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Sealing the deal with a kiss

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She shoved you inside the room, leaving you disgruntled and grumbling your complaints. “Why me? Find someone else?”

“I swear to god I’ll make this up for you okay? I’ll tell you the details of our date!” she raised a hand up promising you, making you scoffed out in bewilderment. You were honestly not that single that you would need to live through her dates. You rolled your eyes before trying to move back out of the room. “I honestly don’t want to hear the details. They must be nasty if they includes you.” you scrunched your nose in disgust trying to push your way out of this task. “You bet they are and I’m not about to let this ruin It.” she pushed you back, placing each palms against one another, pleading for your help.

“Please— just please. I mean it’s not even hard for you. You’re a brilliant writer. I’m sure you’ll be able to whip up an amazing interview in like five minutes- then you can go back home and I’ll be thousands of miles away from you and they are all beautiful men! So you know more for you.” you looked at her, desperately trying to convince you with her sweet words making you sigh, because surely you could endure through this interview for her. It was this dreaded feeling, because you never liked mixing personal life into your work and now- here you were, trudging yourself inside the room where your boyfriend and his friends were waiting for you.

“You’re interviewing us?” Kiseok gasped out excitedly as he opened his arms wide in a welcoming gesture.

“All five of you better behave or I’m leaving and I’ll just write that all you toddlers couldn’t even sit through an interview.”

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Genre: Fluff; Gamer!AU

Pairing: Reader X I.M | Changkyun

Word Count: Roughly 700?

Warnings: Minhyuk being a dumb hoe

Drabble Game Prompt: “Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.” + “She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

Originally posted by kihyons

Alright, bro, we got this.” Changkyun rolled his eyes over his comm at Minhyuk’s assertion, “This is going to be a piece of cake.”

“Stop overreacting.” He answered, taking a large bite from his sandwich (no mayonnaise!) as he navigated through the swamp, “It’s just Overwatch.”

Just Overwatch?” That’s Hongbin’s voice that filtered through incredulously, the judgmental tone making Changkyun wince, “We better win this, or I’m not looking at your asses for another year.”

Okay kids, calm down.” Hyuk sounded amused, more than anything else, “Let’s just do this.”

Oh fuck.” He heard Minhyuk swear immediately after the teams were broadcasted, “Fucking fuck, fuck.”

“What’s the matter?” Changkyun’s heart nearly stopped in his chest, “We didn’t even start gameplay!”

Fuck, it’s ScarletMoon,” Hongbin added in, and Changkyun could hear the discontent coloring his tone, “Dude, she’s like the ultimate player.”

“What do you mean?” He asked, playing dumb. He totally didn’t know that was you, after all.

“She’s one of those players,” Minhyuk sounded serious, “She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

That sounded a lot more serious than it should have, Changkyun decided. Besides, he was supposed to be God-level too, based on what you’d told him, so how bad could it be?

“Let’s just focus.” He said, instead of gracing them with an answer.


As it turned out, coincidentally, Changkyun realized you had totally played him. He remembered you, quite vividly, saying that the two of you were on the same level, so a match between you would be fucking awesome. And, that wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t awesome in the good way.

Guys,” Hyuk announced, as he tried healing Hongbin’s shoulder wound, “We’re totally screwed.”

Well, that was true.

“Ugh, how could she lie to me like this?” Changkyun groaned mistakenly into the headpiece, because he was immediately attacked by a furious Minhyuk.

You KNEW she was playing?” He demanded, “No, scratch that, you KNOW HER IN REAL LIFE?”

“Yeah, man, calm down,” He winced at the burst in volume, “She’s my girlfriend, of course I know her?”

Then why did you pretend not to?!” Minhyuk mock sniffed as Hyuk started ‘ooooh’ing in the background, and Changkyun barely managed to dive for cover in time to escape a stray bullet, “I’m hurt! My baby’s in love and he never told me!

“It’s not love!” Changkyun protested uselessly, cheeks burning hot just as Hongbin yelled, “Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound!

“WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT LOVE, DAMN IT!” He bellowed in exasperation, “Just leave me alone, why?”

Not. Helping.” He could hear Hyuk grit out.

Shut up, he’s a love-struck young child.” Minhyuk was saying, and that was all it took for Changkyun to take off his headpiece and slam it down on the counter, switching his computer off. Fuck them and their dumb conversations. He didn’t care how much they’d yell at him about it the next day anyway.

“Something wrong?” He glanced up tiredly once he saw you enter, “Something about love?”

