“put up O if you agree with the statement, X if you disagree” ft the maknae line from vixx, boyfriend and kara


Blonde child.


Hyuk: I think the word ‘Love’ cannot describe all the feelings between us. It’s a kind of love that you cannot feel with a human. A being that loves me without expecting anything in return, and regardless of how I act. I think I miss Choco more when I am lonely. When you are facing a human, there are times you think ‘This person has changed’, and feel upset and sad, but puppies aren’t like this. It feels like they’re always relying on me.. When I look in her eyes, I get this feeling that she understands me. You know those scenes in movies or dramas. (Where the actor) breaks up with (his) girlfriend, and goes “The unni who really showered love on you; she’s not coming back anymore. So you should forget about her too.” and talks with their animal companion.. It’s also the same for me. But I think Choco really understands what I’m saying. I guess I could say that her expressions change slightly..To be honest, it’s not that I love Choco because she’s a dog or animal, but just that the Choco that I love, just happened to be a puppy. In far future, when a lot of time has passed, and Choco has left my side, I might start something while remembering Choco. But right now, I want to pour all my love only on Choco.. #getwellsoonchoco