kinghyukjae’s First Follow Forever <3

Hooray! I’ve hit a new follower milestone here on Tumblr, so what better to do than to celebrate with my very first FOLLOW FOREVER!

Basically this is a huge shout-out, thank-you, and internet hug to those that made my blogging experience of the last two years amazing. It’d be impossible for me to name all the fabulous people I’m following (because hey, who could honestly tag 400+ people?), so here are the ones that mean the most to me! 

Those with the fancy colours are my Tumblr crushes, and the others are those I consider to be part of my quaint group of Tumblr buddies - some even overlap! If I ever threw a international slumber party, they’d be at the top of my invite list. Even if we don’t talk all that much, they still are amazing who I wouldn’t dare unfollow.

chanyeolscrack | exo-bubble-baths | exosdick

hyukjaeah | parkchandobii | samelovee

suohmakoto | sungminiee | thebeautifulsmileofhyukjae

damnluhan | damnwufan | exsu 

hyukseok | jaeroic | nunia | zr-o

I’d like to say a special thanks to the few people I speak to the most - Jaime, Vicky, Kin, Nyx. These are under the cut;

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