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Mystic Messenger had an official booth at CWT 2018!

I actually wasn’t planning to go to CWT, but since my friends were and they invited me, I decided to tag along ;) It was held at my university anyway, so why not :P

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! I hope you’re doing well ^^ I saw the post saying your ask box is open, and decided to gather some courage and send something in~ I was wondering, how would the RFA members (plus minor trio maybe?) react to an MC whos super shy when it comes to relationships?? Like, they’re usually too nervous to initiate anything, like holding hands, saying cute couple stuff first, etc (if that makes sense). I don’t remember if you’ve done anything like that, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot ^^

honestly i can relate to this since im inexperienced and all sjsj, hope u like this<3

RFA+Minor Trio with a MC who is shy when it comes to relationships


  • honestly he is the same??
  • he’d be wondering how he found the courage to kiss you at the party really
  • after the party, he wouldn’t be so straightforward
  • he’d be too embarrassed to even look at you sometimes and honestly you’d be the same
  • you’d be that kind of couple that would blush while being around each other all the time
  • you’d both probably die from embarrasment the first time you held hands
  • ‘Y-yoosung, i’m glad that i’m not the only one who feels embarrassed over this..’
  • of course after you got used to this, you’d both be a little better, trying to be more comfortable with your relationship


  • since zen is very experienced and comfortable with relationships, you’d feel bad that you were like this
  • sometimes you’d refuse to look him in the eye or hold hands with him bc you felt embarrassed
  • he’d be wondering if he was doing something wrong
  • ‘ you not like me?’ he’d ask you one day to find out
  • ‘N-no, it’s not that! I do l-like you….though..’ you’d explain to him that you were new to relationships etc so he’d understand
  • he’d try not to pressure you too much over this..
  • he’d still think it was quite cute of you to be all nervous and shy
  • even though it wasn’t pleasant for you rip


  • i cant say that jaehee would be the same but maybe similar;
  • she has experience as she once said at the chatroom, however she’d feel different with you
  • you’d both be nervous to do couple stuff, like going on dates and holding hands etc
  • the first ‘couple thing’ that you did would be having a date on your coffee shop
  • it’d be very awkward since you’d both be nervous but you’d both try to overcome this
  • ‘D-do not worry, MC. I’m sure we will both solve this in the future..


  • jumin is not shy when it comes to relationships but he is New to them so..he could understand you, i suppose?
  • even though, he wouldn’t feel shy doing couple things, he’d love doing them once he found out about them
  • like giving you a kiss good-bye? cuddling? holding hands? doing cute things together?
  • you’d struggle while doing things like that with him and he’d notice one day
  • ‘MC, do.. i make you feel uncomfortable?’
  • ‘NO! Of course not, Jumin. It’s just that this is all new to me and i feel..nervous..’ you wouldn’t want to disappoint him or anything 
  • ‘You don’t have to be nervous, you’re doing fine really..’
  • he’d try not to pressure you but he couldn’t help it sometimes, ever since you appeared in his life, it’d be like a blessing to him so..


  • you know he’d tease you for this sometimes, even though you were being serious
  • like one day he’d give you his hoodie to wear and you’d immediately say no bc you’d feel embarrassed
  • or other times when he is acting clingy, you’d feel so shy whenever he pulled you onto his lap etc
  • ‘S-saeyoung, don’t tease me for this!’ you’d whine to him everytime he teased you
  • Haha, sorry MC, but you’re so cute when you act like this!!!’
  • you know how he’d tease you for being like this?
  • he’d have his moments as well, sometimes when you compliment him or say cute things to him, he’d also feel flustered just like you lol
  • ‘Now, who is the one feeling shy??!’


  • during his route where MC kisses ray, you’d be you managed to do that
  • bc after everything ended and you were safe, you wouldn’t be able to face saeran
  • you’d feel too embarrassed for being so straightforward with that kiss
  • everytime you made eye contact, you’d think about the day you two kissed
  • he’d be similar with you, since he did….some extreme things to you with his dark-saeran persona, he’d be too embarrassed to be closer to you, touch you..etc
  • ‘MC..i’m sorry if i ever make you uncomfortable, i don’t want to you know..’
  • ‘N-no, it’s my fault, not yours!’ you’d try to explain your situation to him
  • your first step with him would be holding hands without freaking out, it’d be successful
  • ‘H-holding hands isn’t so bad..i guess.’


