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1. How long have you liked K-Pop?

-since 2005 coz of super junior.

2. What’s your favorite manga?, if you haven’t read that, what’s your favorite book?

 -harry potter
3. Have you seen your favorite band live? :D

4. Do you have any siblings?

5. What’s your favorite candy?


External image

6. Would you rather get married in a church or on the beach? :p

7. What’s your worst fear? 

-being alone
8. How did you discover k-pop or, the whole culture about South Korea?

 from a korean channel coz of super junior
9. Who’s your male bias?

-Lee donghae

-Lee hyukjae

-Choi siwon

10. Who’s your female bias?

11. Post a sexy picture of bias? :3


1-what’s your favorite food?

2-what are your hobbies?

3-Do you want to change something about yourself?

4-Favorite k-pop album?

5- what is your favorite drama?

6- what do like the most salty food or sweet’s?

7- what is your favorite boy band?

8- what is your favorite girls band?

9-what is your hair color right now?

10-your fav OTP

11- do you wear make up often?

[now i’m tagging my love once ..]














The tag game

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Who are your top 3 biases ] Leeteuk - Changmin - Seungri 

What is your favorite band ] band?? maybe CN-Blue but i love Super Junior MOST

You are given a free ticket to travel anywhere in the world, where will you go ] Seoul

What’s your favorite ride at the amusement park ] Jet Coaster!! always ride more than twice ^^

How tall are you ] 165 

Have you seen any celebrities in person? If so, who ] Suju all of them and some celebrities in my country

What kind of home do you want to live in ] The house is warm when I need warmth ^^ and cold in the house when I’m hot LOL

What’s your favorite cuisine ] i eat everything but usually i love spicy food and i LOVE ice cream so much 

What is your favorite color ] uhmm i like colorful but my thing almost RED lol  

Do you like cheese ] Yup, i love melted cheese


My Questions

1. What will you do if your bias infront of you?
2. Are you dare to kiss and hug bias in front of his/her many fans?
3. Do you like ABS or hip thrust?
4. if the whole world blames you, who do you want to be around you, and what should she/he do?
5. Did you have dimple and chubby cheek?
6. What do you hate most??
7. What kind of person you are?
8. What’s your favorite actress and actor?
9. What will you do if someone kissing you infront of many people?
10. If  your bias having gf/bf and getting married would you be blessing him/her? 


So basically I’m fighting with my bff on twitter because I was dying with this new video of EXO M and I was spazzing over Kris (wow really?) and she was making fun of me but soon enough I found a gif of Tao sending kisses and I sent her, now she is the one dying over Tao feelings ;w;

And then she said she wouldn’t open more links that I sent to her so I was a bad dongsaeng and I made a tweet saying “FINALLY FOUND A FUCKING KRIS LOOK A LIKE, FINALLY THANKS GOD, THANKS, OH JESUS I’M GOING TO CRY ” and well…. SHE CLICKED AND NOW SHE IS SEARCHING FOR A NEW BFF THAT DOESN’T TRICK HER WITH TAO GIFS, you can apply for that here.

got jailed on twitter for killing my tomodachi with an exo spam, well at least it was worth it, she will convert into an exotic soon, i can feel it already.

i should spam her with kris but i should leave the best for the end hohoho

Hi everyone! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

As 2014 almost being over, I decided to make my follow forever. ♥ This is my 2nd FF & I want to share with you my favorite blogs :

Hyukjae’s blogs:


Donghae’s blogs:

rurouneko ✯haekey ✯ldhae ✯mrsfishee ✯thisisironhae ✯lee-donghais ✯leedonghei ✯donghaeyah ✯donghaek ✯dongaes ✯buneys ✯dochihae ✯chohae

HaeHyuk/EunHae’s blogs:

shirade ✯onlyloveeunhae ✯eunhaelthy ✯welovehaehyukhaehyukjaes 

Others SJ’s blogs: 

blueprincez ✯qiubutt  ✯kyudrugs ✯yempire ✯yehae ✯super-junior ✯chorgasm ✯mingteukies ✯lteuk ✯2woonholic ✯yetteok ✯lee-teukk

parkjngsoo ✯butihatetumblr ✯vitamile ✯superjnr ✯shyseoul ✯atgwanghwamun ✯whorechul ✯gaemgyus ✯kimyori  ✯xinghais ✯choxide ✯kyucito ✯asoomatic ✯tokkiteuk ✯sjrulestheworld ✯aegyopanda  iheart-kyu ✯13elieve-in-15 ✯heechulssi ✯

thelastmanstandingsuju ✯chokyuhyunsweibo  ✯littlelostgirlworld ✯

Well I think these are all….

