• [In the wedding day]
  • Person A: *gon put the wedding ring on person B's finger*
  • Person B: wait *pulls person C*
  • Person B: finally... in this very glorious moment.... after all hardships and ordeals..... I CAN FUCKING MARRY YOU MOTHERFUCKERS I'VE BEEN SHIPPIN YOU GUYS FOR 99999999999999999 AGES NOW DONT MAKE ME WAIT

(italic = purposely typos / written in English)

From now on I’ll write the “thanks to” as a letter to people whom I love and am thankful for. I’m originally not the type to write letters so it’ll be even more touching! This is an album for ARMYs! First of all, those who let me get to meet ARMYs, Bang PD-nim, Vice President Yoojung, Director Seokjoon, Director Shinkyu, Director Lee Hyung, Director Chaeeun, heh, happy ew year and may you be happy and healthy everyday this year. Thank you and I love you.

Dad, mom, my siblings, I love you. Jongkyu, enlist and comeback~

Our beloved manager hyungs, it won’t be enough even if I mention them twice, our Director Shinkyu, Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Sunhakie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, you know we’re always by your side right? Our hyongs who take care of us with love and love, heart bbyongbbyong. You worked really hard in 2016, have a happy new year~~

And I just want to say I really love our family, Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, teacher Sungdeuk, thank you and thank you so much for staying by this troublemaker’s side and raising me with your love. Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, heh, I love you a lot.

Teacher Sungdeuk, your appearance or your atmosphere, aura has become sweeter even since you got married. Looking at you smiling so sweetly like this, your newlywed life must be really nice. Thank you for taking our teacher Sungdeok away. (Bow) Our hyungs and noonas from the Financial Accounting team, Hyukki-hyung, thank you for always working so hard from behind. Hyukki-hyung, how’s your newlywed life? Are you happy!! I have ARMYs so I’m happy, euhahaha. Happy new year.

Visual makes visual. But who’s the visual?

Our visual hyungs and noonas, Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel bro thank u so much sehebokmanee badeusehyo

beautiful make up good hair perfect style

Darung darung Head of Department Dareum, Head of Department Jihye, Head of Department Naejoo, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim, Jinyoungie-hyung, Hajung-noona, Hyesoo-noona, Seoyeon-noona, Jieun-nim, ah really, I love you so much. Happy new year and may you only have happy days!

Noonas from Rookie Development team and Business Management team, I don’t see you a lot these days but anyway, our Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, team leader Heesun, I always miss you~~ Happy new year

Our Fan Marketing noonas who let us stay a little closer, a little a little a little jomthe closer to our ARMYs, Seul-noona, team leader Jaedong, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim from Management Support team. A&R Changwonie-hyung, Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoungie-hyung, thank you so much and have a happy new year!!

Our noonas, Bunhong-noona, Hyunji-noona, thank you for always filming Bangtan Bombs and Bangtan’s photos beautifully and coolly on the site. Hayan-noona, thank you for always staying by our side even when you’re probably more tired than anyone else.

Joowon-nim, Jooyeon-nim, Seolhee-noona from the Communication team, you have worked really hard!

And this time we have to give a big hand again to our Director Lumpens and Director Nam Hyunwoo, along with staff noonas and hyungs!!! Uoahahah we can eat tasty food. I’ll tell Director Lumpens to treat us a lot!!!

My hyungs, noonas, dongsaengs and friends who believe in me, always support me, listen to me talking when we meet and talk to me too, thank you. I’ll be a more prideworthy, a better dongsaeng, hyung and friend. I love you.

And I’ll cheer for all citizens to have only good days in 2017, may each and every one of them will be healthy and only have meaningful days ahead.

And lastly, our Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook, ARMY…

I trust and rely on them the most in this world, and I’m living like that, but really, thanks to them my self-esteem has grew bigger. I’ll work harder and become a more dillegent, a cooler BTS’ V, Kim Daesung’s son, grandmother and grandfather’s grandson Kim Taehyung. My family who are always by my side, who have no way but to support me from afar and I don’t know how tired it must be for you. Take care of my beloved grandfather. I still can’t let go of grandmother yet but I’m trying hard too, I’ll hold it back and work hard to become grandma’s grandson, a beautiful grandson, so please look after me. Receive a lot of luck and thank you for having raised me up. I love you.

I have given a New Year message separately but now that I got a chance to say it again through the “thanks to”, I want to write it down even if just shortly. Thank you so much to everyone and I love you! Fighting to the start of 2017!

Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook


How to explain how much i love you, how to describe this feeling inside me? I am so lucky to meet you even if you are in the other side of the world, even if you are so far away from me.. Always be happy, always.. i wanna see your beautiful smile till the end of time, my beautiful baby, my beautiful Hyukjae.. happy birthday my love 💗 #HappyEunhyukDay

[TRANS] LOVE YOURSELF 承: Her - J-hope Thanks To

My dear father, mother, sister, Mickey

My second family
Bang Shihyuk PD-nim, Vice President Choi Yoojung, Director Yoon Seokjoon, Director Kim Shinkyu, Director Chaeeun, Pdogg PD-nim, Slow Rabbit-hyung, Supreme Boi, Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Yootaek-nim, Joongminie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Sunhakie-hyung who has left but I’m still grateful to, Banseokie-hyung, Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung, Gaeun-noona, teacher Sungdeuk, Gaheonie, Youngji-hyung, Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona, Jieun-nim, Nayeob-noona, Yoori-noona, Onnuri-noona, Joy-noona, Hyukki-hyung, Eunjung-noona, Eunsangie-hyung, Jooyoungie-hyung, Hyunjung-noona, Changwonie-hyung, Wooyoungie-hyung, Jinse-hyung, Jaedongie-hyung, Joonsoo-nim, Sungwookie-hyung, Heesun-hyungnim, Kyungjin-noona, Sungho-hyung, Hayan-noona, Jina-noona, Inhye-noona, Director Lee Hyuk, Representative Younghak, Hyojin-noona, Daito-sensei, Yoonyoung-noona, Joowon-noona, Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona and others whom I couldn’t write their names, thank you! I love you, my family.

And my people who worked hard for this album
Chief Dareum, Hyuna-noona, Seolji-nim, Chief Naejoo, Jihye-noona, Jinyoungie-hyung, Sohee-noona, Songhee-noona, Sekyungie-hyung, Chief Hajung, Hyesoo-noona, Seoyeon-noona, Yeonhee-nim, Lumpens’ Yongseokie-hyung and GDW’s Hyungwoo-hyung who put out the music videos of my life, Chief Kim Heejoon who took wonderful jacket photos for us, Chief Hyungsik who took wonderful poster photos, Jinwoo-hyung and Jungjoo-hyung from 85 GYM, thank you The Chainsmokers for great song, thank you Lyle Beniga for great choreography, Jinwoo-hyung the endorphin, teacher Joo Hyundeok, thank you. Junsu-hyung who created Bon Voyage, Run! BTS and BTS Gayo, thank you too!

My companions
PUMA !!!!!! Smart !!!!! SKT!!!! VT !!!

And lastly, Namjoon, Jin-hyung, Yoongi-hyung, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, thank you.
The motivation of my life, ARMY, I love you.

love myself
love yourself


Dad, mom, hyung, Jjanggu, let’s all go eat together. Jjanggu too, let’s go.

And our Bang Shihyuk PD-nim who has received many awards as well, Vice President Choi Yoojung who watched “Law Of The Jungle” live, my soul friend Director Yoon Seokjoon, my old men’s gestures’ motto Director Kim Shinkyu, Director Chaeeun who writes every letter filled with soul. Director Lee Hyuk of Japan. Thank you so much for always looking after us.

And our Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Kwangtaek-nim, Sunhakie who can’t even sleep and have to suffer more than us on the site. ㅠㅠ Let’s go eat meat for that.

Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Hyunji-nim, Bunhong-nim, Nayeob-nim who produce our contents, it must be tired making contents right? Let’s go eat pizza!!

And Hayan-nim, Hyeyoung-nim, Jinah-nim who are in charge of concerts, you always stay up all night to plan… Let’s go eat eel, it’s good for your bodies.

And Heesun-nim, Kyungjin-nim, global Sungho-nim, Hyojin-nim from the Distribution team, even though you aren’t with us on the site much, I know you all worked really hard. Let’s have a company dinner!

And Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-nim, Gabriel-hyungnim, when it comes to jacket shooting or music video set, it gotta be sweet and sour chicken right? Next time when you order a food truck please order one that has sweet and sour chicken.

And Jooyoungie-hyung who worked really hard all alone ㅠㅠ Fighting

Teacher Sungdeuk and Gaheonie. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for putting the tenuous dancing soul into my dance moves like putting soul into the wooden doll.

Changwonie-hyung and Wooyoung-nim. When the air at the recording studio is not fresh, eat samkyeopsal. Go go.

