the heir - pt.1

Group : BTS 

Member : Park Jimin 

Word Count :  3,423

Description : It has been eight years, long enough for you to forget about him. But seeing your son everyday, who is almost a duplication of him, always brings back the painful memories of how the only one you had ever loved had died eight years ago. Killed by the police for being a criminal who had broken into a bank and kidnapped a hostage.  


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what she says: i’m fine

what she really means: bogoshipda Kim Yong-guk Kwon Hyun-bin Lee Eui-woong Takada Kenta Noh Tae-hyun Kim Sang-gyun Jang Moon-bokKim Dong-hyun Kim Dong-han Kim Tae-dong Seo Sung-hyuk Kim Ye-hyun Lee Geon-hee Lee Woo-jin Park Woo-dam Jeong Dong-soo Park Sung-woo Hong Eun-ki Yoo Hoe-seung Woo Jin-young Joo Jin-woo Yeo Hwan-woong Justin Lee Gwang-hyun Byun Hyun-min Yoon Hee-seok Kim Seong-ri Kim Sang-bin Kim Tae-woo Lee Jun-woo Zhu Zheng-ting Kim Nam-hyung Lee Ki-won Lee Yoo-jin Yoon Jae-chan Kim Yong-jin Lee In-soo Kim Dong-bin Kim Tae-min Seong Hyun-woo Joo Won-tak Choi Dong-ha Jeong Joong-ji Kwon Hyeop Im Woo-hyukJeong Hyo-jun Son Dong-myeong Lee Seo-kyu Kim Hyeon-woo Choi Tae-woong Cho Jin-hyung Yoon Yong-bin Han Min-ho Yoo Jin-won Kim Yeon-kook Jeong Si-hyun Kim Chan-yul Choi Seung-hyuk Lee Hoo-lim Kim Jae-hanKim ChanJang Dae-hyun Yoo Kyoung-mok Choi Ha-don Park Hee-seok Ryu Ho-yeon  Cho Gyu-min Wang Min-hyuk Choi Jun-young Jo Sung-wook Kim Do-hyun Jo Yong-geun Lee Gun-min Jeong Won-cheol Choi Hee-soo Choi Jae-wooLee Ji-han Nam Yoon-sung Kim Shi-hyun

oh yeah but ha minho and han jongyeon can choke

7 Friendships From "Produce 101 Season 2" That Will Melt Your Heart

7 Friendships From “Produce 101 Season 2” That Will Melt Your Heart

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As “Produce 101 Season 2” is slowly approaching its final broadcast date, it’s getting harder for fans to send off their favorite trainees. The contestants have been feeling this just as much as the fans, as they’ve been getting closer to one another as time passes by! It’s great to see these talented trainees making friends and finding support in one another even though they’re all competing…

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so much has happened this year!!!! i’ve written so much i’m proud of, met some awesome ppl, overcome some fears!!!! i’ve been on tumblr for a few years, and 2016 has been a wild one…. yeah, enough said about that. i know i don’t have that many followers, but i’m grateful for each & every one of u who chose to follow me!!!! and to all the wonderful people who stay on this site, create quality content, and truly make their fandoms a better place & people happy!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!

here’s to a better 2017!!!!! bold text are lovely mutuals, honestly i love them w/ all my heart :^) i want everyone on this list to know how much i love them, theyre awesome, ur awesome, happy holidays :^) :^)


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Hi angels ^-^ okay okay i will write short this time i know i am getting annoying with all of my “i love you so much” posts and suffocating you with so much love sorry 😁 i just want to say (for the millionth time(i guess i wrote that word wrong sorry)) that I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU 😊 i don’t know what i done/did to deserve such perfect people as friends in my life but i am so happy that we are friends now ^-^ you guys were there for me when i wrote my problems with tears in my eyes,you guys were there and talked with me about my problems and made me smile ^-^ you guys supported me when i wrote this post about ny fears,insecurities and problems and how i decided to solve them and wrote such sweet words under this post ^-^ and you were here when i wrote my coming out post and supported me and told me that you still love me ^-^(even though it is not going so well with your religion. And i am so thankful to you that you still accepted me ^-^) i was SO scared when i was writing this post. I thought some of you angels will dislike me 😢 i thought i will lost some so important people in my life,some precious friends 😢 but you didn’t ^-^ i still don’t know why you amazing people,precious angels are friends with someone who is so avarage like me but THANK YOU ^-^ thank you for being my friends,thank you for being here all the time,thank you for never saying “shut up. You wrote enough posts about your problems.” Or “stop writing those i love you posts. It got annoying now” even though i could get annoying sometimes,thank you for supporting me 😚😙😘 whoever said internet friends aren’t real friends he/she is so wrong cause you angels are my “real” friends ^-^ even more real than some of my “real”(😒) friends 😊😄 I LOVE YOU ❤ THANK YOU for shining up my world angels 😇 Tagging my angels ^-^: @pikwanchu@kwangchu@hyun-seong@eternalreflections@withthisheartopenwide@allisonelisabeth28@unicornismyspirtualanimal@babyybluebear@donghyuun@brominwoo@moanwoo@fallarbor-town@i-am-ki-san@bapgguk@mina-destroyed-me@deerfellinlovewithbaozi@tokyoangel1000@powershouse@sarahschnee@darkmagiciangirl2500@lifeimitatesblart@feyreisa18@igotnojamseither@tae-kookie@itsyodots@catastrophic-catalysm@dandy-pikachu@minexy24@imyour-destiny@inspiritfantasy@lea-ding-donghyun-cutejinger@kwangmins-queen@be-insfired@honeybunsandpenguins@nothingbutaspeck@valli-wants-some-hongbutt@shownudidthistome@kpopislife99@looanna1@kwangmin-dn@jonghyunbase@kpop-mr-chu-chu@golden-maknae-jungkookie@little-coloured-aesthetic@bulbasaur-anus@jungkookies-lobster@lets-not-fallin-love@youngmar4@lilyfever@suju-exotic@bestfriendsarmy@jholyshit@pika-kwangie-chu@princehyungwonn@jihyeisme

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