"This burden is for me to carry and not for them"

Who knew what started out as just shits and giggles would turn into angst that hunts your soul with just a bit of sad headcanons and drawings.

I’m making the reference to the fact the the fan man seems to remember their death. I think.

Character belongs to mysticbaconslice // ask-appliancealliance

( Special thanks to this dork here for giving me RP when I needed it BTW ; u ; It’s been days since they did it but I just uploaded this now so yeah my bad OTL BUT YES! THANK YOU FOR THE RP ; u ; Really appreciated it <3

Now I can try to get the DJ Sona haha xDD )


Contributors Wanted

I need to find a couple of people who would like to be contributing authors to this MAC Tumblr. I’m looking for people who will update it with MAC Collection News/Photos, Search through Tumblr and reblog MAC FOTDs, etc. Is any one interested? If so, please email us here: maccosmetics.tumblr@gmail.com


This might look like a crusty old computer fan and a lantern battery,

But looks can be deceiving. This is actually a very sophisticated, high volume, ultra portable air conditioning and filtration unit.