[ENG/FULL] Leeteuk reading a letter from Hyukjae for Sukira’s 10th anniversary ~

Salute ! It’s Lee Hyukjae who will promoted to a Corporal soon. Are you doing well?? It’s been such a long time since I have written a letter so I know everyone is cursing me on the inside. But I have a reason. I’m actually doing a push and pull ( * korean for something like playing hard to get ) with everyone. I’m trying to give a little bit of dating feel to everyone who is, of course, unable to date right now so I tried doing push and pull. Sorry for the nonsense. 

I heard that my letter this time will be conveyed to everyone specially through a special person on a speacial date. I know that Teuk Teuk Teuk Teuk Teukie-hyung is reading this to everyone now and 10 years ago today was the day Lee Hyukjae, who is about to be promoted to Corporal, and Reservist Sergeant Park Jungsoo met everyone’s lips on 89.1 KBS Cool FM. I can still picture that day vividly with my eyes. My nervousness and pounding heart that day.. everyone’s fresh congratulatory messages when you were 10 years younger has been left as a good memory to us. 

Even though I’m unable to communicate with everyone on this deeply meaningful day as I am in the midst of serving the army right now but I’m glad that I’m at least able to greet you guys like this. The people who loved and protect Sukira for the past 10 years: our kiss family, the many PD-nims, staff, my replacement DJ Aesonggie, Eongdeonggie, Ryeonggu and all my forever partner Teukie Teukie Leeteuk-hyung. Thank you all very very much.

I know that time passes fast on a day like this so I shall not write too long. Everyone, please take care of your health in this hot weather. Actually, as compared to my hot love that will be coming towards you all, this hot weather seems to be nothing, isn’t it? Please hang in there. Anyway, try going around! You won’t get a boyfriend please stay at home. And people who has not kept to their promise with me and has not shaved their heads. it is now the timing to do so. If you shave now, it will feel even more refreshing. Please don’t hesitate!

I shall cut down my letter to this short and i will greet you as Corporal Lee Hyukjae next time. Don’t fall sick till then and think of me a lot and play with lot of fun with our members. Sincerely, congratulations once again to Sukira on the 10th anniversary.

P.S If Aesonggie-hyung is boring, please send him home. The request song will be “Growing Pains” by this era’s best male duo - D&E. 


Q. the dorm life 160819 스타가What다! trans

MC: you all live a dorm life together right?
Members: yes
MC: any possible happenings that have occurred because of the heat?
Hyuk: rather than the heat, maybe because it’s the summer, but i’m dying because of the mosquitos 
HB: hyukkie especially gets bitten by mosquitos well
Hyuk: like yeah, Ravi-hyung’s next to me but..
HB: and ravi doesn’t get bitten often
Hyuk: is it because i’m blood type O?

MC: any hardships because of dorm life?
Ken: dorm life.. hardships… being confused? like clothes–
Members: ahhh
Ken: –or like underwear. sometimes, slightly, there are times we get confused
MC: ah you do your laundry all at once?
Ken: yes
MC: ah then it would be confusing, like underwear being mixed up
HB: if its clothes we wear often then its okay, but if its a new clothing, or new underwear, then you go ‘was this mine?’ but then another member wears it and you go, ‘ahh it was his’ and just get over it (lol)
MC: then today everyone is wearing their own–
Members: ofc/yeah💦

trans. @yuu-jin

for the anon who asked for: Hyuken smut with girl!hyuk if that’s your thing lol (shamelessly asking for porn i know hehee)

carries on from here

“You’re up before Hyukkie. Will wonders never cease?” Hakyeon snipes gently as Wonsik stumbles into a seat at the table and stares groggily at the cup of coffee Hongbin pushes in front of him. Wonsik grunts.

“Sanghyuk,” Taekwoon calls out in the direction of the rooms, already done with his breakfast and getting ready to change his clothes. “If you don’t get up now you won’t have time to eat!”

