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Thank you for telling me I have an amazing blog 😊 yours is too!! What super junior blogs do you recommend? I need more suju on my dashboard (and life haha) and if you ever need anything, I'm here as well 💜

You’re welcome ^^ Thank you ❤️ I want to say sorry for do not answering you soon… It’s just that I’ve been busy with my studies and when I use tumblr it’s on my celphone TT And I wanted to answer you properly and give you a cool list of Suju blogs to follow kkk Sorry! So my favorite blogs are: @duckflyfly @shirade @mysilentmemory @hyukwoon @yehae @haekey @kyuaddicted @eunhaesbadtoughcookie @ryeong0621 @sneezes @allrise-haru @plincess-cho @eunhaero @eunhaelthy @eunhae-holic @shupahmin @15-stars @camaraderiegems @kimheenim4president @sujuandgirls @mina-hyun @myeolchihae @superjuniorsdevil @super-juni-oeo @sapphire-shadow @aspiring-ryeo @atkyuhyun @teukiesangel @suju-biased-prick @grill15taco @birdzzmama @noirkat @flowercrownedninja @danime25 @mysiwonworld @petal-boo @heesexual @tama-tae @kpop-is-naughty @eunhyuker @hellyesung @beserkerjewel @kyuteminwook @super-ju17ior @dalnimie @isayni @ayepapi @giraffyness @suju-lvr @sungmln @shyukerjunior @sonelf-159 @allrisememe @kyuyouretasty @jindoelf @heecorner @donghaesfantasy @haeheenim @bummydenny @leedonghae @cutie-hyukkie-pie (they are in no particular order ^^). Some of them aren’t exactly Super Junior blogs, but all reblog/post quality Suju stuff ❤️  I probably forgot some blogs, but I think that the list is already too long kkk And thank you for being so sweet! Have a wonderful day :D



To. Starlight~ ♥
It’s already the third with our Starlights! Byul 3~
Even though we can’t always be with you
you said that while looking at the sky you thought VIXX is also looking at the same sky and your heart warmed as if you were with us? (I saw it in a letter…) VIXX and Hyukkie too!! While looking at the sky I’ll think to myself that I am with our Starlights and gain strength!!!
As if it was telepathy between Starlights and VIXX~
From. Hyuk

Photo Credit: twinkleofstars
Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx


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Rules: Post pictures of your top 8 biases and then tag some people you’d like to torture lmao

Lo and behold, my biases from my fave groups Super Junior and Seventeen. I love them in all their glory. Just look at them. Dont lie they’re attractive af. 

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Hi! I just had an one hour discussion with an unreasonable person about why it's HaeHyuk and not HyukHae -_- Could you energise me again with a few obvious HaeHyuk moments??? ♡

Hey, waow yeah definitely! Everyone has their own pref so there’s no point in arguing over it because you can’t force someone to start liking or stop liking something they do. Cheer up! You still have me and I’ll ship haehyuk forever. ^^

This gif is enough said:

but I’ll give you more :P

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Favorite Tag

I was tagged by @teukiesangel thanks sweetie~

  1. Color: purple
  2. Food: cheesecake
  3. Smell: vanilla
  4. Movie: tmtm
  5. Genre of Music: kpop, r&b, trap
  6. Texture: uh….idk -_-
  7. Time of Day: night lol
  8. Celebrity: dylan o’ brien
  9. Drink: tea
  10. Precious Stone: sapphire (my birthstone)
  11. Animal(s): dogs
  12. Flower: rose
  13. Font: idk
  14. Sound: silence
  15. Fruit: banana
  16. Vegetable: cauliflower
  17. Shop: none
  18. Fashion Style: none in particular
  19. Workout: i dont even workout lol
  20. Boy Names: caleb, theo
  21. Girl Names: phoebe, zoe
  22. Potato Chip Flavor: cheese
  23. Meal of the Day: all of it
  24. Ice Cream Flavor: cookie dough
  25. Fro Yo: none
  26. Sorbet: mango
  27. Season: spring/fall/summer/winter
  28. Month: december
  29. Word: ???
  30. Disney Princess: mulan
  31. Insult: idk
  32. Eye Color: blue and green
  33. Candy: skittles
  34. Restaurant: none
  35. Language(s): Japanese and Korean 
  36. Thing about myself: none

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