Joowon-nim, Jooyeon-nim, Seolhee-noona, thank you for informing us about the news that we hadn’t found out yet. You’re like Bighit’s invisible hands.

Seuli-noona, Yoori-nim, Joy-nim, Onnuri-nim, thank you for taking good care of our ARMYs. Please help us be in even better position, better places only. Let’s have a company dinner for that!

And Hyukki-hyung, Eunsang-nim, Eunjung-nim, Junho-nim, my father places great faith on you. Kya awesome people!!

And Jaedong-nim, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim, Hyunmin-nim. You’re cool even from your names. Please take care of us in the future too.

And our Head of Department Naejoo and staff. Naejoo-hyungnim, Head of Department Jihye, Jinyoungie-hyung, honestly I’m handsome already but thank you for making my handsome face shine.

And Head of Department Dareum and staff. Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim, of course I’m handsome already but thank you for making my handsome face a sculpture.

And Head of Department Hajung and staff. Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-nim, Seoyeon-nim, of course I’m handsome already but thank you for giving my body wings/upgrading my body.

And our ARMYs, our beloved ARMYs, our ARMYs whom we miss, our ARMYs who are more beautiful than anybody else, our ARMYs who are more beautiful than jewels, our ARMYs who are more beautiful than the stars on the sky, our ARMYs who are the apple of my eyes, our ARMYs who are great even if I pull out all the great words out there.

Thank you for always liking us, there have been many tired things and you have gone through so much staying by our side. Every time like that I’m thankful to you and I love you so much. I feel so good because ARMYs are always by my side. ‘ARMY effect’ is the biggest reason why I can keep my positive personality. Everyone, have a lucky new year and always be happy. Heart.

Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook

Just Can’t Control

~This is for @exodarkwolf16, who requested a Vixx member that was shy around their crush but turns into his “hyde” side and is rough and dom. Admin Hacker helped a lot with the story. Also, I need to pray after writing this so I hope you like it ‘cause I’m going to hell. BTW that performance was what helped me pick the member~Admin Thumper

  Genre: Smut

Characters: HyukxReader

You gently knocked on the door and you took in a deep breath. Your hold tightened on your backpack strap as the door opened and Sanghyuk stood before you. His eyes were wide, as if he forgot that he invited you over to study with him for the upcoming math test.

“Ah, ____, hi.” He said nervously, his cheeks already turning a bright red.

“Did you forget about me that quickly?” You teased.

He laughed awkwardly before stepping aside. “Come in.”

You entered his dorm room and glanced around. It was surprisingly bland and had no personality within it whatsoever. Only the bottom bed was occupied and that reminded you that he said something about getting a roommate next week since his last roommate was kicked out.

“So did you want a drink?” Sanghyuk asked, closing the door and uncomfortably gesturing to the tiny kitchen to his right.

You took a seat on his small loveseat and looked at him, taking off your backpack. “Sure. I’ll take a water.”

“Okay.” He said too excitedly.

You began to pull out your notes, taking in a deep breath. You had been an acquaintance with Sanghyuk since last semester when he sat beside you in math class. You thought right away that he was attractive and that you really liked his smile. But he was unbelievable awkward and shy around you. You had seen him with his friends a few times in halls, and he seemed like a whole other person; loud and outspoken.

Tonight wasn’t really about studying. The only thing you planned on doing was becoming closer to Han Sanghyuk. You didn’t want him to be awkward around you. You really want to be his friend.

Sanghyuk returned and placed a bottle of water in front of you. He sat down next to you, awkwardly folding his hands in his lap. The air was heavy and tense; it was choking you. You couldn’t think of anything to say because you worried that he’d jump or that things would become even more awkward.

“So what do you think will be on the test-?” You tried to inquire.

But you were cut off as his phone’s alarm going off. His face turned an even brighter shade of red and he fiddled in his pocket. “Sorry, I have to take my pills.”

He stood up and began to rummage through his drawer. You didn’t know why he was on medication, but you had seen him take them before. You felt it was impolite to ask right now; you had to become closer to him before you could ask.

“Shit.” He breathes out. “Fuck!”

You licked your lips nervously. “What’s wrong?”

He turned around with an empty, medicine bottle, his face drained of color.

“I forgot to get them refilled.”

You tuck your hands under your thighs. “Do you need them right now? I can go with you to go pick some up.”

He tossed the bottle down on his bed. “I’ll be okay if I skip one night.”