Sanghyuk’s door slams open with a huge bang, so loud that Hongbin nearly spills milk all over himself in shock. Sanghyuk appears like an avenging angel in sleep-mussed long hair sweetly framing his face and a now-too-large sleeping shirt that’s threatening to slip off one shapely shoulder, and when Hongbin looks up and sees him then he really does spill milk all over himself.

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Ahhhh~~~ thank youuuuu dear Hannah @raindyops for tagging me ❤️ hehehe Since I have two (many) biases I shall just shamelessly leave these here >< And my dear babies, I will never let y’all live. If I gotta do this, you have to as well MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (yes yes laugh at me I know y'all will *MWAH* heheheh) 
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K-Pop Group Tag!!!

Big thanks to the beautiful @owlcitybvbarmy for tagging me in this awesome tag!!! <333 You’re absolutely wonderful and I love you!!!!

Pick 5 of your favorite K-pop groups (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them.

  1. 1. VIXX
  2. BTS
  3. Got7
  4. Seventeen
  5. Monsta X

Who is your favorite person from #2:
- Park Jimin. Few *wipes away sweat* I got an easy one!
Who is your least favorite person from #1:
- Uhhhhhhhh~  How do I pick a least favorite baby from my favorite group? Uhhhh~ I’ll just say Hyukkie needs to chill. That 6 foot 5-year-old has 0 chill xD (I honestly wouldn’t change him for the world though sooo~)
What is your favorite song from #4:
- Either ‘Say Yes’ or ‘Pretty U’ ^^
What is your favorite Era from #5:
- This new era is bomb <3 So it’s the Stuck/All In era. I’m gonna group them together since it’s from the same album but everyone looks on point and gorgeous and they’re so talented and I can’t!!
What is your favorite OTP from #3:
- Markson… or 2Jae… JJ project?… Everyone??? They’re all perfect together and practically married sooooo~
What is your least favorite OTP from #2:
- Ummm, I don’t know if this is a thing but Namjoon/Kookie? Maybe just because it seems like it’s a dad dating his kid? O.O They could all date each other and I’d be down with it though hahaha
How long have you been a fan of #1:
- Since 2013 ^^ About 2 and a half years!
Bias in #5:
- *says in his ‘Stuck’ rap voice* Jooheon!!! *voice cracks for emphasis* 
Favorite music video in group #4:
- Probably ‘Very Nice’ because it’s a cute little story and everyone looks 10000% on point. Love the clothes and the sets! I was going to say ‘Adore U’ because it’s an absolute classic but they all look like ridiculous (except Woozi who looked on point) and though I enjoy it immensely, all of my biases look like infants xD (probably because they were, whoops?)
How did you find out about #3:
- I watched their debut MV and was like “… what the heck is this?…” so I didn’t get into them until ‘A’ came out and I cried and somehow fell in love with them. Honestly, I don’t know what happened?? I blame their dance practice videos! It’s funny because I watched Girls x3 today and it’s still awful but in the best freakin’ way possible. I love it!!!
Favorite thing about group #4:
- There’s two things. 1. I love how self inclined they are. Hoshi does all their choreography, Woozi composes all the songs, Joshua helps with that. All the rappers write lyrics. Everyone is incredibly talented and I’m 10000% sure they could create their own album by themselves and it would change music forever. 2. They are all extremely loving and supportive of each other and other groups (aka. Monsta x). 
Most played song on your cellphone/Ipod from group #2:
- So, I don’t have any way to calculate this since I don’t listen to Itunes anymore and my phone doesn’t track it. However, the most listened to song on  Itunes when I used it is ‘Just One Day.’ I think if I still used Itunes it would be ‘Save Me’ since I listened to that song non-stop for a month I swear.
Rank favorite to least favorite from #1, #2, #5:
1. VIXX - Ravi, Leo, Ken, Hakyeon, Hongbin and Hyuk. 
2. BTS - Jimin, Yoongi, J-hope, Jin, Tae, Jungkook and Namjoon.
5. Monsta X - Jooheon, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Wonho, Hyungwon, Shownu and I.M.
Which have you seen more variety shows from #1, #3:
- Uhm. I don’t know what you count but it’s probably extremely even. I’ve seen Mydol, VIXX TV, VIXX Diaries, VIXX One Fine Day, VIXX on Weekly Idol, VIXX on Song 4 You (2x), random members on Hello Counselor and some other things. With Got7 I’ve seen Got7ing, Real Got7, Got7 on Weekly Idol, Jackson in a crap ton of things (I’ve lost count), Got7 on After School Club, Jackson on Roommate, the list goes on. Probably VIXX though now that I’m counting.
If you could be anyone from #4 who would you be:
- I’d be Woozi. I really envy his composing ability. It’s not something you can learn. You can take classes or become a composition major (obviously) but that just means you’re going to learn the science behind it. That doesn’t mean you’ll learn the feeling behind it and he has this amazing ability that I couldn’t even dream of. Also he’s the cutest little nugget and still a lot taller than I am xD
Who would you hang out the most with in #5:
- Honestly I’d probably hang out with Kihyun all the freaking time. He can teach me how to cook and we can sing songs together and he can introduce me to Yoongi. I don’t know. He seems like a great person ^^
What would you change about #3:
- This isn’t really changing anything but I really feel like they need a break. Sometimes I worry their schedule and their growing popularity gets to them in a negative way. I wish they could just take a break from the media and everything and just go home for a month to relax, recharge and think about everything that’s happened the past few years ^^
Random quote or saying from someone in group #2:
- I’m just gonna write some of their emotional and thoughtful lyrics. ‘Your face is fresh like a salad.’ ‘I’m not even drunk but I pretend to be drunk and act cute.’ ‘Please call me I’ll buy you food.’ ‘After fighting my hormones all day I’ll pop my pimple.’ ‘Stop playing hard to get before I kick you in the butt.’ But honestly, listen to Yoongi’s new Mixtape and read the lyrics. He talks about some amazing things and I’m very proud of him. Honestly anything he says is gold whether he’s being funny or serious.
Would a collaboration between #2 and #5 work:
- 10000% yes. The rappers would write amazing raps together, the singers could create some sick harmony and great bodies and faces everywhere. Their sounds are similar enough that they could really work. Also I really want to see a Shownu/Hoseok dance break and a Jimin/Wonho ab off xD Shownu and Jin can compare shoulders while I.M and Yoongi talk about music. I’m ready. Hit me guys.
Who would you want to meet the most in #3:
- Choi Youngjae 1000000%. I feel like his laugh would cure my depression and his voice would cleanse my liver. Like I’d be a new person after hanging with him for a day. I just want to spend like 8 hours telling him how amazing he is, eating food and singing karaoke while doing whatever he wants to do.

