hyuk no this is not okay

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okay but if hyuk stuck his dick in a pumpkin at halloween, do you think he stuck his dick in a turkey for thanksgiving?

a turkey is a real animal, not a fruit u demons,,,,, but no it would be leo-


so good news, bad news. good news: hyu… they’re NOT gonna kill u~! ♥ bad news: no one’s gonna help u… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [requested by anon]


Daydream Concert Poster Shooting - VIXX

Okay so, basically, here’s me running after kpop for stealing my soul

Here’s kpop trying to convince me that they didn’t do anything wrong

And here’s me hitting kpop for lying


When VIXX invites you to a “dream-like experience” 😏


Handsome Dorky Chef Hyuk