 맛나는거 먹자!!
활동하는 친구들은 대박납시다~~
각자 위치에서 항상 응원해!!!!!!!! #JBJ

JBJ Happy 1st Anniversary clapclapclap
 Lets eat something nice while meeting up!!
 For the friends who are promoting, lets go Daebak~~
 Always supporting all of you on your respective place!!!!!!!! #JBJ

cr. hodujjang73

hyunjin is a sentimental bub who cries a lot and changbin just straight out roasted him about it

hyunjin: i think if we all watched the fireworks together one of us would of cried
*looks at jisung who starts fake crying*
changbin: did you cry?
hyunjin: no i didn’t
changbin: if you didn’t cry that means none of us would’ve cried
*hyunjin just got ROASTED sounds from the other boys*