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[ENG SUB] 160903 Leeteuk Shanghai fanmeeting VCR with Hyukjae & Shindong~ 

CUT OFF BIT FROM VID: Hyukjae’s ending ment and again talking about shaving heads ^^

Hyukjae: I miss everyone~ i think it’s been a really long time since i’ve greeted everyone with my face like this. You guys are looking at me right now but in actuality, i can’t see you guys can i? it’s such a shame, i want to get out soon and see you guys. And also because, before i enlisted, we made a promise didn’t we? That when i enlisted, you all would shave your heads together with me… Since i can’t see you all right now, i don’t know what you all look like. But i believe in you! That you all completely shaved your heads~ and that’s why you are all wearing wigs right now~ I bet everyone is wearing a wig. You can take it off just a little right now and okay ~~ Indeed! But even still, You are pretty~ Anyway, i’m healthily completing my service here so don’t worry, until i safely get out, you all should also be healthy. And if you could cheer on the members on the outside that are active, it would be great~ Everyone, I love you~ I love you ( in chinese ) Thank you everyone! Hyung can you just once - ah i think Leeteuk hyung will cry if he has to.. can you look at camera and..

Leeteuk: Ah i know what you mean~ stay seat. Just wait a while everyone. WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR!


D&E 2nd Tour - Osaka Day 3

Mc prentation
Hae said he really wanted to see us since this morning
When saying “hello” they are joking by saying it in 2 differents way
But hyuk murmured to us so say his word when introducing, so hae laughed XD
hae said in cute way that he loves us

When hyuk was taking hae was bothering him streatching in front of him
Hyuk then wiped off the sweat of his neck with a towel with a very perv face lol then he murmured on the mic “we are the sexy D&E” and made really sex noises “ohh” “ahhh” very softly then touched his neck with 2 hands ….FML
he kept going “we really wanted to meet you”

Hae then talked about I think about hyuk marks on his hand, saying he took a shot of IV mediscine
Hyuk said he got a lot of power tonight thanks to it and did some push ups on the stage XD
hyuk continued by saying “lets have some fun until the end”
Hyuk asked hae abt osaka foods, he said okonomoyaki, takoyaki, and did the glico move

Hyuk said hae was smart XD
then that he his really thakful for being here today, and he is learning japanese very hard so today he will speak only in Japanese !
But then he didnt know what to say XDDDD

Hae askes if we listened to the present album we said yes and hyuk said “ok so test’”
Hyuk then continued in korean and elf screamed “ehhhhhh”
Hae said that hyuk was stupid XD

hyuk didnt know what to say so the translator mumured to him what to say lol
He then said in japanese (with a little help haha) lets have fun on all the album songs or sth like thay ^__^

Hae introduced the next song and asked to put the light up on ELF and asked us if we could see well
They played with the cam a bit before singing light camera actiob

hyukjae said today is Donghae’s turn to be cute and its his turn to be sexy

Donghae pushed hyukjae then hyukjae started panting. After that Donghae touched hyukjae abit and hyukjae let out a “ah~”

Hyuk said that he‘s in Charge of being sexy so he started moaning. donghae
laughed and kicked him then hyukjae moaned even more. hyukjae then threw
his head back and started wiping his sweat with his eyes closed. He wiped
his sweat and let out noises at the same time

Hyuk: u look very happy today donghae
Hae: oh bc we were injected with
something before the concert»
Hae: it’s just'proteinsl!

Eunhae going around the venue touching the hands of so many ELF omg

DH: I was in charge for handsome and cute / EH: Today Donghae in charge on cute~ cute~ while me sexy eunhyuk~

lee hyukjae did a lot of weird sound when donghae was kicking him.

when donghae kept saying the wrong greeting hyukjae said “aigoo so cute uh.”

