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Idols Sorted (VIXX Edition)

We have all heard of the universally popular book series: Harry Potter and how at Hogwarts you can be sorted into one of the four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. I thought it would be fun to sort kpop idols into said houses based on who they are. To start off, my ultimate bias group: VIXX.

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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry - VIXX Ver.

Gryffindor - Cha Hakyeon
Hufflepuff - Lee Jaehwan
Slytherin - Lee Hongbin

(Only 3 of them wore the houses symbols)

The other 3??? Professor???

Kim Wonshik - Herbology

(I don’t know why but I can imagine him excitedly explaining about all the magical plants & taking care of them inside the green house)

Han Sanghyuk - Potion / Charms

(Imagine him experimenting & trying to make new potion or new spell and sometimes he use his creation on his student as an experiment)

Jung Taekwoon - Care of Magical Creatures / Defence Against Dark Arts

(He loves animal so much so I think he suits that position & for his appearance, DADA is the perfect match.

*just my personal opinion ^^

VIXX - Hogwarts Houses

AU Source - Harry Potter

Author - J K Rowling

The lovely Potterverse AU! I was originally going to do the Ilvermorny houses as well but I am splitting the posts. 

Also, I follow the theory that the Sorting Hat places you in your house based on the traits that you value, not your inherent traits. So the following is on the basis of what I have seen of VIXX. To be honest, all members carry some trait from each of the houses but I limited myself to the dominant ones.

N/Cha Hakyeon - Hufflepuff

credit to @merlionmen on this one.

As the leader, N works very hard to promote VIXX and himself. And he is very talented (he can sing, dance, act in dramas and musicals and cam even do make up like a pro :@ ) but under appreciated like most Puffs are :/. Also Hufflepuffs are the sweetest around and who better than Mom-Hakyeon?

Leo/Jung Taekwoon - Slytherin

Tbh, this is based on my impression of him from Mydol. His shy nature aside, he seemed to be very dedicated to working hard as a singer and was probably the most disciplined trainee there after N. The same can be seen in how competitive he gets while playing a sport/game. So Slytherin for him too!

Ken/Lee Jaehwan - Gryffindor

The house that values bravery and adventure. Ken seems to be the most adventurous. also the quickest to react due to his temper and honestly, a little brash(?) as well, I would put him in Gryffindor. (He’s been mellowing as he ages though

Ravi/Kim Wonshik - Ravenclaw

The house of the creative for this boy! Primarily from his talent for writing rap/lyrics and how quickly he picks up dancing. His slightly aloof nature may throw a person off track but there is definitely genius underneath all that. 

Lee Hongbin - Hufflepuff

The house of the loyal. Hongbin has many traits for the other houses but I see him as the one who values the group together. Also the type to be loyal and loving, even if outwardly displays will make him cringe. My true reason is sass. If you thought that Puffs are all sugar and no spice then you have another thing coming. Hongbin is most definitely more than a pretty face.

Hyuk/Han Sanghyuk - Ravenclaw

This one is more on potential. Hyuk has expressed interest in the more creative side of being an idol, like composition for example. Also he seems to be emotionally mature despite his young age. I think he’d be the type to value creativity and intelligence and learning above all.