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Happy birthday to the greatest sunbeam on earth~! 


150211 CCTV Web Spring Gala -Eunhae Cut

I tried to make a serious thing for you. Maybe something black and white? Maybe long and beautiful quotes about you and my love for you as if i can describe all of these things… But when i think… when i think about you, all i want is you to be happy. Like nice shades of pink. A bright smile on your lips, a bright smile on your eyes, but a real one. Not for us to be happy, not for people not to worry… A real one, only for yourself. I don’t need those luxurious words to tell you these things. Because all i want is you to be happy. I would do anything for your happiness if i could, i will do anything if i can. If i could do that,oh please believe me, if i could do that i would dye your world a vivid color. Like this… You wouldn’t be sad never and you would always smile like you deserve. My Hyukjae, my moon, my love…


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Thank you for the follow! ^_^ I adore your blog & always look forward to your posts. Your gifs are so cute & it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one missing these two silly boys. You seem SO sweet & kind-hearted, and this world needs more of that :) YAY for lovely new ELF friends! <3

You sweet, you~ every blogger need nice followers like you !! :) I couldn’t ask for more, really ♥ And how to not miss these idiots ??  ಥ_ಥ

warning: LONG POST~  (because i can’t make short one about them xD)


Thank you Hyukjae for every single day of 2015. Thank you for making me feel so precious feelings I have never experienced before. Thank you for your kindness, thank you for being Hyukjae who I love so much. I love you so much… so much… It sometimes hurts but if sadness because of you, I will accept it heart and soul. Sadness and happiness… Everything is beautiful when it is about you… Thank you my moon for brightening my night and even my day. Let’s spend more years together. Let’s not stop loving each other ♥


the song selection by D&E - hyukjae told donghae to pick a song from the box but he put his face in it to look inside, hyukjae screamed “ya stop it” when donghae didn’t - take his face off the box then hyukjae “show me too!” and tried to put his face too and their heads were bumping to each other for so long!

D&E 2nd Tour - Fukuoka Day 2

Hyuk’s parents, Hae’s mom, Donghwa and Kyu are all there!

Hyuk: ah I can see kyuhyun! I couldn’t see wook ystd!
Kyu did an action to his shoulders.
Hyuk: are you saying that wook is short?

Hae: didn’t I tell you to not throw your tissues here?
Hyuk: but I always reuse!
Hae: I just want to give you a new one

Hyu: kyu ah how’s our concert?
Kyuhyun signaled that the talk is a little too long.
Hyukjae: okay~ in order to satisfy kyuhyun, we will talk for 2 hours today

Hyuk: wook came ystd. and kyu came today~ are you here to learn our skills?
Hae: Yesterday morning, yesung also called me to tell me that he had been training his dancing skills for these two years and didn’t sing at all.
Hyukjae: I hope he stops doing that
Hae: exactly. He always call me early in the mornings, I want to hang up but I can’t. Such a burden.

When Donghae was singing Love you love you more, he pointed briefly at Hyukjae!

Hyuk: I’m so nervous today because kyuhyun is always criticizing my singing.
Hae: it’s ok~ ballad time I over!

Hyuk: I am very nervous, bcs no matter where I practice, Kyu normally criticizes.
Hae: It’s ok now, the Ballad time is finished!

Since this is the last concert we made a toast with water bottles xD Donghae said “soju desu” and Hyuk corrected him by saying “it’s sake”

Hyukjae asked Donghae if he wanted to do one shoot with the water but he said no~ ahahaha

Hyuk: just now when we were singing I saw a fan crying. Are yall really so worried about our singing skills?

After kyu sang at ghm, hae exclaimed “wow! is he real?” then hyukjae replied “no this is a 3d effect. Our concert is so amazing.”

Hae: Why do we look like we are the guests of Kyu’s solo concert?
Hyuk: no, i am the MC.
Hae: We are like the casual ppl who come out to speak during the break when Kyu changes clothes..!

Kyu spot on D&E’s special microphone and said ‘Sugoi~~’
Then Hyuk ask Kyu Is KRY have Mic like this Kyu said N..no

Hyuk: why do members of KRY look fatter?
Hae: gain luck gain luck~ (this is direct trans but it means grown fatter)

Hyuk “You came here to promote KRY right?”
Kyu “We won’t bore you guys like this!”
Hyuk “What are you going to do? KRY is all ballads so that’s boring enough”
Kyu “You think it’s just going to be ballads?”
Hyuk “Then what? Yesung’s selca Show?”