“Ugh, not you too.” He groaned as he saw the teasing smirk on your face, “Leave me alone, please.”

“Aish, you’re so cute.” You poked his cheek lightly, giggling, “You’re such a sore loser too, quitting on your team like that.”

“I’m not!” He protested, eyes wide, “Their conversations were annoying me!”

“Sure, sure.” You rolled your eyes, before setting yourself down in his lap nonchalantly, making his eyes bug out with his hyperventilation, “You’re so cute~”

You leaned down, pecking his nose affectionately, before placing one more—deeper, gentler—against his soft lips, giggling when he chased you desperately for more.

“You can take my mind off it?” He offered, and despite knowing how cheesy it was, you nodded, with a cheery grin.

“Anything for my sourpuss.” You teased, shrieking loudly as you clambered off his lap to escape his tickling fingers, “CAN’T CATCH ME, HAHA!”

“Get back here!” Changkyun yelled as he chased you, “Aish, Y/N!”

Despite everything, the house was filled with your giggles for the rest of the day. He could deal with Minhyuk later, after all, because spending time with you was always worth the annoyance.

Written By: Admin Midnight

Bleached; she’s too much

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Hyuk Woo had a weakness for the new girl Min Taek had introduced them too.

She was beautiful and her looks alone got Hyuk Woo feeling intimidated. The way her skirt grazed at the mid of her thigh made him gulped down whatever drink he could get his hand on. She seemed to notice it despite how hard Hyuk Woo tried to hide it. He avoided her eyes like the plague, only following after her figures when she wasn’t looking. It was the way her lips curved every time his eyes fell on her that made his heart skip a beat.

“You should go talk to her.” Sunghwa nudged his shoulder against Hyuk Woo’s in his attempt to catch the younger man’s attention.

Hyuk Woo pretended to be confused by the statement, moving to go back inside the studio and not standing there gawking at Min Taek working on a song with the girl that had caught his eyes. He could hear the soft chuckles that escaped the lips of his senior but opted to ignore it. There was something about the way you brought yourself that put him in his place. He was at the very least mediocre in looks and everything else.

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VIXX! Father Series: Kim Wonshik

Author’s Note: And here is the final part of the VIXX! Father Series :) Hope everyone enjoyed it! And have a good rest of the week ~

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          You hummed as you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around you in the middle of the night. Wonshik was home. He softly kissed your cheek as he snuggled up into you. Then as he usually did, he rubbed your growing bump lovingly, greeting his child as well.

           "Welcome home.“ you whispered, your voice a little raspy and dry.

           "Want some water, love?” he questioned, his voice showed how exhausted he was.

           You shook your head as you found his hands on your stomach and covered his hands with yours. “Let’s sleep.”

           He grunted and you immediately felt his body grow limp and his breathing heavier. You chuckled at your husband’s quick descent into slumber.  You dreamt about the look of pure joy on his face when you told him you had his first child inside you. You recalled his tears when you surprised him and revealed that the child was going to be a girl a few months later. With all these wonderful thoughts, you slept peacefully and woke up with a large smile on your face.

           But the positive outlook was short lived when you felt nauseous. You groaned and rolled out of bed, startling your husband as he felt the cool air that replaced your body around his arms. Although having a child was a beautiful thing, the reality of pregnancy was not as pretty. While you glowed at times, most of the time you felt heavy and sore from the extra weight. You snapped at your loving husband and you began being picky about food due to your changes in hormones and senses. However, he never held that over you and he only loved you more fiercely. This morning was no exception.

           He stretched and left the bed, following you to the bathroom worriedly. Silently, he knelt beside you as you stared at the toilet bowl, waiting for the wave of nausea to dissipate. He always wore a hair tie on his wrist for moments like this and so, he gently played with your hair, pulling it back into a ponytail so it was out of the way. You groaned miserably and he patted your back carefully, moving to massage your shoulders to relax you.

           "Anything?“ he questioned and you shook your head weakly. He smiled understandably and lifted you up off of the floor easily.

           You knew he had been working out to keep up with the extra weight you’ve been harboring and you were grateful. He wanted nothing more than to do what he could to ease you during this sensitive time. Laying you down on the couch upright, he cupped your face and looked at you lovingly.

           "You’re beautiful.” he smiled genuinely and your heart welled up at his honesty.

           You knew you were a mess, but he still thought the world of you in all your pregnant glory. How did you get so lucky?