Tagging everyone (lol jk but not really. I’m gonna tag mutuals, new friends and followers so if I’ve never tagged you before just know I don’t want you to feel pressured to do this and never be afraid to send me a message!) @yohosh @jacksunshinewang @sujus-girl @stormof497swords @owlcitybvbarmy @nam-cute-joon @kpopnextdoor @xiao-dan @alltheoppasbae @chyeah-the-jams @colorfuloblivion @suga-n-cream @eternally-beloved @chasing–starlight @coupscoffee @leechan-nel @haleyhofmann @england-makes-me-even-worse @seoul-hoe @wesehun94 @the8isgr8 @lollipop-tae @prince-vernon @whereiskun @arisuleee @xiuminkai1 @ji-yongri @vrnnhnsl @starlightdream-1310 @nctaebreze @eggbaek @aegyoedbyjooheon @agustd-licious @jiminsjournal @wearejiminproof @taekookiesandjam @jungkook186 @xxvenixvidixvicixx @marriedtohwasa @rosesshiny @mylordae and anyone else who wants to do this ^^ <333

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hyuken: Sanghyuk keeps saying that he thinks Jaehwan's jokes are dumb, but more often than not, Jaehwan catches him giggling at his supposedly dumb jokes




What, hyung?”

“Knock knock.”

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