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Roll Deep (Hyuna Smut)

Rated M for My favorite idol is fucking you scenario.
Dedicated to @capricornyhorny because it’s her birthday and to all the followers of mine who wouldn’t mind fucking a girl because there’s rarely any of that.
Word count: 2,450

You slightly hissed as you felt your arms tied to the wooden chair you sat on, along with your legs which were tied so they could be wide open. You looked over at the woman with the medium length blonde hair, fish net tights, skimpy loose white shirt and tight black shorts. Her eyes were screaming lust as she simply gave you an innocent look. Her black heels caused an echo within the steps she took within the empty room. She walked behind you, double knotting the rope around your wrists.
“Hyuna,” you whispered with your jaws clenched together, “I thought you said you were rewarding me, not torturing me.”
She giggled slightly looking around, “I will,” her left hand gently grasped your shoulder. Her grip tightened as her mouth came closer to your ear, “But it won’t be such a reward without some foreplay. Besides baby, you’ve been teasing me, it’s only fair.”
Your body tensed as her lips came in contact with your ear, gently sucking it while moaning softly.

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