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HC for RFA's toddler clinging to their leg and crying when they leave for work?

Hope you like it!


  • After breakfast, Zen has to creep away carefully
  • But as soon as he grabs his bag for work, his toddler knows
  • A few footsteps later and the kid is latched onto his leg
  • But Zen knows you usually take your shower then, so he plans this accordingly
  • Zen puts on a good show for his son
  • He’ll act like he’s vanquished and can barely move
  • When he’s closer to the door and it’s time to go, Zen will “collapse” onto the floor
  • This is also the time when he can shift his toddler from his leg into a hug
  • He holds his son for a little longer before mentioning candy in the kitchen in a very excited voice
  • He clutches his heart as his son toddles away, maybe tripping a little, before he gets up and slips outside for work


  • Yoosung is constantly coming up with new ways to distract his son
  • Because he cannot refuse his son’s affections and it kills him when he has to
  • When he’s getting ready, his toddler will slowly sneak behind him and latch onto his leg
  • Yoosung will let him do so while he goes to get breakfast
  • He’ll talk to him casually while dragging around the kitchen
  • Then he’ll pull him off and set his son onto a seat and eat with him
  • At this point, the toddler is satiated with his dad present
  • That’s when Yoosung sets his plan in action
  • He’ll say he needs to get something from the other room, or turn the TV off
  • But instead he’ll grab his jacket and slip out of the house
  • Some days this works, other days he closes the door and he hears little fists banging on it and crying for him
  • His heart breaks over that, so he’ll usually come home with a little gift for his son


  • Her son knows exactly when his mother has work
  • Jaehee will make coffee, and he knows it’s about that time
  • He does everything he can to distract her
  • Shows her one picture…and another…and some craft he made
  • But Jaehee knows this, which is why she always gets ready early
  • She’ll even put her shoes on half an hour before she actually leaves
  • Because once she ties them, her son latches onto her leg and begs her not to leave
  • So, she’ll play with him, get him ready for the day, spend some quality time with him
  • He calms down a lot in that time and wanders around normally
  • That’s when she quietly slips away for work


  • You and Jumin had a tradition where you would always tie his tie in the morning
  • So he always left his tie on the couch while finishing up other things in the morning
  • His daughter caught onto this
  • So one day, she stole the tie and stuffed it into his shirt
  • She didn’t expect Jumin just to try to look for another one
  • So she latched onto his leg crying for him not to leave
  • That’s when he saw the tie in her shirt and slowly pulled it out with a raised brow
  • With a sigh, he let you put on the tie while his daughter cried on his leg
  • He stopped at the door though and sat on the floor while she was still on his leg
  • He cupped her face and wiped her tears
  • And he promised he would bring her back something sweet if she would just let go
  • Reluctantly, she did and tackled him in a hug
  • On the outside, Jumin seemed calm, but he was absolutely melting inside


  • He works from home all the time, so it shouldn’t have been a big of a deal
  • But his daughter knows that once he’s in his office room, he’ll be there for awhile, So Saeyoung has to plan accordingly
  • He’ll fake his toddler out at breakfast, going for seconds and thirds before disappearing into the hallway
  • But his daughter will follow him
  • Luckily, the bathroom is across the hall from his office, so he just playfully talks about privacy while getting her to wait elsewhere
  • But just as he opens the door to his office, his daughter latches onto his leg
  • She tries dragging him back and he’ll play along until it’s nearing work time
  • He’ll peel her off and just set her by the door, closing it behind him quickly
  • But then he hears her crying outside and he just can’t stand it
  • So he opens it and sits on the floor with her in his lap
  • He tells her all the things he promises he’ll do with her later if she’s good for the day, like going to the park or building something
  • Once he does that, she gets up immediately with a cheery smile before getting equally attached to you
  • He’s super offended, “Um, excuse me! We just had a moment! Come back here and latch onto my leg again.”
  • Eventually, this led to him sitting with her on his lap while he worked

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It definitely makes sense, just don’t know if what I wrote makes sense too LOL. Hope you like this!^^


