hyuk pout


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Working for AOMG could only be described as an experience. There was never a dull moment no matter where you were.  You could be at the office, working an event, or even just hanging out after work and the AOMG family would find some way to liven up the evening. You loved it, of course, but there were moments when too much was too much.

After a week of going out with the AOMG artists every night, you couldn’t take any more. You needed a break to catch up on your work as well as your sleep. So when Hyuk Woo pouted at you and begged you to join him, Ju Kyung, Hoody, and Kiseok for dinner, you had to decline.

“I’m going to hang out here and get some work done. Then, I’m going home to get some sleep,” you refused with a laugh as he pouted.

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