They ´re my Friends ^^

Well their are two of my four best friends #I think so :/

I love them so much & three of us have Tumblr , two k-pop lovers & one is a directioner(One Direction fan) 

#yani95 & #hyukjewel95 their are … like … we ´re a dance group? … All I know is that the dream of the three of us is will be a professional dancers o coreographer of stars someday. We love dancing , personally it´s my life & they believe in me , so I will always support my friends <3 I´m a little … no , I mean I´m so negative & my point of view about the planet & my life is just … SUCKS. 

Whatever I dedicated this posted to #yani95 & #hyukjewel95

Thanks for everything ^^

*I know I not very expresive about love , hughs , etc, but .. <3

A reason they need to love me :  I told them , shared & force them to listen k-pop.

*Super Junior is my favorite group , my inspiration for never back down & my role models. <3

This is for both of you:

hyukjewel95 replied to your post: Hola.Tu musica esa e_e JAJA(? parece que el de tu icon baila con esa cancion :c ah me dio miedo t_t venia a decirte,si me invitas a ver a Selena :3 ?

omg she is my friend! she wanted to asked me that but she send it to you for error lol xD

Aww! Bless her heart! I don’t mind her talking to me, I just felt horrible not knowing what she was asking me! Thank you for letting me know! ^^ Btw, thank you for being one of my best followers ^^ <3