RFA + Saeran get too much in character with their costumes


  • He’s an actor, he definitely lives for the character he’s dressing up as
  • But with the werewolf costume, well… it’s not like he’s pretending that much
  • The only thing he’s doing differently from his usual self is howling
  • The whole “be careful with your actions, princess, I’m a wolf” is still there, tho
  • So no biggie, you just tease him about being a good boy or else… he won’t get his reward later…
  • The wolf now is being a good dog~


  • He always wants to be a knight for you, with this LOLOL costume, he gets to
  • So he’s been escorting you and taking whatever chore you have for him as a quest
  • You’ll even be the princess for his warrior to save and protect
  • But “save and protect” is just helping you with the guests’ list and making sue RFA’s Halloween party is on the right track
  • Well, not to him… every quest is essential on saving his princess and increasing his likeability points with you.
  • Oh wait… this is a different kind of game


  • It’s just a black dress, she’s not dressing as a witch
  • She kept trying to convince herself the whole night on it, only until she agreed on putting the pointy hat…
  • Not that the glasses of wine she had on RFA’s Halloween party had anything to do with that, of course not! She’s not drunk!
  • She’s just laughing like that because everybody sounds much funnier
  • She even had the guts to ask Jumin to lend her his books on dark magic
  • But nothing compares on what she has planned for you tonight… she’s feeling rather… wicked…



  • Your neck is always the first spot he goes for
  • Why would that change with him dressed as a vampire?
  • But… not the sexy kind of vampire… the scary kind…
  • Like, did he seriously put make up on? He looks really pale…
  •  You even asked him if he was feeling okay… and he answered by biting your neck
  • Yep, he’s alright. And you’re in for a night.


  • You’re not sure if you should get mad or just laugh
  • He can be a very strict nun
  • There he goes measuring the length of your skirt
  • And even scolding you for trying to get mushy with him, what are you trying to do? Get this sinful thoughts out of your mind right this instant, child of the Devil!
  • And he stays in character during the whole party
  • And for some part of the night when you guys get home and he grabs the… ruler.


  • I don’t see him dressing up, tbh
  • The most he would do is wearing a hideous sweater with a pumpkin on it
  • He’s been wearing it year after year after year
  • Well, this year… he has a twist just for you… wait for it…
  • The pumpkin’s eyes and mouth glow for real! Cool, right?
  • Right… good thing you’re already working on making him take the sweater off pretty soon…


  • He’s feeling rather frisky and decided to mess with his brother
  • So he dressed as… his brother
  • And at first, it’s obvious that though they might look alike, they are completely different people
  • But soon he gets in character for real, it’s… a little scary how he gets to take his brother’s personality
  • You’re scared and… fascinated. Too fascinated?
  • No, what if you fall for his brother? Okay, time to drop the act and remind you that there are things only a Saeran could do with you…

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Hi! I love your blog, keep writing and keep up the good work! :) I'd like to ask for an hc for an mc who is a painter? :) up to you if you want to do just the rfa or with the minor trio :) thank you so much!!!

N/A: Awh, thank you so much dear! As thanks, I’ll have everyone (including the minor trio) on this post! Hope you enjoy! 


  • An actor with god-given looks and a talented painter, what a pair.
  • MC is the only one who can paint the Great Zen for free and with extra service. Wink wink.
  • Both are secretly a fan of each other.
  • His room is bombarded with his beautiful portraits. It will take hours to detach himself from his mini museum.
  • Always butting in if MC takes any other muses in public and persuades her with his pro-ass acting. Jealous muse, lol.
  • Had once attempted to paint MC, he failed miserably but MC gladly took it as her present.
  • Will give great advices for numerous attractive poses rather than the typical sitting dead stiff on a chair like Mona Lisa.


  • This gamer is hyped for a Painter!MC.
  • Reluctantly asks for fanarts of his favorite Lolol characters.
  • Mc, don’t ever ask him to be a muse. He’s too damn fidgety and nervous like a newborn chick.
  • Is often asked to be her escort on special occasions, mainly art museums. Can’t say no to MC.
  • The klutz who unintentionally makes a mess on MC’s still-not-yet-dried paintings. You better run, Yoosung.
  • Is jealous of MC’s muses especially if they’re guys but bites it down for her sake.
  • Secretly stalks MC in his free time. You’re disguised as a janitor again, Yoosung.


