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Welcome home (Hyuk smut)

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Genre: smut

Length: 2.4k

Pairing: Han Sanghyuk (Hyuk) + you

Summary: Hyuk comes home from tour early after promoting vixx’s new comeback song

I’m sorry @hansanghyukisillegal you waited so long for this !!! Hopefully you like it.

(P.s sorry this concept is kinda overused but i did it anyways)


It had been 6 weeks since you’d last seen Sanghyuk, 6 W E E K S. It was torture. You missed him dearly while he was away since you were used to cuddling up with him every night for the past few weeks before he had to start preparing for his comeback. Of course you had dealt with this over the passed several years of being with Hyuk, but every comeback seemed to get harder and you missed him so much. It had been around 6 months since his last comeback and you were used to being around him constantly. You had to try and cram as many phone and Skype calls in but it still didn’t seem like enough. Time difference + Hyuk’s schedule + your job weren’t a good combination and it resulted in lonely nights and minimal conversations being exchanged between the two of you.

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Working for AOMG could only be described as an experience. There was never a dull moment no matter where you were.  You could be at the office, working an event, or even just hanging out after work and the AOMG family would find some way to liven up the evening. You loved it, of course, but there were moments when too much was too much.

After a week of going out with the AOMG artists every night, you couldn’t take any more. You needed a break to catch up on your work as well as your sleep. So when Hyuk Woo pouted at you and begged you to join him, Ju Kyung, Hoody, and Kiseok for dinner, you had to decline.

“I’m going to hang out here and get some work done. Then, I’m going home to get some sleep,” you refused with a laugh as he pouted.

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Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch2
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and immediately decide that you didn’t like each other. Jungkook proposes working together, but you have your misgivings about the prince from Seoul.

Prol. | 1 | 2 | [x]

“Saren, Y/N, your friends are here!” your mom calls from the front door of the house.

“Good morning,” Jungkook bows politely at both your mom and grandma. “I’m Jungkook–Saren-noona’s friend from Seoul.”

“You’ve come to help my girls, haven’t you?” your grandma nods. “Y/N, you’re friends with the only handsome young men in town. Why haven’t you gotten yourself a boyfriend yet?”

“Grandma!!” you cry, mortified. Jungkook has the decency to duck to hide his laughter, but Hyuk cackles right at your face. You stomp to the cozy living room. “You should ask unnie that, she’s older!”

Saren looks up from arranging the huge plastic bags filled with kid’s cereals and snacks and crinkles her nose at you. “Please leave me out of that conversation.” You stick out your tongue in response.

“All noona has to do is say the word and she has one.” Hyuk grins down at her. “Noona, Bin-hyung’s sad that you told him to stay in the hotel.”

“Because that’s his actual job. Not an ice cream man, a tutor, a janitor, or an errand boy.” She hauls up a bag with both hands, but he snatches it from her with one hand and easily lifts another one. Before she can pick up another bag, you grab it and Jungkook takes the remaining bag. Bowing goodbye to mom and grandma, the four of you trek to the orphanage.

“You know noona, Bin-hyung would much rather be an ice cream man, a tutor, a janitor, or an errand boy for the children–for you–than be a hotelier.” He winks at her. “Why don’t you just hire him then I can launch a hostile takeover and become the official owner of the resort?”

She gives him a wry look. “The orphanage can’t afford his salary, you know.”

“Who said anything about paying him a salary? Being with you would be payment enough for him.”

She mock-shudders. “It’s much too warm for this sort of greasiness.”

Trailing behind them, you pout. Isn’t Hyuk-oppa being too attentive? You take a deep breath, trying to calm your jealousy. The bag’s starting to feel heavy in your hands, no matter how much you shift it.

Suddenly the weight’s gone, and you blink at Jungkook, who’s now carrying a bag in each hand. You grab for your bag, but he swings it out of reach.

“If you’re so jealous of Hyuk-hyung paying so much attention to noona, you should just help me get her and my hyung together.” He waggles his eyebrows conspiratorially. “Then he’ll have no reason to hang around her.”

You open your mouth to deny your feelings, but with his confident smirk, you know he won’t buy it. Instead, you smile sweetly and say: “Why would I do that, when I can help him get her and Hongbin-oppa together, and have him be eternally grateful to me?”