Hae: let’s go be concert guests! We don’t need to do anything else, just hipthrust for 3 minutes of remix.
Hyukjae: they will sing 30 songs and fans will still be calm and clap. But the moment we perform fans will scream!

Donghae is so clingy to Kyuhyun. He kept touching, hugging and petting him. Then he started cleaning his ears. Kyu got mad and yelled at him

Kyu: Yesung said he is number 1 in Japan
Hyuk: That was 2 years ago
Kyu: but he was holding the recent data

Kyu: you all are mine!!
Hyuk: wae wae this is D&E concert
Kyu: I dont Carr D&E fans are mine
Hyuk: So kyuhyun is mine

Kyu: can I go off now?
Eunhae: why? Let’s talk tgt!
Kyu: I’m having a stomachache
Eunhae: we have to stand tgt till the last sec.

They asked Kyu to do the “eeeeeeeh janaika” but they were behind us telling us to do the “eeee D&E night” we did and Kyu was :///// so they said to him to do it one more time but he didn’t want to and Donghae kicked him on the butt. He did it again and we said “D&E night” and Kyu said doushiteeeeee

- before encore
Hae: Don’t play anymore, let us sing all the songs and we can relax a bit. We still have some activities later on, to dance chok chok dance and Kyuhyun need to come up the stage one more time

Hyuk: We ate with people from Avex. Although I’m not the one who started talking about it, we talked about going to Tokyo Dome
Hae: okay don’t be too excited. We are just saying, it will be great if we can go. Everyone don’t need congratulate us now

Hae took a helmet and threw it to hyukjae but hyukjae used his head to hit it.
Hae: what are you doing!
Hyuk: ah pain! I think I’m bleeding…
Hae: what?! I think it’s really bleeding, what are doing I just wanted you to catch it…,

during oppa oppa hyuk willingly showed his cheek to hae and hae kissed it firmly ㅠㅠ♡

During Oppa Oppa Eunhae were separated but then hyuk pointed his finger to hae and made gesture like "come here”, hae lost to temptation and kissed him

During gift instead of the usual video they showed a video with ELF and staff writing messages to D&E the message were like lets meet at Dome next time" “saranghae” “next time we wiII go together to the dome” **
D&E didn’t know about the video and they sat on the stage watching it and they cried

[** Nemoto-san wrote msg for eunhae “Mommy is happy because of having these cool men” (Eunhae call nemoto-san as “mom” (okaa-san) because she is their translators whenever SJ is on japan and she was also there for D&E 1st tour)
The staffs in video said “please take us to tokyo dome”]

Hyuk: I know what everyone is thinking about!
Hae: What?
Hyuk: Ah,i wanna go on the stage …i wanna wipe his sweat.. that T shirt…i want..ahh perverts!
Hae: No wonder.

Hyuk: it’s okay if you go even crazier over us, it’s okay if you are more pervertic….

Hyukjae: if only we could go to (Tokyo) Dome, it’d be so nice
Donghae: no
Hyukjae: o_o?
Donghae: then when we have talks, we will be further away from the fans
Hyukjae: then we can just go around the stadium a few times, go up to 2nd level, 3rd level as well~

Eunhae bullying translator and she danced chokiwa !

When they called the dancers on the stage all of them were crying

Hyuk: because of the staffs and fans we are able to do the concert. But of course without us this won’t happen too

- donghae’s last speech

From April we really had a great time together for a month. We didn’t really plan all of this but when we worked hard, before we know it we managed to make time to meet each other, we managed to have the time where we keep giving and receiving love. After this, if we keep working hard those time will increase. After this, we‘ll live life to the fullest while sharing our love. I will keep being the Donghae who can keep receiving love from everyone. Thank you.

- hyukjae’s last speech

I have a lot of things to say but I don’t know how am I supposed to say them. Thank you so much. After this concert ends, I don’t know when can I meet everyone again. But I believe everyone will always stay with us. And, we  will not forget about everyone and we wish to spend time while being thankful for all the loves. Saying farewell is really lonely but we’ll greet you for the last time. (in Japanese) Thanks to everyone, we managed to come up until here. We won’t forget everyone’s love and we’ll work even harder. Thank you.

Eunhyuk’s last words: Please wait for us.

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