Guys, thank you for everything!

Thank you for  making my dashboard beautiful,  you are great people to whom I admire & also thank you so much to the people who follow me & support my posts. xd

This year is completed & will soon be starting another, I know  this year was full of surprise & some bad moments, but I hope this 2015 either a great year for you all.

I wish them well ♥ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♥

hyuker said: but unnie is the best and deserves the photocard :v

no unnie is a whore because i asked you to go out more than 34895869 times and also you always fall asleep while talking with me #rude
unnie is the worst and doesn’t deserve the photocard.

 ☆ ミ  Hi everyone, after having so long time this blog , I decided to make a follow forever.

Thanks for everything,  for making my dash so wonderfull  with spam & their beautiful designs & also thank you very much to all the people who follow me, although  my edits are not so pretty > <

Well, here are the blogs that I really admire & I love it …

They are amazing people, don’t hesitate to follow, because really pays to have these blogs on your dashboard.

haebe - monkeilii - haeface - rurouneko - blueprincez - iheart-kyu - qiubutt - sesocherry13 - donghaeyah - 13elieve-in-15 - hyukjaess - superandyy - dochihae - ohmyeunhyukie - dongaes - mahyuks - yehae - super-junior - chorgasm - mysilver-sea - leedonghaek - littlelostgirlworld- superjnr- hae-tits - haehyukjaes - fyukjae - hyuker - thelastmanstandingsuju - monkeymyeolchi - tokkiteuk - vitamile - butihatetumblr - lee-donghais - mingteukies - haohaoeunhyuk - lee-teukk - welovehaehyuk - duckflyfly -  kyuclam - hyukwoon - siwonface - haekey - missingteuk - lteuk - chohae .

Well that’s all, thank you so much again. 

I love all. ♡

why hello there ;) it’s been a really long time since i’ve done a follow forever so I thought it give it another shot! it’s a way of showing you guys that i appreciate and really admire your blogs, right? ^^ thank you for making my tumblr experience so enjoyable (and i inconspicuously blame you cuties for my inability to get off this site) ♥

anyways! my dear, wonderful followers, if you see some blogs in my list that you are not already following, i highly recommend you check them out ;w; if you like my messy multifandom blog even a little, perhaps you’d like their blogs even more!

11220208 1lac 23ti 621407 absolutevhope andcygnus ashibal asoomatic atagorn b-ikuri blockbeats blueprincez boks boomimo btseoks buneys busyeo

chandoo chanpussy cherrrybum chickabiddy chinkyus chodingdino chorgasm creepingturtle darkyulate dbsj electroheart eteru eteru-art everydayhephap exollentinfinite

flowerjjangftw flyawaynini g-wh0re g-y-u gn-a h4nghoul haksuk hamstergyu heesex hellotherejessica hoaegi hongbinglebong hoyabear hypertone hyuker hyukstan

insertgenericphrasehere jaehwany jeou jiminfinite jiyeolie junho jusehyo kaiwaiian kanggary kidhae kkoming koreanesque kyuhyun

leemijoo liliest llogicas luxurydolly maknae meiji-choco melancholylove mincoffee misamys mmmiikkk mrstarcraft musingtragedy myeong-su myungsoo myungsoos myvillageidiots namjis namnambunny namstar nectarine-nectar ninichu nuyhoow

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rurouneko seizure seoulbeast seouldreams simpatie sj-andanteuk sluthae sneezes sojuberry sola-nin soojungs soulkyu southkoreans sunggyukimm super-junior supersnazzy taichick thelastmanstandingsuju theoriginal-beifong tokki-teeth tvradio

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xianhua y0vely yiqie yukahoo zelo zelow

♥ the favs ♥
7eijp 91hw 98oe abusedmember aegyo aegyu ahlures cecui gwangkki hoyeu hyukjaess kitteun koreancracker kurosawa-rei mikus ohhaiuu otteoke pyeo qing-ren ryeou sighjongs sikeu xiucon yesung

again, thank you so much for existing ^^ i wish you the happiest new year and hope things will always fall into place no matter how broken and messed up they seem!