  • Has keen eyes for aesthetic works.
  • Commissions MC for Zen portraits.
  • Will not hand over MC’s autographs even if Mr. Han orders her to.
  • Tends to act as MC’s bodyguard *cough* protective girlfriend *cough* when escorting her in art exhibitions.
  • Tends to compliment her works while fangirling. MC is internally crying tears of joy.
  • Often watches over MC’s works in the process of being dried like a watch dog.
  • I repeat: do not touch MC’s masterpiece or have a furious Jaehee on heels obliterate you.


  • Does not allow MC to have any other muses. MC paints other people behind his back, lol.
  • Say no more and this Trustfundkid will have the recreation center changed into MC’s personal art room.
  • Will recommend MC to every broker and art industry he knows.
  • Already has readied the ret carpet for her beloved feet to step on and throw her favorite flower petals from the sidelines as she makes way towards the art gallery.
  • Secretly takes art tutoring with the intention of wanting to paint MC.
  • Has an army of bodyguards protecting her masterpieces 24/7.
  • Is planning to start an art business and have MC be the CEO.


  • Can name all of her paintings including the ones from her childhood.
  • When MC isn’t watching, he sneakily cuts out every face of her muses in most of her paintings, and replaces it with his selfie faces. He’s lowkey jealous.
  • Is the culprit who added memes on her unfinished paintings. He didn’t get away with it tho.
  • No MC, he’s a much worse example of being your muse than Yoosung. The trolling lord is hurt by author’s harsh words.
  • Will often put painting smudges on MC’s face while messing around with her art tools. Dude is an attention-seeker.
  • Will sell her autographs behind her back for a higher price with double interest, lol.
  • Has placed surveillance cameras and traps all over MC’s masterpieces.


  • OMG, a fellow artist!
  • Their favorite hobby together is taking aesthetic photos and painting.
  • Both travels the world for their careers and coincidentally (or planned it out beforehand) in the same place meaning 24/7 together. Imagine these two dating in the middle out of nowhere or in a jungle inhabited by wild animals.
  • They’re too deeply connected both in an artistic and emotional perspective that even the RFA couldn’t understand how they communicate.
  • Both exchange advices and ideas to one another.
  • MC finds inspiration in V’s messy handwriting so he writes letters often to her despite always being together.
  • Lowkey compares himself with her muses and how she deserves someone better. MC will not let her hubby’s self-esteem drop and would always show him off to everyone she knows.


  • Didn’t know art until MC introduced it to him. Awh, this cute marshmallow didn’t know at all.
  • Will learn the basics of art until he masters it and moves on the next level. Secretly wants to impress MC.
  • Unlike his brother, he’d make a good muse except his face is too stiff to make expressions until MC tells him a good joke.
  • Be careful Seven before you add memes on MC’s paintings, this dog bites.
  • Will compliment her work through actions and small gestures, he knows he’d end up insulting her without meaning to.
  • Will give his best death glare at MC’s muse of the day/week if they make a mistake or look at her in the wrong way. (A.K.A Lewd eyes.)
  • Like Seven, he’ll install surveillance cameras, but with deadlier traps that will send art thieves to their graves.


  • Is lowkey super proud of MC for following her dreams, unlike him.
  • Tries not to be flattered of MC’s portraits of him. His tomato face can’t fool anyone.
  • Starts liking the smell of paint as it reminds him of MC.
  • Seven, don’t push his buttons by ruining MC’s paintings with memes or he’ll seriously electrocute you with his taser.
  • Will cut Seven’s paycheck if he doesn’t install surveillance cameras or traps around MC’s masterpieces.
  • Won’t hesitate to be MC’s escort in her art exhibitions, obviously can’t handle the idea of MC being unprotected and any potential threats coming her way.
  • This walking box of weapons won’t think twice to not only taser but beat the hell out of every man who leers their filthy eyes on MC. Especially her muses.

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Can u do yoosung, zen and 707 raising their voice or yelling at me and their reaction to mc being surprised/upset. Pls men who yell are scary let's stop them

I’m back!!
I’m on my phone so I’m sorry if this looks a little weird but lets go!


