there are some of my angels that i am still surprised that we are friends now(sometimes i can’t even believe that) because they are just so cool and so funny and so beautiful both inside and outside that it is hard to believe that you chose to be friends with me,who is so avarage while there are so many amazing people. there are some of my angels that i was their fan even before we meet and there are some of my angels that i became their fan after i met with them and saw how beautiful  their heart are ^-^ but i want you to know that i LOVE ALL OF YOU!! i guess sometimes it seems like i don’t love some of you that much but believe me I DO LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH TOO!! and i want to thank all of you for being friends with me ^-^:

my angels: who i was their fan even before we meet and i’ll be honest i am a little scared about meeting with them because they looked so cool and so amazing and all so i was thinking like “well they probably wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who  is avarage like me :(” but we become friends and they are my angels now and they are so important and precious to me ^-^ *1000 blowing kisses emojies*























my angels: who i become their fan after i met with them because i saw how precious they are and how beautiful they are both inside and outside ^-^ but please don’t misunderstand me it dosen’t mean that i don’t love these angels of mine as much as the other ones :( i LOVE all of my angels and these angels of mine are as amazing and cool and beautiful as my other angels *10000 blowing hearts emojies* the reason why i separate my angels to two list is to say that even though i didn’t know about them before we meet they amazed me SO MUCH and they made me their fan too ^-^
























 i want you my angels,ALL of my ANGELS to know that i am so thankful towards you. THANK YOU for being friends with me ^-^ and I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUCH *blowing hearts and kisses emojies to infinity* ^-^ and i am SO SORRY if there is someone i forgot to tag :( 

Ilovemyjokwangmin and Obwablowmeakiss first giveaway! ♥ 


-one boyfriend album.
-one 30cm x 42.5cm poster.
-any album of your choice.
-a carved necklace of one of the boyfriend’s member’s face on it. (Here’s a outline in case you’re wondering click here)


-Must be following ilovemyjokwangmin & obwablowmeakiss (we’ll be checking)
-Unlimited reblogs
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-Winner must respond within 24 hours. If not, another winner is chosen.

I am going to pick the winner using random generator. Giveaway ends on August 20, 2012.

Thanks you mochiilover for doing the banner. ♥ 

P.S. it would be a pleasure if you follow our personal blogs.(:

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Good luck ! ^^