You noticed that he didn’t look as confident as he sounded. “Are you sure?”

He looked at you and smiled nervously, his eyes turning to crescent moons. You smiled, instantly affected by his cuteness. “I’ll be okay. Let’s study.”

Everything was going well. You were getting closer to him and you were really enjoying being near him. During the few hours you were with him, you began to notice the odd attraction you were feeling. He looked really good in his loose grey shirt and baggy sweats. His brown hair was untamed and messy, as if someone had ran their hands through it. You found yourself often thinking of those kind of thoughts, but you found your way back to reality eventually. The only problem was that his head began to hurt and you were worried that he was pushing himself. He had to keep stopping you in the middle of explaining the material to close his eyes and relax. It happened several times; but the last time it happened, something seemed to completely change.

When his eyes opened, he stared off into the distance.

“Sanghyuk, are you okay?”

“Call me Hyuk.” He said suddenly, turning his gaze to you. It was the first time he was able to hold eye contact with you.

You swallowed hard, surprised. “What?”

“I said, call me Hyuk. We’re friends now, right?”

You stared at him like a doe in headlights. His entire persona had changed right before your eyes. Unsure of how to handle the situation, you nodded and smiled meekly. “Oh…Okay, uh, are you alright? Do you want to keep studying?”

His smirk made your heart drop. Maybe your plan worked too well. His mind seemed to be on something more than friends. “I’ve always liked you, ____. Ever since we had math class together last year.” He stood up and paced slowly in front of you slowly as he spoke. “Unfortunately, I’ve been too much of a pussy to say anything.” Stopping directly in front of you, you stared up at him with wide eyes. He smiled down at you and you saw fire in his chocolate brown eyes.


“I’m not gonna be quiet anymore.”

You were on your feet suddenly and Hyuk dragged you across the room until he had you pinned against the wall. Trying to regain control of the situation, you spoke. “Uh, Sangh…er, Hyuk, I don’t think you’re yourself right now. Maybe I should go.”

“You’re right, ____. I’m not myself. I’m feeling so much better. Those pills make me such a shy and spineless boy.” He looked you up and down as if you were his prey. And honestly, you didn’t mind. Biting his bottom lip, he leaned in closer to you. “You look good enough to eat.”

His lips hovered over yours; you could feel his body press against yours every time he exhaled. Intoxicated in the moment, you gave in and closed the space between you two. He quickly took charge of the kiss; one of his hands tangling into your hair as the other drifted over your neck, resting lightly for a moment before traveling lower over your breast and stomach until it reached your ass.

The kiss was harsh and lustful. He didn’t ask for permission as his tongue forced its way pass your lips, exploring your mouth. You followed his lead, too afraid and enticed to do anything else. His hands began to roam your body, slipping up your shirt and under your bra. Gasping in the kiss from surprise only gave him more access into you.

You gain your bearings again and push him back. “Hyuk, I like you, I really do.” You were surprised by your sudden courage and the confession leaving your lips. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Your question fell on deaf ears. Sanghyuk was someone else and all he wanted was you. “Stop stalling, ____. I saw the way you were looking at me while we were studying. The real question is, are you sure you want to do this?”

Something inside of you ignited at the sound of your words fired back at you. Glaring at him, you stepped forward and pushed him down onto the couch. “Fuck, let’s do it.” Climbing on top of him, your lips molded to his. Without breaking the heavy make-out, your hands made their way down to the zipper of his pants, undoing the button and pulling down the zipper. Hyuk growled in the kiss as you began to stoke his already throbbing cock. Giddy, you giggled at the amount of control you had over him. Control you soon lost.

Hyuk suddenly breaking the kiss, he started to push you off him and down. On your knees and face to cock, you looked up at him as he stared directly into your eyes. “Suck.” The sound of his voice sent a shiver through your whole body that left your panties wet. Without hesitating, you took him into your mouth, sucking and licking the tip of his member with your tongue. The growl erupted from his throat again, as his hand landed on the back of your head, pumping his hips back and forth. Tears started to well in your eyes as his cock hit the back of your throat but you held them back as best you could.

He suddenly pulled out and smiled down at you. Breathing heavy and looking disheveled, you tried to give him your best glare. “What?”

He reached into the drawer of his desk and pulled something out. Throwing a condom at you, he smirked. “Put it on.” You did as you were told, glad you didn’t have to ask him to put one on.

