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superjunior.labelsj: I can’t send Kkuru away.. Kyu… Kyu!!!! Huhuhuh  😭😭 In the past few years, ELF has gotten rubber shoes smell stuck on their feet, but this the last rubber shoes. Whenever  you miss Kkuru, just listen to Goodbye for now and look at Kyu’s pics ♥ #SuperJunior #Kyuhyun #Goodbyefornow #Theparting #SergeantLeeHyukjaeOffcial #RubberCulturalAssets  #ELF #SuperJunior #Kyuhyun#Goodbyefornow #TheParting #LabelSJ ©


170521 Eunhae Livestagram aka Sunday date // Donghae started a Instagram live video with Hyukjae and Hyukjae was all clueless about what’s Donghae doing and kept asking ‘What’s this?’ and Donghae just kept laughing leaving Hyukjae clueless till Hyukjae figured that it was live broadcast (c) (c) (c) (c)

Come on cry with me cause I can’t be crying all on my own  that’s sad

Super junior getting together, taking pictures, posting them on Instagram, commenting each other’s posts, following each other, making a new Instagram account for the group under label sj’s name………They’re getting ready, they’re coming for us , our souls are no longer safe.


[Trans] @eunhyukee44: We got caught on the Time magazine #LetsBeCareful #Paparazzi #DNE (c

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Yesung’s comment on Hyukjae’s insta post & Hyukjae’s reply:

Yesung: Are the two of you constantly tied together? Sigh ㅋ 

Hyukjae: There’s an ahjussi behind with us too (c)