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[Insert Member] Is Useless

No group has a useless member.

Not one.
I’ve seen time and time again that ‘fans’ will say things like “that member can’t sing so he’s worthless”, or “she sucks at dancing”, or “his rapping is awful” and I’m absolutely tired of it.
So let me break it down for you.


In most groups, there’s a group leader. Typically the leader would be the eldest member of the group, but it’s not always the oldest.
Suho, leader of EXO is currently the second to last oldest member.
CL, was the second youngest of her group, 2NE1.
Taeyeon, leader of SNSD, is the oldest.
The leader is meant to be mature, and charismatic, and be able to handle focus and attention that’s on them. They’re meant to care for the other members, to motivate the group, and represent them(eg. speaking on stage). In short, they’re the parent of the group, responsible for their members.

Top: Taeyeon(SNSD), Taeyong(NCT), Shownu(MONSTA X)
Bottom: Suho(EXO), S.Coups(SEVENTEEN), CL(2NE1)

The Vocalists:

Vocalists, are pretty much, the singers of the groups. Most groups have multiple vocalists.

The Main Vocalist- The member who most often(but not always) gets a lot of lines in a song. Often gets the vocally challenging parts(i.e. high notes).

The Lead Vocalist- Usually sings before the main vocalist in verses, because they “lead” in the song. They’re often a back-up should the Main Vocalist be injured or sick.

In groups with a large number of members, there are often several sub vocalists.

Top: Soonbin(WJSN), Taeil(NCT), Bom(2NE1)
Bottom: Jeonghan(SEVENTEEN), Soyou(SISTAR), Baekhyun(EXO)

The Rapper(s):

Rappers and rapping is a very essential part of the majority of Kpop music. Just the same with vocalists, there is often a hierarchy, if there are multiple rappers to one group.

The Main Rapper- Gets the most of the rapper parts, typically the one with the best technique and rapping ability.

The Lead Rapper- Usually being rapping parts, good ability as well, but second to the Main Rapper.

Some groups don’t have rappers, but it’s common to have at least one included.

Bottom: Chanyeol(EXO), CL(2NE1), Johnny(NCT)

The Dancer(s):

By default, as this is Kpop, all members are dancers. But there are still roles for the groups. Again, same hierarchy;

The Main Dancer- Expected to have the best dancing skills, less focused on singing, often have fewer parts during songs, might even have only sub-vocal parts(as breathing needs to be reserved for their dancing), often have solo dance parts.

The Lead Dancer- As the whole group dances, the Lead Dancer will lead the group and often dance in the front, when the group is dancing all together.

Top: Rose(BLACKPINK), Lay(EXO), Minzy(2NE1)
Bottom: Taemin(SHINEE), Hyorin(SISTAR), Ten(NCT)

The Visual:

Kpop emphasizes on beauty. There is even a position in most groups that, who ever is given the role, takes special care of their looks, because that’s an important feature for a group: looks.
It’s not fan-appointed, it’s given by the company, as all roles are. It’s a real thing.
The Visual is someone that is deemed most attractive, and is most likely seen endorsing products and be on commercials and ads.

Note: don’t confuse this with the ‘face’ of the group, aka the member most easily recognized.
Some idols are the face and the visual(Hyuna, Taeyong) but the two are not the same.

Top: Haeryung(BESTIE), Kai(EXO), Naeun(APINK)
Bottom: Hyuna(4MINUTE), Taeyong(NCT), Dara(2NE1)

The Maknae:

Some positions you don’t get trained for, you’re born into them.
The maknae is simply the youngest of the group. They don’t have a specific task to do, they’re just the baby of the family.
But of course being the youngest is often associated with being cute, so some maknaes make a point of being the complete opposite of the Leader, the most charismatic and responsible member. They’re often ‘forced’ to do aegyo, and act cute when asked.

Top: Ren(NU’EST), Tzuyu(TWICE), Sehun(EXO)
Bottom: Dino(SEVENTEEN), Minzy(2NE1), Jisung(NCT)

Considering the fact that idols aren’t just thrown out into the public, they’re put through anywhere from a year to 10 years of training, insane diets, learning choreography, songs, new languages, and often times while still juggling school, you can’t say they don’t deserve a spot in their group. Adding on to the fact a lot of times, idols actually have a hand in creating choreography, lyrics, and music, they pull their weight.

Members aren’t meant to be good at everything, that’s why there’s roles.

Some groups don’t have concrete roles, and that’s fine too.

So there you have it, your little Kpop introductory class.

Each group is carefully put together by companies. Every member has a point, if they didn’t, they’d be a waste of money and wouldn’t be in a group.

You can easily look up a groups’ roles, and see why a member is there. It’s not hard to not be ignorant about groups.
Learn something from this, and keep your mouths shut.

