hyukjae why you so cute


[ENG SUB] 160903 Leeteuk Shanghai fanmeeting VCR with Hyukjae & Shindong~ 

CUT OFF BIT FROM VID: Hyukjae’s ending ment and again talking about shaving heads ^^

Hyukjae: I miss everyone~ i think it’s been a really long time since i’ve greeted everyone with my face like this. You guys are looking at me right now but in actuality, i can’t see you guys can i? it’s such a shame, i want to get out soon and see you guys. And also because, before i enlisted, we made a promise didn’t we? That when i enlisted, you all would shave your heads together with me… Since i can’t see you all right now, i don’t know what you all look like. But i believe in you! That you all completely shaved your heads~ and that’s why you are all wearing wigs right now~ I bet everyone is wearing a wig. You can take it off just a little right now and okay ~~ Indeed! But even still, You are pretty~ Anyway, i’m healthily completing my service here so don’t worry, until i safely get out, you all should also be healthy. And if you could cheer on the members on the outside that are active, it would be great~ Everyone, I love you~ I love you ( in chinese ) Thank you everyone! Hyung can you just once - ah i think Leeteuk hyung will cry if he has to.. can you look at camera and..

Leeteuk: Ah i know what you mean~ stay seat. Just wait a while everyone. WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR!



i wanted to add an ordinary caption to this post but my words are not enough to describe how cute they are so… just click here and listen how Hyukjae saying “Kamsahamnida Donghae-ssi” cutely i am sure you will understand me… this is so much for my mental health !! (≧◡≦)

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