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Your top10 HaeHyuk moments? (yes i did)

So hard to pick!!!!
I’ve been asked this before back in 2012 so here’s my 2012 list XD but right now it is:

1. STILL my #1 fav moments because it just speaks love and romance to me :’> all happy and cuddly together, please stay like this forever. Even though I can’t see hae’s face from the front I already know what kind of smile he’s got on his face and it just melts my heart seeing them like this. Hae’s ear fetish seriously…dude needs to do something about it ke ke ke and hyukkie’s adorable smile just, the arm around his neck EVERYTHING just makes me explode with feels no matter how man times I look at it.

2. Do I need to explain!? This is just Dongay’s subtil (pft! not so much) way of showing how adorable he thinks hyukkie is. The confused look in hyukkie’s eyes and the smile on hae’s face just agh my feels!!!

3. Hyukkie runs to Hae after being all shy and embarrassed by Shindong on stage and Hae hugs him. THAT HUG….’NUFF SAID!

4. Hae feeding Hyukkie (tho I love the moment where he laughs cuz hyukkie doesn’t feed him back more) The way hae looks at hyukkie when feeding him. 

^ ekkkkkkkkk!!!!! fjkhfjlkhfkg i love this moment!!!!! hae so cute XD

5. Hae carrying Hyukkie, I love any moments of hyukkie being in hae’s arms to be honest. :3

6. Hyukkiw running and jumping into Hae’s arms!!! get a room srsly

7. Holding hands and Hae dragging Hyukkie way from crowd XD If they don’t look like a couple to you here then I dunno what’s wrong with chuuuuuu because even with all those other male and female idols around them then they were with each other most of the time. 

8. BACKHUGS!!!! *heavy breathing* I love all haehyuk backhugs with hyukkie in hae’s arms :’>   /gross cryinggggg/

9. Hae trying to cheer hyukkie up cuz hyukkie couldn’t do his solo part during the performance :[ and he was sad and disappointed in himself the entire time so hae went and held his hand and tried to make hyukkie enjoy the music, and made him smile :3 the most precious thing ever

the way he looks at him and holds his hand is just djkfghjsfdklgh!!

10. Hae proposing to Hyukkie…for like the 3rd time ke ke ke

and walking arm in arm at the airport :’> hae holding hyukkie’s wrist

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