💚 it had to be a really big argument for it to get to the point that yoosung start yelling
💚 I mean he doesn’t yell that much and when he does it’s usually sort of just raising his voice while whining about something which is mostly endearing
💚but here they were in the middle of an argument, neither of them barely remember how it started and it happens; Yoosung yells at MC
💚 MC stares at Yoosung for a few seconds, not saying a word.
💚 yoosung notices that MC is starting to tear up
💚 Yoosung immediately feels horrible and regretful
💚 “oh my god, MC I’m so sorry! Please don’t cry MC”
💚 he hugs MC “I’m sorry MC, don’t cry. What can I do to make it up to you? You can yell at me if you want to?”
💚 MC gives a little laugh through their tears “I’m not going to yell at you, Yoosung. It’s fine”
💚 lots of apology cuddles after

💋 Zen was at rehearsal and MC was at home super bored
💋 they would go somewhere but they didn’t have a car and were a bit too lazy to go on walks right now
💋 but wait, Zen has a motorcycle. He had taught MC a little bit on how to drive it
💋 Zen wouldn’t mind if MC would just take it for a little spin right
💋 Zen comes home and MC is nowhere to be found? They’re usually at home around this time, it doesn’t take him long to notice the motorcycle is missing too
💋 he of course connects the two pieces here and absolutely starts to panic
💋 but soon after he hears MC drive in
💋 MC comes inside and Zen Practically runs to them, holding on to their shoulders
💋MC immediately starts crying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry please don’t be mad at me Zen”
💋 Zen looks at them for a second “oh MC no please don’t cry. I’m sorry for raising my voice. Just please don’t do that again I don’t know what I would do if you’d get hurt”
💋 they both eventually calm down and try to have a cozy night

📱 He had been super busy working on stuff lately and was honestly starting to get a little stressed out
📱and it wasn’t helping that MC was super bored about this and honestly just wants their bfs attention
📱 they had been sort of hanging on to seven and whining a bit
📱 “come on, you’re working too much can we just chill for a bit”
📱 after dealing with a this while also stressed with work he snapped a bit and raised his voice
📱 “Can you stop for 10 minutes so I can finish”
📱 MC was surprised because they thought they were just joking around. MC felt super bad about both disturbing him and being yelled at so they went to the bedroom and closed the door
📱after about a minute 7 realized what he had done and remembered that MC is anxious about people raising their voice around her
📱 he immediately went to find MC to apologize, he opened the bedroom door and saw MC sitting on the bed crying
📱 he was shocked as well he didn’t realize how much he upset them
📱 his mind was going crazy with thoughts like “shit what I have done , I fucked up mc is too good for me to begin with I can’t lose them”
📱 MC looked over at 7 and saw he was starting to panic, shit it looked like he was about to cry
📱 “seven?”
📱 “MC I’m so so sorry I didn’t mean to ye-”
📱 “it’s fine.. I’m sorry for bothering you”
📱 “Noo you’re not bothering me, you’re way more important anyway”
📱 It went on for a while of back and forth sorry’s til they were just both in bed cuddling and fell asleep

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Hello :) May I request a headcanon about the what would the RFA members feel being with an MC who is a female police detective. Being put on the front lines against murderers, rapists, psychopaths (and dangerous cult leaders, *cough* Rika *cough*). Thanks 😊

I’m doing this for Vanderwood too and no one can stop me! OKAY?! I love Vanderwood not more than 707 though >.

Fun fact: I used to want to be a detective for around a year, this ambition stopped in August. Now, I don’t know what the heck to do with my life. Fun!

On another note; I’ll count V as part of the RFA starting from November and I’ll consider the ‘minor trio’ as Ray, Saeran and Vanderwood.

Vanderwood under the cut ^^

Yoosung Kim:

-At first he’s thrilled. You’re a detective?! That’s awesome.

-But when he finds out what you have to work with, his opinion quickly changes.

Yandere Yoosung

-He still lets you do your job but there’s this nagging feeling that you might not come back to him. That you’ll leave him like Rika did. 

-He’s really conflicted about this. He doesn’t want to hold you back at the same time…

-He lets you do your job but he will try to convince you to quit.

Zen / Hyun Ryu:

-He probably had to play the role of a detective once, so he finds it super cool.

-If he ever has to play another detective role, he’ll ask you for some tips in order to make his acting look more realistic.