Once you were done, Hyuk attacked. You were lifted almost completely off your feet as he dragged you to his desk and turned you around. Facing him, he spread your legs and slid his hand between your thighs, playing with you through your soaked panties. Your moans filled the small room, making you blush at the thought that other students next door knew what was happening. Hyuk didn’t care; in fact the sound of your moans only made him hornier and harder. Your panties were around your ankles in seconds and two of his fingers were inside of you before you could beg for their return.

“Ah! Fuck!”

Hyuk smiled. “Scream for me.” He dropped to knees and started to lick you up as he fingered you. You spread your legs more so his tongue could lick more of you. Your fingers were entangled in his dark brown hair as he ate you out like you were his last supper.

“Oh! Fuck me! Hyuk-ah!” He stood up, removing both his tongue and fingers from you. “No, don’t stop.” You begged, squeezing your legs together, hoping to keep your orgasm that was building close. “Hyuk, don’t stop.”

“Turn over.”


“Turn over, now.”

You faced the desk, bending over with your ass in the air. His hands grazing over your ass cheeks, making their way up along your spine and to the back of your neck. Grabbing a fist full of your hair, he pulled your head back. At the same time, his cock entered your core, causing you to scream out in both pain and pleasure.

“Ahh! Fuck!” You were surprised by the amount of profanity that left your lips as Hyuk slowly fucked you. His hard member pulsing as he pulled out almost all of the way and then slamming back inside. Soon, he couldn’t contain his own passion and began to pick up the pace, thrusting hard enough that the desk banged rhythmically against the wall. Your moans and swears mixed with the sound of his grunts and the sound of your skin smacked together.  Your legs began to feel weak as your climax built again.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” You could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Hyuk-ah, please don’t stop. I’m so close.” You thrusted your hips back into him, wanting release.

Hyuk pulled your hair harder as he leaned forward to whisper in your ear. “I’m not gonna stop, ____. I’m gonna fuck your brains out.” You moaned at his words and the new angle. He was on the spot, you just needed a little more time. “You’re never going to be able to fuck anyone else without thinking of me. Think of my lips,” he kissed your neck. You were so close. “My hands.” As his hand tightened a little more in your hair, the other slid between your legs and his fingers began to make circular motions on your clit. Your hips bucked into him as you threw your head back. You were boarder lining your climax, your vision blurring. “My cock.” It was as if Hyuk knew the effect and timing of your body better than you. All you needed was his words and you came. Your screaming moans echoed in to the hallways of the dorms. Hyuk pumped hard, his fingers even moving in time with his thrusts, making your orgasm last for minutes. You felt lightheaded, your throat hurt from screaming, yet you didn’t want it to end. Your whole body felt on fire. Hyuk was right. No one could ever fuck you like this.

Hyuk stood up straight, releasing your hair. It was his turn and he wasn’t done with you yet. With his hands on your hips, holding you up and in place, he plunged deeper into you, his own orgasm approaching. When he came, his whole body shook and seemed to send a vibration through you.

Leaning on you as you leaned on the desk, Hyuk kissed your spine, sending more shivers through you. “Damn,” he laughed. “We should definitely do that again.”

“I agree.” You giggled back. You both made your way to his bed, he gave you one of his T-shirts to sleep in while he left to clean up. When he returned, you both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day you were awakened by Sanghyuk falling out of the bed. “Oh my god, are you okay?”

He stared up at you with horror in his eyes. You could feel it, something was different. “What? Why are you in my bed? Why are you in my shirt?” He looked around the room. “What happened?”

You chuckled humorlessly, almost as confused as him. “You don’t remember?”

Sanghyuk looked at you like a horrified little boy. “____, did we…?”

You looked at him weirdly. “Yes…you really don’t remember, seriously?”

He bit his bottom lip, seeming close to tears. His face turned the brightest of pink and you covered your mouth, shocked. You forgot how cute he was when he was embarrassed.

Clearing your throat, you sat up and lowered your hand from your mouth. “Are you upset? You didn’t seem like you didn’t want to.”

His head dropped into his hands and he shook his head. “Oh no, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, it was great.” He looked up, even more terrified, if that were possible. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just…I…uh…I wasn’t myself last night. And I can’t remember anything. I didn’t hurt you, right?”

“No, you didn’t. Far from it, Hyuk.” You could tell Sanghyuk was flustered when he heard his name shortened. You didn’t know who he was last night, but whatever side of him you saw only made you want to know him more. Because honestly, what girl doesn’t like a guy with a dark side.


leedonghae: I like it the best when I am with you