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Donghae interview - Ceci Thailand January 2013 issue (2) #eunhae
  • Q: You have been together for 7 years, among the members, who is the most unexpected?
  • Donghae: We have debuted for 7 years but in fact we have known each others since 12-13 years old hmm (thinking) I'm thinking who, but I can't since it was long time ago. I'll pick on my closest and loveliest Eunhyuk then. (Laugh) We were friends since we were kids and we decided to share all the secrets so I tell him everything but Eunhyuk never tells me a thing.
  • Donghae: So, I feel sad why he was like that. We also fight sometime like "I told you my everything and you told me nothing" and he always like "Okay let me think first" and end up with telling me nothing (laugh)
  • cr: letseunhaelover