Surprise » Kim Hyun Ah

» pairing: Hyuna x Reader

» genre: Fluff

» author note: I chose Hyuna because it´s been ages since I´ve written for her. Hope that´s okay with you, anonie.  I tought this idea was pretty nice for a fluffy scenario, so I really hope you´ll enjoy it. 

» warning: None

» requested by: anonymous

» gif not mine, credit belongs to the owner

Originally posted by irendescent

„Jagiya, your brithday is coming up.“

 Your girlfriend, Hyun Ah, spoke up after moments filled with silence. You raised your gaze to look at the computer screen, seeing Hyun Ah with her chin placed in the palm of her hand. You hummed, not sure why she brought it up all of a sudden. „Is there anything you want me to get for you?“

„Hyun Ah, how many times am I supposed to tell you not to buy me anything.“ You rolled your eyes. You didn´t like when she spent money on you, yet, she still did it. Of course she would try and buy you something for your birthday; you should´ve seen it coming. You also knew very well it was pointless trying to convince her otherwise. If she set her mind on something, she was going to make it happen. „But its your birthday! I have to get you a present!“ She pouted, making you sigh.

„Okay, fine. But nothing too expensive, okay?“ She nodded happily, shooting you a wide grin. You smiled at her, hugging the pillow you held to your chest tighter. Hyun Ah suddenly looked away from the camera, likely talking to her manager. When she looked back at you, her lips were in a thin line. „I have to go now, jagiya. I love you, take care.“

„I love you too.“ You sent her a kiss before ending the video call – shutting you laptop closed.


„-and then he proposed.“ You listened to your friend gush over her engagement, feeling a twinge of jealousy. Not that you weren´t happy for her; you were and how much. You could say you were a little envious of her picture perfect life. „I´m so happy for you, Areum-ah.“

„Enough about me, though. Your birthday is tomorrow!“ You couldn´t help but groan at yet another mention of your birthday. „Not you too.“

„You have to stop being like that. It gets unhealthy after a while, you know.“ Areum scolded you, taking a sip of her tea right after. You leaned back in your seat, pushing away a plate with dessert. Areum insisted on taking you out for lunch, complaining that you weren´t eating enough. How could you when work was piling up, slowly beginning to suffocate you. And also without Hyun Ah, your main source of motivation by your side. She was usually the one who convinced you into geting things done when you were ready to give up. „Anyway, I have surprise for you.“

„Seriously? You know how much I hate them.“ You said, letting a chuckle slip out. Areum was usually like it; she always said it was her job as your best friend to do things you didn´t like. Surprising you was one of them. You were ready to fight anyone just to prove you point, but that was just your stubbornness.

You sighed, looking at Areum. „Well? Where´s the surprise? I want to get it over with.“ Your best friend only shook her head with a laugh.

„It´s not here, silly. Just be patient.“ She shot you a mischevious grin before turning to the waitress to pay for the lunch, even despite your protests. You then walked out of the restaurant, bidding goodbye to each other before going you separate ways. Areum turned around one more time, saying:

„I promise you won´t be disappointed!“


„Aish, that girl.“ You sighed, taking off your shoes and throwing them by the door. Once you placed your purse on it´s usual spot, you walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. The hot weather outside made you ten times more thirsty than usual. You stood there for a while, casually leaning against the kitchen counter with the glass of ice cold water in your hand. A noise coming from upstairs made you freeze and place the glass down. It´s probably only a cat, you thought, if only I had a cat, of course. Your hand reached for one of the knives, gripping it tightly. The noise repeated itself as you slowly made your way up the stairs, your scowl deepening.

„Aha!“ You screamed once the door to you bedroom opened, swinging at the intruder with the knife. However, you stopped as soon as you heard a familiar voice shriek out – dropping your hand. „Are you crazy?!“

„Me?! You´re the one swinging the knife around like a maniac!“ Hyunah retaliated, gesturing at the metal object in your hand. You let out a huff, placing a hand over your crazed heart. It felt as if it was trying to escape your chest. „I wouldn´t have to do that if you´d have let yourself known.“ You mumbled, looking for a place where you could put the knife. When you did, you turned back to Hyunah who was still standing in the doorway leading to your bedroom.

„Are you at least going to hug me?“ She raised a brow, extending her arms. To tease her a bit, you crossed yours at your chest, smirking. „And why should I?“

„You tried to kill me.“ Touché. You walked towards her, wrapping your arms around her. She did the same, pulling away after a while to peck you on the lips. You took a deep breath, smiling at the scent of your favorite perfume on her. „Are you the surprise?“

„Hmm, maybe.“ Her answer made you chuckle and squeeze her even more. „Jagiya.“

„Yeah, I am. Are you disappointed?“ You shook your head, giving her another kiss. Areum didn´t lie after all, you weren´t disappointed one bit.