  • after he came to your life again, it’d be a while since you last saw him, so this would make your case worse
  • since you needed time to get used to this, he’d notice that you were nervous around him
  • he’d be wondering if he was causing this to you so he’d feel bad rip v
  • he is not new to relationships but…his previous relationship wasn’t healthy so, this time he’d be trying to act healthy, like a normal couple
  • doing couple things
  • so then you’d tell him about your struggles, ‘V..this isn’t your fault really, i’m just too nervous, this is all new to me and..’
  • ‘It’s alright, MC. I will try not to pressure you too much, i promise..’
  • you know how kind and gentle v is, he’d respect your wishes and would try not to pressure you so much, he’d try to take it slow for you
  • he needed that as well anyway 


  • honestly he is the same but not in the shy way, he’d just be embarrassed doing cute couple things bc he isn’t used to this
  • he was an agent who did cruel things his whole life, so how can he act like a normal person in a normal relationship?
  • even standing next to each other, feeling your shoulders touch a litte, would make you feel shy so he’d notice everytime
  • ‘MC! Stop being like this, you make me feel even worse here you know!!’
  • he’d just yell at you everytime you acted like this
  • he meant no harm, it’d be his way of trying to hide his own embarrassment
  • ‘If you feel embarrassed, then how am i supposed to feel!!’ you’d reply to him back, also whining
  • you know seven would just see you two be awkward around each other and would tease you a lot
  • Our relationship is just fine, shut up idiot.’
  • at the beginning, your relationship would be very awkward but eventually you’d both get used to this and would try to act ‘normal’

RFA + Minor Duo React to MC Who Isn’t Used to Feeling Happiness

Random Comment: im on like day 7 of Jaehee’s route and it’s like if Seven and Zen’s routes had a gay baby what is happening



  • this kid is such a little ray of sunshine that it’s almost impossible to feel sad around him
  • so when you feel the warmth in your stomach and the smile tugging at your lips, you are a little suprised
  • usually you were gloomy and lethargic, but with him, it was different
  • you felt just… good. better. alive
  • when he held you… oh… that’s when you felt best with his warm arms wrapped around you
  • and you never wanted to let him go


  • you always heard songs on the radio that gave you no emotion
  • but when Zen sang them, you felt butterflies in your stomach and tears welling in your eyes
  • hearing the voice of the man you loved, you just lit up
  • his voice could put you to sleep in a second and wake you up in the best mood
  • you never really understood why fan girls payed so much money to buy merchandise and concert tickets until you met Zen
  • but the thing is, he is yours alone


  • your usual sadness was replaced by a heart as warm as an espresso shot when you met Jaehee
  • every morning, she gave you coffee and a kiss on the cheek
  • hell, you didn’t even need the coffee after she kissed you like that
  • to the outside world, Jaehee was plain. Just your average everyday coffee shop owner
  • To you… she was the queen of the world, the most beautiful soul in the body of a beautiful woman
  • Whenever you two watched Zen’s preformances, you would only watch Jaehee
  • after all, she was the only person you saw in any crowd


  • Like you Jumin had an ice cold heart to match his face
  • but after you met him, his gaze warmed like it was put in front of a fire
  • his dark unwelcoming house turned into a home, always bright and cheerful
  • he used to think that Elizabeth held all the happiness this world had for him but he was so wrong
  • as for you, you felt the same way all curled up in his lap with Elizabeth burried in your arms, both asleep
  • you shed a few tears thinking about how much your life changed when you met him and how beautiful he made your life now that you were together


  • if you aren’t used to being happy, Saeyoung is probably the most confusing person to you
  • when you first met him on the chatroom, you two were drastically different but still something clicked
  • he definitely had his days where he was depressed and you hated seeing him like that
  • you would try your best to fill his shoes as the funny one just as he would do for you
  • but for the most part, you too were so in love that you never left the marshmallow stage
  • while he was hacking, you would sit in your boyfriend’s lap and hold onto his neck as you cuddled him
  • if you put your head against his cheat you would hear his hear beating almost as fast as yours