           "I’ll get you some water.“ he whispered as he softly kissed your forehead.

           You opened your mouth and he finished your thought.

           "Yes, I’ll put that lemon in there for you.” he chuckled.

           You hummed as you leaned your head back, trying to relax as you felt the little life in your stomach squirming around.

           "Good morning to you, feisty little girl.“ you chuckled as you felt your daughter kick.

           "Is she kicking already?” Ravi laughed in his deep voice as he handed you the glass of water.

           "She’s strong like her dad. I can feel it.“ You grinned as Ravi cautiously rested his head on your baby bump.

           "And I know she’ll be as beautiful as her mother, right?” he hummed. “Good morning, my munchkin.”

           You smiled and stroked his hair. “You should get ready for practice, love.”

           He grumbled. He loved music, he loved being an idol, but he hated leaving you to care for yourself, especially since you were due soon.

           "I’ll call you if I need anything. Don’t worry.“ You reassured him as you played with his ear, knowing that he loved it.

           "Alright.” he exhaled, trying not to get too comfortable or else he would never make it to practice.          

          You turned on the stereo, wirelessly connecting your phone to it. Wonshik chuckled as he got ready as you began playing VIXX songs.

           "This is your dad’s music.“ You spoke to your child. "He produced some of these…but you don’t need to hear them yet. It’s for adult ears only.”

           Wonshik blushed as stepped out in sweats, overhearing his wife’s comment.

           "Bye, bye.“ You waved as he kissed the top of your head and grabbed his bag.

           "Take care. Call me, okay? My phone’s on loud.” he called out.

           "Don’t worry and do well!“ You cheered as he chuckled and walked out the door.


           "Wonshik!” Hakyeon yelled for the nth time during practice.

           Every time his phone had made any sort of noise, Wonshik had sprinted out of the dance formation to tend to it.

           "Sorry…“ he sheepishly apologized again.

           "Hyung, you have a special ringer for your wife.” Hyuk laughed, amused and also endeared by his hyung’s worry.

           "I know. I just…I don’t know if I missed it or something.“ he scratched the back of his head, embarrassed.

           "We all know the special ringer, so one of us has to hear it, okay?” Hakyeon sighed and patted his member’s back supportively.

           Wonshik nodded and walked back to the dance floor. Suddenly, his phone rang and he froze. It was her ring tone. All of the members stared at him, waiting for him to run to it.

           "HYUNG!“ Hyuk called him. "GO!”

           He snapped out of his nerves and hurried to his phone.

           "H-hi honey.“ he answered.

           "Wonshik…” you breathed.

           He heard other people’s voices in the background and other noises.

           "What’s happening?“

           "My water broke, and YF/N is taking me to the hospital.” you chuckled nervously.

           Wonshik dropped the phone, stunned. It was happening. It was happening.

           "Uh uh uh…“ he flailed and looked around. "What do I do? What do I do?”

           "What’s happening?“ his members questioned.

           "Her water broke!” he stared at them with wide bewildered eyes.

           "HYUNG GET TO THE HOSPITAL!“ Hyuk packed his stuff for him as he stood in the middle of the room frozen.

           He was going to be a father soon. It was overwhelming. He felt dizzy.

           "Wonshik-ah.” Hakyeon placed a hand on his shoulder. “We’ll drive you there.”

           All he could do was nod and let his members drag him into the car where he stared out the window in a daze. As soon as he spotted the hospital, he knew he had to get to you. He couldn’t leave you alone. He knew that and that’s what drove him out of his trance of nerves and panic. He sprinted to the delivery room where the registration nurse had stated you were. There you were groaning in pain, sweating as nurses bustled around you. He rushed to your side and held your hand.

           "I’m here. I’m here.“ he breathed. "What do I do?”

           "Wonshik.“ You cried from the pain and squeezed his hand tightly.

           "What can I do?” he looked around the room awkwardly, hoping there was some sort of idea. He felt useless. There you were, having contractions and the other workers were working to prepare for delivery. All he could do was be by your side. He had never experienced or seen a birth before but he didn’t think it would sound like you were dying and certainly, didn’t expect to see you crying. He was nervous and he wished he could hold you and share part of the pain with you. But all he could do was stand there and gawk at the beads of sweat mixed with tears rolling down your face.

           "She’s dilated enough. It’s go time.“

           Wonshik’s eyes widened as his gaze went back and forth between the people in gowns. Time? Dilation? What? He had no clue what was happening. He curiously drifted down to where the hospital staff was staring intently, and he was roughly pulled back by his wife.

