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The Little Mermaid 💦

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This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional.

This story contains mature themes. All the stories on this blog are from the genre SMUT, but it may contain others.


Tags: NSFW / + 18 / smut / casual sex / rough sex /  slight dom

Featuring: T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun, BIGBANG).

Writer: CL


  • 💌  Requested by: anon 😎
  • Request said“ Could I request a Choi Seunghyun/TOP scenario/one shot (I don’t quite know the difference between the two, I’m sorry!) where you somehow get a job working backstage at a bigbang concert and he can’t keep his eyes off you every time he comes back to change and at the end of the night he has to have you and you’re just as enthusiastic? Also could the reader be younger than him? Sorry if this is way too detailed, I’ve never requested like this before! <3 “
  • Request number: 03 (August 12th, 2016)
  • Reader’s POV (cis woman). I tried to make as close as the request as possible. They met backstage and the sexual tension heats up and the end is, well… This is a smut blog after all 😉
  • This is my first kpop smut fanfic with BIGBANG. I hope you like it!
  • Just for curiosity, one shot is a single story. Scenario can be turned into a series. I use them both here as synonyms because I might turn them into series or write a sequel if the response is good. 
  • This is unedited. Tomorrow I’ll revise and might change a few things.
  • Word count: 3.610. 



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Quickies with GIFS: [6] T.O.P

Request by anon said:  Could I request another top quickie (I am such a hoe for him oh my god) of him coming home after being away on tour for 6 months?

Too much Choi Seunghyun is never enoughChoi Seunghyun. Please. Be my guest be my guest, put our service to the test.

Too Much is Never Enough

*BIGBANG tour. Six months on the road. Too much continents, a fuck ton of airplane miles and almost too many countries. A huge success. Choi Seunghyun gives all he has on stage. He does it for him. He does for his companions. For his family. And for you.*

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*It’s finally time to come home. He barely could sleep on the plane thinking about being with you again. Just imagining having you in his arms, it sends shivers through his spine.*

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