  • He isn’t used to feeling happiness either, so you’re in the same boat
  • since you’ve been together you’ve helped each other through the tough times
  • you two find yourselves spooning on the couch with a tub of ice cream and Bob Ross playing on the tv during anxiety attacks
  • still, you love each other, that’s why you do the things you do for each other
  • he isn’t big on PDA so you spend a lot of time at home cuddling
  • he just can’t keep himself off of you. he follows you around the house, arms wrapped around your waist and chin on your shoulder
  • his favorite place to sleep is 100% with his head on your lap while you play with his hair


  • Ever since he ended things with Rika, he hasn’t really had a light in his life
  • when he met you, oh… Rika’s light looked like a cheap flashlight while yours was like the sun
  • you were the same. every other person you dated didn’t hold a candle to V
  • he was so soft and caring. You could look into his eyes all day
  • you wanted to kill Rika for ever wanting to hurt him along with his eyes
  • When he kissed you it was like the first time everytime
  • You used to never really want to stay with someone forever but V changed that


I’m sorry, I was supposed to do the trio but I don’t really like doing Vanderwood because we don’t really know much about him other than the fact that he just wants Seven to finish his work. I apologize for the incompetence.

anonymous asked:

RFA + V + Saeran dealing with a clumsy MC?


  • He found it adorable at first
  • but, when you accidentally spilled water all over his lolol setup, it was.. 
  • a little less adorable
  • but, he got over it, and, amazingly- learned damage control!
  • he became very responsible
  • everyone was, very impressed


  • Overprotective zen to the rescue!
  • of course, the sly dog would turn catching you from slipping into dipping you into a kiss
  • however, you were banned from stepping foot anywhere near his skincare and beauty products
  • shits expensive ok
  • you cant break any of it
  • he’ll cry D:


  • Mama jaehee can fix everything
  • really, e v e r y t h i n g
  • she might sigh, but she loves you regardless of how many unintentional messes you make
  • besides, shes taken care of bigger problems, whats a spilled drink or a broken object every once in a while?
  • she comforts you whenever you become frustrated with yourself with a kiss and a tempting offer to watch zens plays


  • Oh dear.
  • hes never met anyone quite as clumsy as you
  • seriously offers to hire you a maid and a doctor to have on standby incase anything happens
  • he just doesnt want anything to happen to you, and he has the money to solve all of your problems
  • so why not use it?
  • you decline, because you’ve been like this all your life, of course you can handle yourself (you cant, everything is broken. the pots, the pans, that expensive vase in the corner. all of it. you managed to break cement once. dont ask how)


  • When the two of you began living together, he learned quickly that he had to mc-proof his house
  • seriously.
  • like, foam corners for table or counter edges
  • plastic cups instead of glass ones. 
  • for your birthday he gave you cat socks with little rubber grips on the bottoms so you wouldn’t slip while walking on wooden floors
  • he loved to tease you about it, but should you ever get hurt he’d be there in a flash with a first-aid kit and some cuddles to make it all better


  • Hes incredibly understanding about it 
  • why wouldnt he be? 
  • you cant control it 
  • helps you clean up
  • at least money isnt an issue, you can replace pretty much anything that gets damaged
  • but its still a pain for you


  • Doesnt really get how you can slip on nothing, or set things down so hard they crack, but he finds it endearing
  • offers to help you with everything
  • (mostly because he doesnt want it to break)
  • manages to stop everything just before it happens, somehow
  • tipping glass? hes already caught it and set it back down
  • youre about to fall on your face? he caught you, picked you up and is carrying you to the nearest sitting area
  • about to walk into a door? not on his watch, he just blew it up.
  • goodbye door,

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This was supposed to be done by Zen’s birthday, but sadly it wasn’t in the stars >_< Neither was me participating in LovelyZenWeek. I wonder if it would be okay for me to pile a bunch of last minute art together so I technically did contribute.

It’s an idea I’ve had for months. I haven’t seen this idea done yet in great detail, but I wonder if Zen ever saw his and MC’s future in his “psychic dreams.” And I ran with it, revealing my 3 fankids for them. Like a lot of people I think their oldest child would be a daughter who looks like Zen, but afterwards they have a son and one more daughter who look more like their mom. 

ANYWAY, I’m sadly still really busy and it’s tough balancing out real life with doing art, school, side projects, and family. So I’ll still need a little time to get back to all your asks and messages but I will make it one day :’)

.See ya~ 

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