           "DON’T LOOK!” she growled.

           He blushed and obediently retreated, soon feeling her nails digging into his skin as he winced. Is this what it meant to share her pain?

           "WONSHIK!“ You screamed. "We took classes together! Do something!”

           He widened his eyes, almost forgetting the birthing classes you had dragged him to. Frankly, he didn’t really pay attention and simply followed instructions as he heard them.

           "Oh uummm…ahh… breathe…“ he stammered as inhaled and exhaled deeply.

           You squeaked as your face contorted in pain and he panicked.

           "Ah! I don’t know what to do!” he was flustered as he started wiping your face with his hands. He wasn’t good at remembering things so he went with his intuition. “You’re doing so well, honey. You’re doing good. Just look at me and breathe.”

           He didn’t know what to do, but he wanted to help and if being there was the only thing he could actually do, he would try to make the best out of it. You obediently gazed into his eyes and Wonshik smiled, caressing your hands gently.

           "You’re strong. You can do this.“ he complimented.

           You sobbed from the pain but your eyes never left his gentle face. His apparent admiration, worry, and panic all made you want to do your best and deliver your daughter safely to him.

           "You’re beautiful. I love you so much.” he continued to whisper compliments as you alternated pushing and breathing.

           And you focused on his words of encouragement and love to ease your pain.

           "We’re in this together okay?“ he smiled and kissed your forehead.

           You nodded and squeezed his hand, determined. 

           A couple of hours later, you both finally heard a cry resound throughout the room. Wonshik burst into tears as you exhaled in relief, exhaustion finally hitting you.

           "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kim! You have a beautiful, healthy, baby girl.” the nurse smiled as she handed them their child a few minutes later.

           You held your daughter in your arms preciously as Wonshik continued to kiss the top of your head proudly. Both of you were crying, overwhelmed by the events that had changed your lives forever. You were both looking at your daughter. Your love had created another human being and here she was. Beautiful and already smiling. Your little miracle.

           "Hold her.“ You urged.

           Wonshik was nervous and he slightly backed away, a million different scenarios of how he could hold his child wrong flashed in his mind. But you simply laughed and nodded to encourage him.

           "Hold your daughter." 

           Slowly, he finally outstretched his arms and held the tiny, fragile baby. She fit right in his arms comfortably.

            He was a father. 

           Tears trickled down his face as it dawned on him. He was a father now. You smiled. Your husband was always more sensitive; he was a musician after all. He felt everything deeply and you loved that intensity about him. Knowing that your daughter was in safe hands, you leaned your head back, letting sleep overcome you as you ingrained the image of your husband swaying with your daughter in his arms.

           You heard his soft, deep voice echoing around the room when you woke up hours later. He was singing something to your daughter, but you were still hazed with tiredness that you couldn’t make out the words. You didn’t recognize it, but your husband looked so pleased as he sang the melody in his uniquely nasally but skillful voice. Not taking your eyes off of them sitting in the corner of the room, you smiled lovingly. Then as soon as you thought that you couldn’t be more in love with Kim Wonshik, you heard him whisper to his daughter.

           "I made that song for you, my little angel.”


Reaction no. 87: When you’re in the car with your friends and your favourite song comes on the radio . 

VIXX and Your Ex

When you’re on a date with them and your ex approaches you stating he wants you back.

N – After your ex’s declaration there’d be about five seconds of silence as Hakyeon got over his initial shock at the sheer audacity of the man. If your ex wasn’t smart enough to leave in that five seconds N would verbally rip him a new one. Topics ranging from how your ex treated you to how rude he’s currently being to how much happier you are now. The litany really would go on for a while, not really letting you get a word in edgewise so you’d have to settle for nodding with each point N made that you agreed with. After the ex slinked away N would still bitch about it the rest of the night.

Leo – Dead man walking. As soon as Taekwoon realized who this joker was and saw how tense you’ve become he’s not going to mess around. Fixing his most intimidating expression on his face he’d stand from the table and quietly tell your ex to leave. Leo knows your feelings about your ex, so he's not worried about you running back to him. But he absolutely will not tolerate anyone making you feel uncomfortable. To show that it wasn’t just Leo speaking for you, you’d also ask your ex to go and then hold your breath, hoping there wouldn’t be a scene. Your ex would depart after an intense stare down. Sitting back down Leo would resume eating as if nothing happened, except the vicious stabbing at his food betrayed that he was still pretty angry. You’d need to give him a few minutes to level out again.