He heaves a dramatic sigh. “Why can’t you just be agreeable for once?”

“Your reactions are too cute.” You shrug, not even realizing what you said, until he swivels his head to gawk at you with round bunny eyes.

“We’re here!” you declare a little too loudly in hopes that he won’t pursue the earlier topic.

There’s a pink bouquet on the orphanage porch, as always. Saren stares at it, until you prompt her: “Unnie, your secret admirer left you flowers again.”

“Secret admirer?” Jungkook mouths.

“We all know it’s Hongbin-oppa.” you mouth back.

Saren gathers the bouquet and hurries inside the house. As soon as you follow her through the door, the mustiness of the dilapidated structure fills your nose. Despite how sunny the day is, the front room’s dim–the huge glass windows are cloudy with age and the lights have been switched off to save on the bill.

“It’s not in good shape,” Jungkook observes, as he and Hyuk set the bags on a rickety table that creaked under the weight.

“To be honest it’s a miracle–the miracle being Hongbin-oppa’s donations–that it’s running at all.” you admit.

The two of you watch Saren place the flowers, now in a mason jar as a makeshift vase, on a corner table, in an attempt to brighten up the place.

“Now that’s done, why don’t we eat barbecue?”Jungkook suggests. “You can eat for free today.”

Your ears twitch at the offer. Hyuk claps. “Yes. Let’s. Hyung and I ate there the other day, and it’s very good.”

Yet Saren immediately heads for a side door. “Ah, kids, I’m really busy, I still have to give the children their snacks, then tutor them, then… do other stuff, so you all should go ahead.”

“We can help, then we can all eat together,” Jungkook says.

“Yeah, unnie,” you agree, never one to say no to a free meal.

“Not today, Y/N, umm–I started a diet, so… bye for now!” Before any of you can stop her, she runs down the corridor.

Jungkook sulks after her. Hyuk cocks an eyebrow at him. “Just so we’re clear, we’re still eating, right?”

“Fine,” Jungkook mutters.

You almost feel sorry for him, especially with how cute he looks with his bottom lip pushed out, but you can’t tell him that. Of course.

Marry Me

‘No don’t bother talking to me.’ You held out a hand in front of him as you moved towards your living room after opening the door for him. You noticed how he stopped in his track probably thinking of why you were mad at him; classic Jay. You sat back down in front of the television deliberately increasing the volume but you kept your eyes on him, eyeing him from the side to how he would react. He was slow; god knows he was incredibly slow at finding out his mistakes. It irritates you to no end at how incredibly slow he was. ‘Babe, I’m sorry.’ You heard his tone and you were sure he wasn’t at all sorry or even had the miniscule idea of why you were even mad but Jay always, always tried to play it cool.

‘Do you even know what you’re sorry for?’

‘Of course.’ He answered confidently and you had to fight the urge to roll your eyes at him.

He had no idea.

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Hyuk Woo grinned eagerly looking over his shoulder. There you were having a small lunch meeting with Sunghwa. AOMG recently signed you on as their newest artist and Hyuk Woo was absolutely smitten.

He smiled seeing you laugh, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear while you talked over your debut album concept. You looked up and smiled seeing Hyuk Woo looking at you, and gave him a small wave. His eyes widened in a small panic before he squeaked and turned around hastily.

“Smooth…” Jay chuckled taking a seat across from Hyuk Woo.

He winced looking up at him. “Do you think she saw that?”

“Nah-Nah. Of course not” he laughed. “I mean…only if she has eyes.” Jay couldn’t help but tease him at the little crush he had on you. Hyuk Woo was just so shy, and hopeless.

“Hyung!” Hyuk Woo whined.

“Just ask her out.”

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Your insecurities are beautiful

Pairing: Hyuk/Reader

Warning: Smut?:3 But it’s sweet and cute and I feel like this would be Hyuk at his best;p

Another day which equals another day of hating yourself. You couldn’t bear it any longer and turned off the tv when yet another perfect girl group popped on the screen, sexy toned legs and tiny waists; they were perfection and you weren’t.. well at least that’s what you thought. That’s what you thought late at night, it’s what you thought every morning even when Hyuk showered you with love.. It was almost as if you were battling yourself and something inside of you stopped you from loving your body. Even dressed up you felt not right, the feeling of bumping into another girl when with Hyuk at a broadcasting show made you feel sick, they were beautiful and had it all but you were just a plan Jane..

