[TRANS] SJ Treasure Within Us: Sitting Cushion Quiz!
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SS6 Osaka Day2-Eunhae moments:

-eunhae rubbing their butts to siwon and kangin rubbing his crotch to Siwon

- Donghae started singing Kimi Ga Naitara then asked elf to continue but we couldn’t so he said go home practice before our tour and he said D&E will have tour next year

Hyuk singing kimi ga naitara and asked everyone to continue but Kangin kyu and heenim continued and changed to other song hahahaha

- hyuk saying the phone message in japanese then hae said “moshi moshi eunhyuk” then hyuk suddenly screamed “I love you" 

-Eunhae exchange glances during Mr Simple…. hyuk look at hae. Hae was like acknowledging him ♡♡

-hae couldn’t run fast to main stage so hyuk ran slowly with him and walked together to the main stage <3

-Today hae initiated the kiss… but only kiss on mic piece of hyuk

- Donghae hugs Hyukkie at the end and clings to him like a koala as the stage goes down :333

- so many Eunhae hugs today!!

- Teuk brought Mamacita Japanese version album and showed to fans.Hyuk said they looked handsome on the album. The middle ones. "Siwon. Hyuk. Donghae. Teuk.”

- When hyuk started to sing Donghae and kangin “LEE HYUKJAE.” and he stopped right away kkkk

- Donghae told everyone to sit down then hyuk sit on stage then hae told him to stand up then hyuk told everyone to stand up and hae told us to sit up then they keep bickering

-hae “ today is our 3318th day meeting. I’m really sorry for yesterday. but bcs everyone prayed and supported me I got better a lot faster  and I enjoyed today so much. if I have you, I don’t need money. if I have you, I don’t need car. if I have you, I’m happy forever.I really, really, really love you. muacks !!”

hyuk: “why is everyone so pretty ? don’t be too pretty, they’ll be bad ppl around. dameyo dame dame ! but don’t worry ! I’ll protect you !bcs I’m strong. please love only me alone, I don’t know all these ppl (while pointing at members”



Kangin said my aim is to send members to military then hae raised his hand “me ! next year” and hyuk followed “me too”

teuk said to hyuk you will regret what you said now then hae said “but that doesn’t mean we dont have to go right”

inseparable T_________T

cr: hyukarmpits


[Fanacc] 141029 SS6 Tokyo Day 1 - Heechul

Heechul wears the SS6 Tokyo mask XD I doubt he is the one who makes it lol

I’m pretty sure Hee has lipstick on lol

Lmao Heechul looked at two girls’ boobs and chased the girl with smaller ones away lmao

I can’t Heenim is so sexy ;((( He wore a long white shirt with the top button unbuttoned ;______; Red lips ;_______;

Heenim has this disheveled hair and his upper white shirt is unbutton and he look damn sexy FML

Intro: Heechul is so smart, he just led us to shout his tag line and that’s it hahaha

Islands: Heenim’s mic not functioning? Can’t hear his high note part in Islands tho ;;

This is love: When Heechul sang his part he changed his lyrics ‘your heechul is smiling’ and then he kinda felt embarrassed HAHAHAH

Frozen: HEENIMMMMMM SO PRETYYYYYY. Kyu showing off boobs while Heenim cat walking behind him hahahaha


Heenim tapped on Haeboobs hahahahaha and Hae looking smug lmfao

Heenim “It’s my first time in Tokyo dome. so excited so excited” hahaha he was holding hands with Hyuk hihihi and got smacked by Kangin

Teuk announcing SS6 Fukuoka then members jumped around and Siwon laying on the floor and Heenim tried to kiss him fuck

Siwon lied down and Heechul tried to kiss him. Then Heechul lied down and Siwon tried to kiss him…

Now Siwon is trying to kiss Heechul on the lips. But it looks like he’s trying to eat his face. I swear. O_O

Kyu said my gf is also Japanese and showed audiences, then Heenim pointed on a red mark on his neck and asked what’s this what’s this

Heechul just did a very deep bow :)

When they did the thumb kiss, Teuk ran to a corner to do a heart and bow to fans 3 later Chul went to kick him haha

photos by: EnergyO_oW 

One Fine Day- Eunhae moments:

*They began to argue :

Hae : I get annoyed when I look at you! Why you grow to be like this?

Hyuk: Then you look somewhere else!!

**Then, Hyukjae tried to put his leg on Hae’s lap…**

Hae : This is my seat!!! Why are you doing this!!!

**Then Hae poured water onto Hyuk’s leg!!!!** 

*hae gave his sit in the train to an old lady then she asked “you have cold ?” bcs he wore mask then hyuk said “no, no wash face" 

*Hyuk: the place is so close….

Hae repeated : OH, THE PLACE IS SO CLOSE!!

Hyuk: Only left one more station….


vid link :[x]

*eunhae talked too much so they missed their stop.

donghae:its all your fault!!why do you talk so much?!


* can they just kiss?

*Hyukjae said that he has never seen this side of donghae before

donghae:although you’ve known me for 15 years, you still don’t know me well.”

Hyukjae : don’t try to act smart, it doesnt suit you,rather than gag dances,being dumb is better..you are in the palm of my hand!

donghae:i am much bigger than your palm

*Sharing room ^^

*donghae went in to shower. And hyuk went in too.. when hyuk sww hae he said “you look sexy?” And then hae starts making these sounds like “ahhh ugghh” HAHAHAH and hyuk asks him what are you doing..? And hae screams" im showering in cold water!!!!!!!!“

*Luggage Packing:

Hae: Your Tshirt looks good. Wearing it later?

When Hyuk walks out, Hae "steals” the hat (:

* teuk: so how was your first night? is hae ok

hyuk: ah thats. that went fine i guess *shy shy* hae is sleeping now

*Sleeping together ♥

* -taking care of his boyfriend ^^-


*eunhae having fun singing xD

*After teukhyukhae got onto the cable car(?), Hyuk suddenly said “oh it feels like a club” then he started dancing. Then suddenly teuk exclaimed “who touched my butt!!” The cable car suddenly jerked and hyukjae exclaimed in korean “everyone don’t panic! Don’t panic!” Then he continued “okay now let’s change positions so those at the windows come inside and we can go to the window." 

*Teuk: the weather is so good today, I feel like spending money….

Hyuk: Here?

Hae: Buy me a watch, hyung.

Hyuk: Buy me a watch, hyung.

Teuk: ….let’s move on, we don’t have time.

*Hyuk took a bite of Hae’s bread  and donghae got mad

Hae: You finished my bread!

Hyuk: i just took a bite..here you go then..

Hae: I dont want it!, its dirty!there is saliva…the saliva is like cheese..


*waiting dinner and playing..


*Hae : Eunhyuk always says "Untill when should i understand you?” But i like it when he says that.


*donghae walking away, hyukjae sitting there with his head in his hands looking like he just lost everything in life ;-;



[FANACCOUNT/ D&E Concert Nagoya Day 2] During Ten Years performance, EunHae were sitting on the stairs at the end of upper stage then they moved to the center. They kept staring at each other then laughed. Later they switched places and hyuk kept touching hae’s legs and thighs and Donghae can’t continue singing but laughing instead XD cr 日本菲菲/hyukarmpits