Ken – Ken would just find the whole situation incredibly awkward and not really know what to do. He’d stay quiet and passive as long as voices stayed at normal speaking volume. Ken absolutely hates seeing you get upset but wouldn’t intervene unless the guy didn’t take no for an answer. If that were the case Ken would try to reason with him. Pointing out you were getting agitated he’d ask the ex politely to move along for your benefit. Ken would also try to manipulate him by saying if the ex really cared about you he wouldn’t want to see you so unhappy. After the ex left Ken would give you a little bit to let your emotions settle and then try to get you out of your gloomy mood by reminding you of your present cute loveable boyfriend.

Ravi – His protective and territorial instincts would kick into overdrive. Not reacting as aggressively as Leo, he’d still be pretty pissed off and not afraid to show it. Leaning back in his seat and draping an arm across the back of your chair his body language would be unconcerned, almost flippant even though anyone could sense the anger roiling just beneath. Pelting your ex with questions like, “Are you really standing here right now? Interrupting our date with your pathetic whining cause you were too stupid to let her go in the first place? Get lost, man.” If your ex didn’t take the hint Ravi would lean forward on the table and deliver a glare you’d never seen your cream puff of a boyfriend give, not even on stage. So unexpected, you’d actually be a little scared. As soon as your ex turned tail Ravi would be so solicitous and sweet with you, asking if you were all right. It’d be such a rapid change in demeanor it’d make your head spin.

Hongbin – Ah, non-confrontational Bean is non-confrontational. Hongbin would let you express your own displeasure at the intrusion and silently support you with a hand squeezing your leg under the table. However his thoughts on the matter would be crystal clear to everyone once they saw his extreme judging face in action. While not actively aggressive, all it would take would be a raised voice from your ex to bring out “Voodoo” Hongbin to glare him down. Underneath all that though he’d feel a bit threatened and mentally start comparing himself to your ex. It would ease his mind to hear you strongly refuse your ex’s offer but he would still ask you a few questions throughout the night about your happiness in your current relationship with him.

Hyuk – ManHyuk is not amused but he’s going to hold his tongue at first as he gets the feel of the situation. His reaction would be dictated by yours. If you’re not that concerned and fairly dismissive he’d affect a snide smirk and maybe toss out a sarcastic barb. If you’re more visibly upset by your ex’s presence Hyuk will just matter-of-factly tell your ex to beat it or he’ll involve security. Hyuk isn’t worried about proving anything to you, he just wants you comfortable and happy and he’s going to utilize the most efficient way to get that done. Once it was over he’d try to bring up the mood. Unfortunately he’s still young enough to make the mistake of asking what you ever saw in the guy, which would rub you the wrong way but you’d keep it to yourself.

Protection (M)

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‘I’m going back after lunch.’ Hyuk Woo answered his president as he continued to look at the screen as Sunghwa finishes producing his song. He turned around when he heard Kiseok asking him. ‘What?’ he asked completely out of it. He wasn’t completely listening to anything his seniors was saying or was even involved in their conversations unless he was spoken to directly. ‘I asked-’ Kiseok rolled his eyes repeating once more at an incredibly slow pace.

‘Yeah?’ Hyuk Woo cut him off impatiently. He could see Kiseok narrowing his eyes at the younger man irritated at how weird he was acting.

‘He’s just excited.’ Sunghwa helped his younger friend who bit his lips guiltily finally noticing how impatient he was being. Sunghwa looked up at Hyuk Woo who smiled apologetically at Kiseok. ‘Excited about what?’

‘His girlfriend is coming to town.’ Sunghwa teased as Hyuk Woo grinned up at Kiseok who was now grinning finally understanding why he was acting strange. Kiseok after that had continuously teased him over even small little details that he did.

‘Aish I know you’re excited-’ he would start at every sentence every time he talked to Hyuk Woo.

‘I just wanted to get some water.’ Hyuk Woo smiled amused at his senior.

‘Aish how incredible to be young and in love.’ Kiseok shook his and clicked his tongue making everyone laughed at the dramatic sigh and the completely unrelated reply he was giving Hyuk Woo. ‘When is she arriving?’ Kiseok asked Hyuk Woo who had his eyes stuck to his phone. He looked up and perked his eyebrows signalling for Kiseok to repeat the question and Kiseok grinned at being able to tease him further. ‘Aish I remembered when I was young and-’

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