EH : we will only speak japanese. But at the end still with korean. DH: dnt speak korean speak jpan. strict bb ㅋㅋㅋ

Eunhae asked us to deat down and sat on the back of the stage near ELF ~
Hyuk asked us if we liked the balads
Hae said he couldnt see elf face clearly and that he wanted see our faces too
Hyuk theb showed us their bottle of water with D and E written on it
Then they raise the bottle and said “kampai” (cheers) with everyone and asked us to raise too our water
Then he joked about being a little “drunk” like if they drank beer lol
They talked abt their america trip and how they had fun (hyuk mistaked and said sth like, we went there and lets drink lol)
We are watching their america video now :)

Hyuk: you have such good eyesight~
Hae: that’s because I have hawk eye!!

Afterrhe vid eunhae were waving at the cam ~~^^ hae did it a looong time~
They were talking abt marriage XD hyuk said “not yet”
Hyuk asked elf to help them (with japanese)

Lottery time,.. Hae and hyuk put their head in the box in the same tiiiime then hae took the box (still on his face) and lyed down on the stage on his back with the box covering his head.
Hyuk then laughed at elf because they screamed so loudly and was miming us screamine to “ahhhhhhh”
Hae looked inside the box and said “kore ? Kore ? Kore ?” (This one?) many times
Hyuk showed the paper and we could only see super show 5 then hae wanted to take the paper off his hand and they endes up touching each others hands and playing omg ITS ROCKSTARRRRTT

Hae and hyuk singing a bit of rockstar~~
Hyuk said its a very cute song XDD and miming the sounds “piupoupiu” lol
Hae kept hitting hyuk because he was making these little noises XD
Hyuk said they wont take off their clothes… But maybe at the end of the concert ?
(Pray for us ㅋㅋ) lol

They are asking abt the men in the venue, but hae said its too bad he cant see their faces
Now hyuk said they were looking for a girlfriend and asked who and elf were waving to them XD
where is she~~^^

Hae: looking at your face makes me dizzy
Hyuk: oh? Why?
Hae: you just have a face that makes people dizzy
Hyuk: Because I’m too handsome? Fans think so too right?
Hae: then we’ll have to see who it is

Eunhae told everyone to take out the bottles to drink together. Then donghae
said “Is there anyone who brought alcohol here to drink? ” Then hyukjae
said “that’s okay! Let’s just be happy today” so donghae drank his water
and said “I’m drunk”

Hyuk: has everyone made a new year wish?
Fans: Get married!!
Hae: What? Get married with me?
Hyuk: No! Can’t get married!

During kimi ga naitara, hyukjae went half a key lower and donghae used falsetto to help hyukjae sing the part where he always cracks

Hyuk: why did we strip during rockstar the other time? we weren’t even buff.
Hae: I still have abs!
Hyuk: I’ve decided that that’s the last time stripping for a concert.
Hae: if there’s another concert this yea I’ll strip.
Hyuk: oh oh?

When hae took the little car during teenage queen he jumped to put his feet higher on the metal bars OO and stayed like that while the car was moving around fan
He got down and when he crossed hyuk, hyuk tried to touch / slap haes butt XD
hyuk made a heart sign and hae dis the butterfly move

Hyukjae trying to popo Dh during I wanna dance

On I wanna dance they were so hyper and kept smiling all the time, they started to fight at the beginning, but they had to dance in the same time XD hae then sang while laughing XD

Then hae put his hand on hyuks mouth and pushed him away twice!
On oppa oppa at one moment hae went behind hyuk and put his harm on hyuk shoulder and stood there

When doing the dance solo hyuk moved his hips but hae tried a move and I think he fell because he was holding his head a bit but i didnt see very well, but just after he went hyper on the stage again so he is ok :)

After satuday night hyuk said “tonight its really saturday night !!”
And then bowed and said the show is over XD and hyuk faked to cry before leaving XDDDD

Hyukjae faked asleep before encore and
Hyukjae said “are you asleep?!”
Hae: no no I’m not asleep
Hyuk: ah is it because you’re already 30…
Hae: what are you talking about? How can you say that

On kiss kiss dynamire they are supposed to do a part were the 2 of them approch the other while the other go away, except the 2nd time hyuk didnt move and they were close omfg

At the end of hello they stood in the same cute position for a long time, haes team started to move but hyuk said “mada mada” (not yet) then trolled at the cam “n….. Now!”