-He knows it’s dangerous and he doesn’t want you working with a bunch of psychopaths or rapists, but he understands that you need to do the job. After all, if you didn’t do it who would?

-He’s clearly lying if he says he isn’t concerned. He is and he isn’t afraid to show it. 

-But if you have a serious case going on, then he won’t express it. You need to go there with a clear head. So he’ll always encourage you.

Jaehee Kang:

-She’s in between about this. She knows that there needs to be people out there to investigate this kind of stuff but she doesn’t want it to be you. 

-She knows that you can handle yourself, of course you can, otherwise you wouldn’t be so high in the ranks.

-But she also knows how dangerous it is, some nights she’ll cling to you, hoping you won’t leave her.

-She’s supportive, she won’t let her fear show but you can sense it.

-You tell her it’ll be alright, that you’ll come back every single day.

-If there’s ever a crime at the cafe, she’ll immediately go to you.

-Once you find the culprit she knows that you’re truly a great detective.

-She begins to worry less.

Jumin Han:

-Why’re you working in the first place? He has money…

-Is fascinated by why you wanted to become a detective.

-What was your drive to fight crime, even?

-He respects you for risking your life to help other people. He won’t hold you back because he wants to see you happy.

-You taught him what happiness was, he can’t keep it away from you. It’s just not right.

-He convinces himself that you’ll be alright and for some reason, that helps.

-It helps him think that you’ll be there for another day, that he’ll come home from work to see you. 

-Until the one day he doesn’t (maybe I should write this up)

707 / Luciel / Saeyoung:

-You’re a detective?!

-He’s in awe for a while. He even makes Sherlock Holmes jokes on the chatroom but no one apart from you really understands them.

-The only reason you were there in the first place was because you were leading an investigation on Mint Eye, a cult that had committed many crimes and felonies in the past however no one was able to capture them.

-People had laughed at you, saying that you couldn’t do it but you knew you could.

-When he finds out, he’s a little angry in a way. He knew you were a detective, but he never knew you knew anything about Mint Eye. Maybe if you mentioned it before it would’ve helped him.

-But… In hindsight it wouldn’t have really helped all that much.

-He gets over it and even supports you. Ironically, he’s the most supportive. He doesn’t fake a smile for you and always tells you what he thinks.-One day he honestly tells you that he doesn’t mind you being a detective but he hates the fact that you have to look into crimes with rapists, psychopaths and the likes of serial killers. It scares him and he’d prefer it if you took it down a notch. Those people were probably targeting you too and with Saeyoung by your side, the risk is just too high at this point. 

-You probably agree, not wanting to risk any of your lives and potentially put your future in danger.


-Hell no. He’s not on board. Not even a bit.

-You argue about this a lot but he’s worried out of his mind for you. He doesn’t want to lose you. He can’t lose you.

-He’s a secret agent, dammit, he knows what happens to people in the police force who get caught. They don’t come back.

-You work with psychopaths, rapists, murders! All the more reason to not convince him to let you carry on.

-You suddenly get told to investigate this rapist case after you and Vanderwood got into a heated fight, in your rage you never told him about it and went off to work the next day.

-A day or two later, you find leads on the man, and you go after him, unaware that he has a knife on him.

-He pulls it out on you and stabs you in the leg, making your chance of escape very narrow, you scream in pain as the man corners you. You know what’s going to happen and you’re pleading for help. You knew you shouldn’t have come alone but you planned to ambush the man, how were you meant to know he would’ve been carrying a knife?! 

-The man brushes his hand against your skin and you shudder, you’re yelling for help. You see someone there, coincidentally. They were coming into the back alley, you couldn’t see their face over the man’s taller figure but you could hear their footsteps. The man seemingly heard it too, because he left you and turned around. You could see their face and… No…

-You gasp.


-What was he doing here?! 

-Vanderwood also sees you and he’s shaking with rage at this point, he doesn’t hesitate to get his taser out and tase this guy’s ass whilst throwing punches at him.

-Finally, once the man’s down, he runs to you, he crouches down and places his hand on your cheek. He kisses your forehead and you can see tears escaping his years. He’s cursing at you, seeping with rage but you don’t care at this point.

-You lean over to grab your phone to contact your co-workers and you yelp in pain as the knife went straight into your hamstrings. 

