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haha. lmao. nagulat lang xD

At least hindi na ngayon, diba? Bat ikaw? Di mo pa ba na-try? :))

hyuk-jae replied to your post: curlymehn replied to your post: 024. I smoked :O …

TUMPAK ATE GAIL! lol part lg yun ng teenage life ko dati. Pero ngayon am living in the world of KPOP na :)

Pwedeee. Kaso ang friends ko, iba bisyo eh. :)) Pag happy happy, no choice! Oks ndn yung minsanan langg :)

5uperjuni0r replied to your post:025. Drinking alcohol is my way to forget my problems

WHAT ARE YOU.. yeah, mine too.

The best solution of all. :) Agree? :)