160212 Hyukjae went to CBB
Hyukjae went to CBB, he arrived with his mom together, he said no photos, and he hid behind the cashier the whole time and only showed his eyes. When Hyuk heard there’s Chinese fans he greeted them in Chinese. Hyuk said long time no see in Chinese, Japanese and Korean to fans there and asked them how they were, keeping healhy? Hyuk also told fans they he had been staying well ♥ (c) (c)


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To ELF That I Love

Salute!! i’m Recruit number 216 Lee Hyukjae. Is everyone doing well? I’m eating well, sleeping well, pooping well and doing well here at the 15th division of Gangwon-do Hwacheon new recruits training center. There are no need to worry, I’ll do well no matter where I go. I just really miss our members and fans. Even though thats a  little hard, I will believe that everyone is well and will focus on my trainings. Do you feel awkward and distant now because the way I’m talking is a little bit formal? Actually, It’s okay even if I don’t write so formally but this somehow feels more like a soldier and more cool so I’m gonna continue to write like this. But why is everyone not shaving their hair? Why am i the only one that is baldie? I’m really disappointed. Didn’t we  make a promise? It’s my wish so why aren’t you granting my wish? Do you hate me?
Anyway, you guys won’t have a guy to meet for 1 year and 9 months and now that I’m not around too, you don’t have anyone that you’ll have to look good for so why aren’t you shaving your hair? Everyone, you’ll still look good even if you shave your hair!!! I’ll remember this forever. Because you treated me well before, I’ll stop at this extent. Everyone! During this time that I’m not around, take good care of the members, work hard on giving them support and always give them love!! Now that there aren’t many members left, they will feel lonely. Please be next to them and give them comfort, I’m okay. When I’m discharged next time, give me lot’s of love then.  I will do well here. The air here is clear, the scenery here is really good and on the day when the weather is good, I can even see North Korea from the summit of the mountain. It’s wonderful!! Anyway, I miss everyone a lot. Thanks to the fans who came to send me off that day I enlisted. I heard that you guys slept outside for few nights so my heart hurts ㅠㅠ  Don’t fall sick and i will always pray for you to be healthy no matter where you are. I love you. I will write you a letter again.

Recruit in training Lee Hyukjae ©