-Vanderwood notices this as well and calls an ambulance. In the short period of time it takes for them to come, you call your co-workers and they deal with the rapist.

-After your recovery, you realise why Vanderwood was so concerned. It wasn’t a safe job at all and now you had something to live for. He was your reason to live.

-So you quit all together. You get a job at Jaehee’s cafe and she’s more than glad to have you there. 

-As for Vanderwood, he couldn’t be more glad that you’re safe and sound. He’s glad that he can hold you in his arms for another day without worrying if you’ll still be there for the next.

V’s Route Chatroom times + general Info (Spoiler Free)

I’ll keep this post updated!! ALONG SIDE OF ME PLAYING!! (Should be finished for now. Unless someone can confirm the amount of guests you need for the good ending.)

Hey Hey, so Cheritz has thrown V’s Route out for us android users yesterday. iOS users have to wait a couple more days, unfortunately. But I guess iOS users have the advantage over Chatroom times for now. 

If you have general questions, my ask box is always open and I’ll try to answer as much as possible. If you guys have any spoiler related questions, I’ll be tagging it as “v route spoiler” so you can maybe block that tag, or I’ll see how I can make a cut, so you do not see anything you don’t want to. 

I also wanted to use this post to thank you guys for following and supporting me with this. I’m really glad I can help you guys out. ♥

General Info: 

Another Story is really expensive. 

  • Unlocking Another Story: 300 Hourglasses
  • Phone calls to V and Saeran: 10 Hourglasses
  • Missed Chats: 15 Hourglasses
  • Unlocking the next day: Ranges from 150 - 300 Hourglasses. (I’m extremely salty about this one.)
  • The Common Route contains A LOT of story. There’s a lot of Visual novels. 
  • It seems unlike in the other routes, you need 17 Guests in order to get the good ending, instead of 9 / 10 (I’m not 100% sure how many. I’m still kind of looking for confirmation on this one, 17 looks like an awfully odd number.)

Email Answers Guide by @ haengbokaeyo

V’s Route Tips Day 1 - 11 (10)

Calling times by @khaleecia

First Day: 

23:25 +VN

Second Day:

1:19 + VN
7:50 + VN
12:00 +VN
13:57 +VN
15:24 +VN
18:26 +VN

Third Day: 

00:31 +VN
12:22 +VN
18:24 +VN
20:11 +VN
23:07 +VN

Fourth Day:

2:34 +VN
8:15 +VN
12:00 +VN
14:41 +VN
17:36 +VN
21:53 +VN

GAME BRANCH - Congrats if you made it through!
(I’m genuinely glad I made it ahaha)

Fifth Day: 

00:03 +VN
02:00 +VN
7:30 +VN
10:52 +VN
15:11 +VN
17:59 +VN
19:36 +VN
21:00 +VN

Sixth Day: 

02:43 +VN
12:33 +VN
14:42 +VN
16:19 +VN
18:23 +VN
20:00 +VN
22:02 +VN
23:11 +VN

Seventh Day: 

2:32 +VN
6:55 +VN
8:46 +VN
11:51 +VN
13:16 +VN
15:38 +VN
19:24 +VN
21:39 +VN
23:11 + GAME BRANCH VN! 

Eighth Day:

00:44 +VN
01:59 +VN
09:27 +VN
11:00 +VN
17:52 +VN
22:00 +VN
23:16 +VN
23:24 +VN****

Ninth Day:

00:56 +VN
02:43 +VN
06:21 +VN
09:04 +VN
12:07 +VN
14:11 +VN
16:39 +VN
18:35 +VN
21:49 +GAME BRANCH VN (??)******
23:24 ******

Tenth Day:

00:46 +VN
02:32 +VN
06:21 +VN
08:38 +VN
14:05 +VN
16:12 +VN
21:53 +VN

Final day:

12:00 PARTY!

(??)***** I am not sure if that is correct. I was looking up my history for V’s route. Somehow, I’ve gotten the same chat twice in there, for whatever reason. 


my blog turns one year old today, so i made some icon remakes of my first post, including v for the new route to celebrate 🎉 (and ray and mc i wanted to make one for them too)

feel free to use these if you want, credit would be appreciated