Then they asked if we caught the ball but we said no, so they asked if at least we caught the confetti and hae asked pple to the pple who got many to share
They tried to speak with a STRONG osaka accent loool like japanese bad boys lollll they last at leat 5min talking in japanese like that

Hae then started to explain that “present” has more than one meaning but he spoke again with the bad boy accent and hyuk followed

The translator missed a sentence so hyuk asked her to look at him and waited XD he spoke with the osaka accent and asked her to repeat with a normal accent  
He said this accent made his throat hurt so he spoke in Korean And drank water lol
Hae was sitting on the floor for a while hyuk was speaking XD
Hae spit water on hyuk who ran way !!

Hyuk continued to explain the second meaning of present “time”
Hae was then faking crying a hand on his face elf did “ohhhh TT” and he made a cute face XD
Hyuk stretched and touched haes nose ~~~^^
Hae did the same, hyuk took haes hand and put it near his face alsjsjskqlsl

Hyuk asked after gift if we enjoyed and if we were happy and we all answered “neeeeee” (yes)

Then hyuk said “because you are here, I am very happy” TT

Hyuk: we are getting old and unable to dance and play around as much anymore. But it’ll be good if everyone can stay by our side

Hae stretch out hand. Hyuk take his hand and bite it, saying taste like garlic

Hyuk: throat pain
Hae pass hyuk drink,
Hyuk drink but didn’t swallow and spit all over Hae face

Hae also drink water. Hyuk tap him  to ask him swallow.
But Hae still spill on him. Hyuk: Thanks Chingu

Bwhahah they showed masao san the producer of the show pushing the play button for choki wa
elf screaming “one more time” and masao danced near the camera like crazy XD

Elf screamed masao name to put the song again XDD
The dancers left and every body was screaming “lee donghae” he danced choki like craaaazy moving so hard jumping and ended up on the floor XD
then elf screamed lee hyukjae and choki started
Hyuk started with a cute move and ended up crazy XD
ELF then screamed eunhae eunhae and they did it again, and finished both on the floor tiredXDD

they talked a bit then hae said “i love u” and kissed the mic
Hyuk talked also, abt seeing in us so many friends, like family.
Hyuk continued by saying with this tour he became closer to ELF and its making me him happy~

He also said because of our love, they are and will do their best, he is also happy to be able to dance and sing on stage. He thanked elf many times~
Then eunhae joined hands, and hyuk asked us with a bad but very cute japanese to take care of us~

They bowed 90deg and stood there…
Thumb kiss~ they thumb kissed every part of their body and elf, then masao sm avex lol

Before leaving they said to take care of us and hyuk said we will meet in our dreams~
Hae kissed the mic~

And boys left the stage TT

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160305 Super Camp in Shanghai :

Members had to guess what appeared on the screen, and this time they showed a pic of Eunhyuk.

ELF were chanting “Lee Hyuk Jae”
Teuk: Ok Ok, I  got it! Lee Dong Hai!
Heechul: Lee Dong Hai Di Lao
Kangin: Lee hyukjae come back quickly (c)



The first thing they did in the first minute of 2012 was hugging each other ♡
[D-334] waiting for my ☾[D-336] waiting for my ☼


SS6 in BKK Day2- Eunhae moments:

*donghae went backstage and met hyukjae who just come back out from backstage and the two of them tried to stop each other

* Hyuk kept staring at hae while dancing Mr.simple


*hae kissed hyuk cheeck again. hyuk even pushes his face closer to hae for hae to kiss[after so long, they finally kissed for real ;;]

*wook took off hae bracelet, then kangin took the bracelet from hae and wore it on hyuk wrist

*kangin feed hyukjae seaweed. hae wanted some. so kangin ask hae to eat from the one in hyukjae mouth. and hae went to take a bite!