Hyuk found you in the bedroom, looking in the mirror frustrated. You were unhappy with the way you looked and were completely insecure about so many things.

“Good evening beautiful” his arms wrapped around your body, head leaning on your shoulder with his eyes closed; practice often wore him out like no tomorrow. You couldn’t help but flinch softly at his words. You weren’t beautiful though. “Something wrong?” He murmured in your ear softly while rubbing up and down on your arms. You shook your head, not wanting to make it a big deal. “Tell me honey, what’s wrong? You look upset..” His black hair stuck out at weird angles and the bags under his eyes aged him by a good few years. He was no longer the silly maknae, he was older, mature and willing to listen to you.

“You know how I feel, all those beautiful talented girls and i’m not them. They’re so gorgeous and sexy yet i’m not… I see them on TV and you could get any of them yet you’re with me with my four day hair and the inability to look nice” He flipped you around and pushed you down on the bed so you were sitting on it.

“Listen to me.. You’re my baby girl okay?-”

“Hyuk don’t, you can’t make me just magically feel better okay?” You toyed with the end of the duvet, avoiding his eyes, trying your best not to end up crying again.

“Oh sweetheart” He clambered on the bed and wrapped his skinny arms around you, kissing your head softly while humming old songs in your ear. He smelt of his leather jacket and it made you cry more, sometimes it was so weird to think that he was yours. That a beautiful man like him was actually yours. “Let me show you just how beautiful you really are”

“I’m not really in the mood tonight to fuck Hyuk” You actually pouted at the idea, why would you want to show him your body when you felt so ashamed of it? You watched him take his jacket off, and then his blue t shirt. 

“I don’t really like my stomach, I’m not very muscled.. not like Ravi or Hongbin and I don’t like it much” He commented while rubbing his pale stomach, pinching at the skin softly.

“I love your stomach” You honestly did, so what if it wasn’t as defined? He was him and a six pack wouldn’t break your relationship.

“That’s exactly how I feel about you though, I love you for you. I love your thighs-” His arms went around your waist, lips on your neck. He made love to your neck while his arms went to your lower body and suddenly the warm sensation spreading through your body stopped as he spoke again. “I love your stomach, I don’t want a flat one, if you want one go ahead baby but you don’t have to impress me? Impress yourself! Love yourself like I love you. I love those hips, god your hips were made for me to hold on too while I fuck you” You interrupted him by giggling, by now a fierce blush arose on your cheeks, making you look more awake and enlightened, like his words were impacting you"

“Hey i’m being serious here, I love every inch of you and I want to worship you tonight” His lips worked up to your mouth where he grabbed your lips with his, it was passionate and made every hair on your body stand up to attention much like the erection he was sporting which you could feel against your thigh. 

Before you knew it you were both lying on the bed, lips still showing eachother just how much you loved each other, Hyuks warm hands caressed the length of your body before making love to you. It wasn’t rushed; it was sweet. It was what you both needed and wanted. Sex was great and always exciting but making love was the thing you both loved the most ironically. It kept that beautiful connection alive between each other alive and real. He rocked back and forth into you, hands grabbing the hips he said he adored while he fucked you harder, deeper until you were moaning in his ear, hands entangled into his dark hair. He kept going, deeper and faster until all what was heard was each others moans. Hyuk loved every second of it.

“I love you, every bit of you” You managed to breathe out before your orgasm hit you, it tipped Hyuk over and he came with your name bruised onto his lips. You were both sedated almost, quiet while you took in each other and how you looked. For the most part you felt more comfortable and when he gave you that sexy soft smile you knew he loved your body just like you loved his; 100% and nothing less.

“You are perfect okay? Your everything is perfect, that freckle is perfect” he said while tracing the freckle on your knee softly. “You are the most beautiful thing you can be, you have one body and one face and I wish you loved it baby”

“One day” You whispered before kissing him again.