151110: Hyukdad’s 2nd letter to Hyukjae

Model recruit Lee Hyukjae
Are you recieving the training well?
Nice to see you~
As expected, a genius does well in anything~
We’re living well too, we gathered at Ryeowook’s house in Incheon today,
It was  originally only the mothers’ gathering but Ryeowook’s dad invited the fathers too so i went with mom.
It’s your graduation in about a week
Time to see you on that day
Outstanding model recruit’s dad~~ ©

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140422 Eunhae tour in Tokyo:

At the beginning of concert, hyukmom stood up, and attempt to pull hyukdad to stand too but hyukdad dont want.

hyukmom was laughing while watching vcr.

when eunhae did the clap hand during i wanna dance hyukmom laugh again(: