One Fine Day- Eunhae moments:

*They began to argue :

Hae : I get annoyed when I look at you! Why you grow to be like this?

Hyuk: Then you look somewhere else!!

**Then, Hyukjae tried to put his leg on Hae’s lap…**

Hae : This is my seat!!! Why are you doing this!!!

**Then Hae poured water onto Hyuk’s leg!!!!** 

*hae gave his sit in the train to an old lady then she asked “you have cold ?” bcs he wore mask then hyuk said “no, no wash face" 

*Hyuk: the place is so close….

Hae repeated : OH, THE PLACE IS SO CLOSE!!

Hyuk: Only left one more station….


vid link :[x]

*eunhae talked too much so they missed their stop.

donghae:its all your fault!!why do you talk so much?!


* can they just kiss?

*Hyukjae said that he has never seen this side of donghae before

donghae:although you’ve known me for 15 years, you still don’t know me well.”

Hyukjae : don’t try to act smart, it doesnt suit you,rather than gag dances,being dumb is better..you are in the palm of my hand!

donghae:i am much bigger than your palm

*Sharing room ^^

*donghae went in to shower. And hyuk went in too.. when hyuk sww hae he said “you look sexy?” And then hae starts making these sounds like “ahhh ugghh” HAHAHAH and hyuk asks him what are you doing..? And hae screams" im showering in cold water!!!!!!!!“

*Luggage Packing:

Hae: Your Tshirt looks good. Wearing it later?

When Hyuk walks out, Hae "steals” the hat (:

* teuk: so how was your first night? is hae ok

hyuk: ah thats. that went fine i guess *shy shy* hae is sleeping now

*Sleeping together ♥

* -taking care of his boyfriend ^^-


*eunhae having fun singing xD

*After teukhyukhae got onto the cable car(?), Hyuk suddenly said “oh it feels like a club” then he started dancing. Then suddenly teuk exclaimed “who touched my butt!!” The cable car suddenly jerked and hyukjae exclaimed in korean “everyone don’t panic! Don’t panic!” Then he continued “okay now let’s change positions so those at the windows come inside and we can go to the window." 

*Teuk: the weather is so good today, I feel like spending money….

Hyuk: Here?

Hae: Buy me a watch, hyung.

Hyuk: Buy me a watch, hyung.

Teuk: ….let’s move on, we don’t have time.

*Hyuk took a bite of Hae’s bread  and donghae got mad

Hae: You finished my bread!

Hyuk: i just took a bite..here you go then..

Hae: I dont want it!, its dirty!there is saliva…the saliva is like cheese..


*waiting dinner and playing..


*Hae : Eunhyuk always says "Untill when should i understand you?” But i like it when he says that.


*donghae walking away, hyukjae sitting there with his head in his hands looking like he just lost everything in life ;-;


D&E 2nd Tour - Fukuoka Day 2

Hyuk’s parents, Hae’s mom, Donghwa and Kyu are all there!

Hyuk: ah I can see kyuhyun! I couldn’t see wook ystd!
Kyu did an action to his shoulders.
Hyuk: are you saying that wook is short?

Hae: didn’t I tell you to not throw your tissues here?
Hyuk: but I always reuse!
Hae: I just want to give you a new one

Hyu: kyu ah how’s our concert?
Kyuhyun signaled that the talk is a little too long.
Hyukjae: okay~ in order to satisfy kyuhyun, we will talk for 2 hours today

Hyuk: wook came ystd. and kyu came today~ are you here to learn our skills?
Hae: Yesterday morning, yesung also called me to tell me that he had been training his dancing skills for these two years and didn’t sing at all.
Hyukjae: I hope he stops doing that
Hae: exactly. He always call me early in the mornings, I want to hang up but I can’t. Such a burden.

When Donghae was singing Love you love you more, he pointed briefly at Hyukjae!

Hyuk: I’m so nervous today because kyuhyun is always criticizing my singing.
Hae: it’s ok~ ballad time I over!

Hyuk: I am very nervous, bcs no matter where I practice, Kyu normally criticizes.
Hae: It’s ok now, the Ballad time is finished!

Since this is the last concert we made a toast with water bottles xD Donghae said “soju desu” and Hyuk corrected him by saying “it’s sake”

Hyukjae asked Donghae if he wanted to do one shoot with the water but he said no~ ahahaha

Hyuk: just now when we were singing I saw a fan crying. Are yall really so worried about our singing skills?

After kyu sang at ghm, hae exclaimed “wow! is he real?” then hyukjae replied “no this is a 3d effect. Our concert is so amazing.”

Hae: Why do we look like we are the guests of Kyu’s solo concert?
Hyuk: no, i am the MC.
Hae: We are like the casual ppl who come out to speak during the break when Kyu changes clothes..!

Kyu spot on D&E’s special microphone and said ‘Sugoi~~’
Then Hyuk ask Kyu Is KRY have Mic like this Kyu said N..no

Hyuk: why do members of KRY look fatter?
Hae: gain luck gain luck~ (this is direct trans but it means grown fatter)

Hyuk “You came here to promote KRY right?”
Kyu “We won’t bore you guys like this!”
Hyuk “What are you going to do? KRY is all ballads so that’s boring enough”
Kyu “You think it’s just going to be ballads?”
Hyuk “Then what? Yesung’s selca Show?”

Hae: let’s go be concert guests! We don’t need to do anything else, just hipthrust for 3 minutes of remix.
Hyukjae: they will sing 30 songs and fans will still be calm and clap. But the moment we perform fans will scream!

Donghae is so clingy to Kyuhyun. He kept touching, hugging and petting him. Then he started cleaning his ears. Kyu got mad and yelled at him

Kyu: Yesung said he is number 1 in Japan
Hyuk: That was 2 years ago
Kyu: but he was holding the recent data

Kyu: you all are mine!!
Hyuk: wae wae this is D&E concert
Kyu: I dont Carr D&E fans are mine
Hyuk: So kyuhyun is mine

Kyu: can I go off now?
Eunhae: why? Let’s talk tgt!
Kyu: I’m having a stomachache
Eunhae: we have to stand tgt till the last sec.

They asked Kyu to do the “eeeeeeeh janaika” but they were behind us telling us to do the “eeee D&E night” we did and Kyu was :///// so they said to him to do it one more time but he didn’t want to and Donghae kicked him on the butt. He did it again and we said “D&E night” and Kyu said doushiteeeeee

- before encore
Hae: Don’t play anymore, let us sing all the songs and we can relax a bit. We still have some activities later on, to dance chok chok dance and Kyuhyun need to come up the stage one more time

Hyuk: We ate with people from Avex. Although I’m not the one who started talking about it, we talked about going to Tokyo Dome
Hae: okay don’t be too excited. We are just saying, it will be great if we can go. Everyone don’t need congratulate us now

Hae took a helmet and threw it to hyukjae but hyukjae used his head to hit it.
Hae: what are you doing!
Hyuk: ah pain! I think I’m bleeding…
Hae: what?! I think it’s really bleeding, what are doing I just wanted you to catch it…,

during oppa oppa hyuk willingly showed his cheek to hae and hae kissed it firmly ㅠㅠ♡

During Oppa Oppa Eunhae were separated but then hyuk pointed his finger to hae and made gesture like "come here”, hae lost to temptation and kissed him

During gift instead of the usual video they showed a video with ELF and staff writing messages to D&E the message were like lets meet at Dome next time" “saranghae” “next time we wiII go together to the dome” **
D&E didn’t know about the video and they sat on the stage watching it and they cried

[** Nemoto-san wrote msg for eunhae “Mommy is happy because of having these cool men” (Eunhae call nemoto-san as “mom” (okaa-san) because she is their translators whenever SJ is on japan and she was also there for D&E 1st tour)
The staffs in video said “please take us to tokyo dome”]

Hyuk: I know what everyone is thinking about!
Hae: What?
Hyuk: Ah,i wanna go on the stage …i wanna wipe his sweat.. that T shirt…i want..ahh perverts!
Hae: No wonder.

Hyuk: it’s okay if you go even crazier over us, it’s okay if you are more pervertic….

Hyukjae: if only we could go to (Tokyo) Dome, it’d be so nice
Donghae: no
Hyukjae: o_o?
Donghae: then when we have talks, we will be further away from the fans
Hyukjae: then we can just go around the stadium a few times, go up to 2nd level, 3rd level as well~

Eunhae bullying translator and she danced chokiwa !

When they called the dancers on the stage all of them were crying

Hyuk: because of the staffs and fans we are able to do the concert. But of course without us this won’t happen too

- donghae’s last speech

From April we really had a great time together for a month. We didn’t really plan all of this but when we worked hard, before we know it we managed to make time to meet each other, we managed to have the time where we keep giving and receiving love. After this, if we keep working hard those time will increase. After this, we‘ll live life to the fullest while sharing our love. I will keep being the Donghae who can keep receiving love from everyone. Thank you.

- hyukjae’s last speech

I have a lot of things to say but I don’t know how am I supposed to say them. Thank you so much. After this concert ends, I don’t know when can I meet everyone again. But I believe everyone will always stay with us. And, we  will not forget about everyone and we wish to spend time while being thankful for all the loves. Saying farewell is really lonely but we’ll greet you for the last time. (in Japanese) Thanks to everyone, we managed to come up until here. We won’t forget everyone’s love and we’ll work even harder. Thank you.

Eunhyuk’s last words: Please wait for us.

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(FAN ACCOUNT) 150404 D&E Japan Tour - Eunhyuk Donghae 

at the beginning hae asked if he can take off his cloth then hyuk “let’s take off together, everyone too”. then hyuk really tried to pull -..donghae was recalling body’s part in japanese while pointing at his own then suddenly hyukjae “chikubi” and pointed at hae’s left nipple wtf..then hyuk stared at hae’s body up and down, stopped at his crotch area and hae screamed “where are you looking !!!” hyuk “your that” I DIED..down hae’s zipper and hae slapped him lmao elf screamed and hyuk “see I told you they like this kind of thing” hae “pervert !!!” HAHAHAHA..hyuk literally said “omae no soko” means your that hahahahahah fucking eunhae..

fan acc by::hyukarmpits 

pics by::日本菲菲]


Scans from 150110 MingPao Weekly about The Youth:
Mentioned inside that Donghae said around end April~May D&E tour will start. And after Yesung comes back from military, they will probably have a new album
It is said that Siwon has interest in developing his music skill and asked about featuring in D&E to Donghae. Donghae said D&E and Siwon are the same age line and they have a good relationship with each other. However, because Siwon is tall, he didn’t qualify for the featuring ㅋㅋ
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150902 ELF-JAPAN Magazine with D&E :

Question: if you get 1 day break in japan what would you do ? 

hyuk: fight with donghae

Eunhae flirting backstage ^^

Hyuk playing with donghae’s hair..

Hands (ToT)

Selfie time ㅋㅋ

Hyuk pretending to be hairstylist XD

Hyuk teaching donghae which one is water and which one is mic (:

Another eunhae flirting backstage

Eunhae having fun sliding down the stairs *kids ^^*

Eunhae during rehearsal ㅋㅋ

Lee donghae what are you doing to hyukㅋㅋ

Hyuk always turn into a 5 year old kid whenever he’s with donghae (ToT)

Hae being all serious during filming and laughed right after it ends and hyuk took a secret pic while smiling ㅠㅠ

You are our best gift too ;A;

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D&E’s special interview: “Our relationship with ELF is the one where we doesn’t need word to communicate. There’s no way we can say what is ELF to us in one word. That’s how much they mean to us. But if we have to, it will be sarang, love, ai. From Donghae Eunhyuk to D&E, we’re always on the receiving end, so we made this album with thought of repaying everyone. we’ll be happy if you listen and enjoy it.” | Trans by hyukarmpits (c)


* Eunhae performed The Beat Goes On, Sweater & Jeans, Breaking Up, Mother, 1+1=LOVE, and GROWING PAINS
* Eunhae both squatted down to tie shoelaces facing each other. When hyukjae talked donghae patted his head.
* Hae said that he is E and Hyuk is D. Teuk said he’s N. When hyukjae wiped his sweat Donghae gave him a whole bunch of tissues
* If D&E gets top 10, hyukjae promises to watch a movie with fans and donghae promises to sing after the movie.
* Teuk said that he almost cried while watching the mv. Hyuk asked if it was bc of him and teuk said no it’s bc of donghae.
Hae: It’s so awkward to speak alone. 
 Teuk: In comparison to me and Hyuk, you spoke the least. Speak more.
Hae:Hyuk ah, thou you are not as good looking as me. 
 Hyuk: What’s wrong with my looks. My mum is here. 
Hae: I hope you can love your mum more
* Teuk asked eunhae to tell each other something using the sentence “as much as me” (korean title of Growing Pains means You as much as me) Hyuk to hae : “Donghae, you cant talk as well as me, you are not as funny as me but i think your face is a bit handsome like mine” and then hae wanted to say something to hyuk about his face too but hyuk stopped him and said “my mom is here watching you!!” hahaha so hae to hyuk : “i think you.. you should love your mother..” lol xD
* Hyuk: Hae, thou u can’t be like me who can speak well and with sense but your face no bad, voice good & compose also good.
*  Hyuk: there’s a movie I’ve always wanted to watch with donghae but he’s always too busy for me.
* The spotlight was only shone one donghae, and hyukjae was in the dark. So donghae pulled hyukjae beside him
* When hyukjae was talking, donghae was helping hyukjae wipe his sweat on his forehead. Then donghae started poking hyukjae’s head
* Eunhae did korean style of salute while singing 1+1=love,folded their arms,kept their shoulders up,stood in the middle of the stage and bowed when facing their moms.
Donghae:my height and hyuk’s height is similar.when we were young ,during super show 1,we performed together for our solos.because i felt that it was very lonely , i begged to be with eunhyuk,and i told him:”if you’re beside me,it will be better”
* Leeteuk:Earlier on when i was brushing my teeth with donghae,i told him that his condition didn’t seem too good today.Then donghae said that his feeling today are as if he’s debuting again
* EH: Thank you for coming to see us. This is our first korean album, we put a lots of effort in it would be amazing if you all like it

D&E 2nd Tour - Fukuoka Day 1

Hyukjae’s parents, Donghae’s mum and Wook are all there!

Hyuk: someone I love a lot if here today~
Fans: Ryeowook!
Hyuk: nope~ I’m here!
Hae: donghae is here too~

Hyuk: the fans today didn’t memorize our lyrics! you guys are really our fans~ you’re here to see our faces! Albums are not impt~

Hyuk: everyone looks good even without make up!
Hae: pretty even if barefaced~
Hyuk: no, actually it’s better if you put make up. We applied thick make up too!
Hae: what? I didn’t apply any!
Hyuk: than what’s on your eyes?
Hae: I woke up like this!!!

Hyuk: don’t you all wish to see Wook, there’ll be KRY concert soon..
everybody don’t go >_> or do you want to see us dance~ we sing better than
KRY too~ just watch us, it’s enough~

omg during mother the camera just turned to film hyukjae’s mom instead of the usual VCR T_____T

Hyuk: alright~ the ballad time that ryeowook is watching has ended~
Wook: The best!
Hyuk: of course~

Hyuk: ryeowook sings really well~
Hae: I’ll go prepare to sing a ballad later!
Hyuk: no, you can only sing with me.

Hae: yesung is coming out in one month’s time. I hope he stops using sns~

Hae: I didn’t fall asleep during Ryeowook’s solo…..but I fell asleep during kyuhyun’s…..
After hae said that he fell asleep during kyu’s solo, hyuk said “he will hear this!” then hae replied “it’s ok, he’s not here anw”

Hae: I went to the beach with Hyukjae last night, and it was right beside fukuoka dome. So I told hyuk, “Hyukjae ah, we will be able to go to the dome.”
But Hyukjae said “No Donghae ah. We can only go to the dome with our fans.”

Donghae said that he was holding onto hyukjae’s hand while telling the latter that they will perform in the dome in the future.

Hae: during the celebratory party after today’s concert, let’s get drunk!!!!!
Hyuk: already drunk!!

Hae: if only our mothers were slimmer…
Hyuk: I’ve told them that they need to exercise more!
Hae: but they’re still pretty moms~

D&E talking in Spanish, mentioning the Surrond Viewing in Chile
E: Hi, we are Super Junior.
We are…. Eunhyuk.
D: We are Donghae.
E: I love you.
D: ….(in korean) ok, that‘s it.

They used ‘we‘ as ‘somos‘ (plural of I‘m (yo soy))
when they aaid their personal introductions lol

Hae: hyukjae you’re so handsome!
Hyuk: you too
Hae: not as handsome as you~ I want to be reborn as you!
Hyuk: that’s impossible.

Ryeowook sang the ballad version of Saturday night and donghae said “ryeowook ah sing this during kry’s concert!”
Wook: no.

Ryeowook: I have to leave because I have broadcast tomorrow~ but someone else will come tomorrow~~~

During intro of VCR, the cam zoomed in to hyukjae’s hand. Then donghae exclaimed “what happened to your hand! why is it injured?”

Hyuk: can I take off my clothes?
Elf: yes!
Hyuk: ok! everyone’s hentai right ! I’m hentai too♡

Hyuk: ryeowook you came last year too right? what is different about us?
Wook: more handsome! and shockingly you sang even better~

- about wook
Hyuk: he told me on SNS he want to meet me few days ago
Hae: me too ! l got a message !
Hyuk: no he said he want to meet me badly
Hae: somehow I felt so happy that I screencap the message

Wook: you know about our concert right?
Hyuk: not really
Wook: what?!
Hyuk: we are busy and we still have to prepare album when we get back to Korea

Hyuk: KRY coming soon right? don’t go, we’ll be compared? KRY is a little better in singing
Hae: yesung hyung is surely grinding his teeth now
Hyuk: can he stop SNS ? those selcas
Hae: that’s impossible? that’s his unique hobby

- boys throwing water bottles at each other and the water wetting the stage

Hyuk: yaa stop it in
Hae: ahahahahaha ^^
Hyuk: mop the stage i!!
Hae: we’re not going to dance anymore, it’s okay right ^^

lmfao donghae stole the translator’s specs and brought it to stage and played with it with hyuk…  kids please hahahaha

- wook sang the ballad ver of saturday night
Hae: ryeowook-ah, sing this in KRY concert too
Wook: don’t want
Hae: fine
Donghae you sulking baby

After singing Mother &: Kimi Ga Naitara (ballad songs), D&E looked at Ryeowook who’s sitting Oh the back and asked whether their voices are good enough. RyeoWook said to them, “CHOEGO!” (*You’re the best). But they didn’t hear him well, then the audiences shouted to them, “SAIKOU!” (*You’re the best in Japanese), to convey RyeoWook’s Word!

* When hyuk showed the paper for omoide no tabi,camera zoomed on hyuk’s hand and donghae…*
Hae: wow you really have a lot of hair!
Hyuk: not that much
Hae: like monkey
Hyuk: because its cold..really,can you stop looking at that focus on the paper instead?

hyuk said wook used his own money for this trip and even brought sukira’s staffs with himㅋㅋ so those women earlier were his sukira noonas.

Eunhae were actually fighting over who wook misses the most, hyuk said hae got his message in group chat while wook sent straight to him.

Hyuk: Ah today someone came to see us…
fans scream thinking he was gonna introduce Ryeowook/
Hyuk: our moms ….  and…..you all…..  and…..a member of SJ…..
Donghae-ssi and……me
Finally in the end he said Ryeowook’s name

- talking about their dreams after new year video
hyuk: our dreams are coming true one by one
hae: we can anticipate for the next 2 years right

Hyuk: yesterday we thought of meeting the persons in charge for fukuoka dome but we didn’t manage to
Hae: we need to bring around 35000 fans together as well
Hyuk: everyone pls wait at home ! we’ll go together later okay

Eunhyuk: Ah today there are a lot fans~
Donghae: Yes they are, but they dont know the lyrics of our songs
Eunhyuk: Right….it seems like they only look at our faces but dont listen to our song. But its okay. Have fun anyway today

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