hyuk legs

  • Hyuk: When you become famous you're called a legend because your leg ends
  • Hongbin: what
  • Hyuk: Your leg
  • Hyuk: it ends
  • Ravi: I'm not a linguist but I think that's wrong
  • Hyuk: Are you saying your leg doesn't end?
  • Hongbin: I mean, at some point it does, yes
  • Hyuk: then whats the problem

Bong Soon. Girl. You have put people in the hospital. A man doesn’t have any teeth anymore because of you. You’re telling me the MOST you do to the guy who kidnaps and beats the shit out of your best friend (besides accidentally breaking his rib earlier) is throwing walnuts at him so that he limps around a bit?  

Insecure ft. Dean

lite smut, %2 fluff

what had happened earlier caught you off guard. your day was doing just fine until you got on the subway.

you sat down in the nearest seat by the door of the subway. luckily, there was a seat for you. usually, there wasn’t and you would have to stand which killed your legs.

you plugged in your earbuds and sat back, hoping that you would get to your destination in a short amount of time.

about five minutes later, you felt a tap on your left shoulder. so of course you turned your head to see who tapped you and what they wanted. you put your music on pause and pulled out your earbuds, turning to face three korean girls. they were most likely your age.

“yes?” you asked.

one of them pointed to your thighs and they all giggled. “you’re so fat. you should loose some weight.”

“how are your legs so meaty like that?” one added on.

you chose not to say anything and ignore them because if you responded back to them, the outcome of it probably wouldn’t have been pretty.

you moved over to the right side of the subway and continued listening to music. while you sat there, you glanced over at the girls a few times. they were still giggling, and teasing you from a distance.

you had just about enough of them. no one likes to be pointed at and no one damn sure likes to be made fun of. especially someone different like you.

“the fuck are y'all looking at!?” you asked in a loud tone, making it obvious to everyone that you were talking to them.

the girls jumped, and turned their backs to you. as confusing as their reaction was, you were just happy that they stopped fucking with you for the rest of the ride.

you contacted hyuk about it immediately after you got home. when you texted him, you were crying. but thank god for him, he raised your spirits. he’s always the one to make you feel better about yourself in this fucked up world.


“baby!” you listened as hyuk threw his keys onto the kitchen table and hung up his coat.

“i’m in here.” you responded.

soon after your response, hyuk appeared in the doorframe. he leaned on it and eyed you. “you know you’re the most beautiful woman i know right?”

you let out a small laugh and blushed, not even hiding it. “if you say so hyuk.”

“no really.” he hummed lowly but loud enough for you to hear it. his eyes hovered down to your thighs, and the fact that you were wearing short shorts turned him on even more.

he bit his bottom lip. “come here.”

you climbed off of the couch and went over to him, you stood directly in front of him just waiting to see what he was about to do.

he kissed your forehead and grabbed your hand. you were guided into the room and told to sit on your shared bed.

“take those off.” he pointed at your shorts, you responded quickly. as you pulled them off, he watched you. you couldn’t deny that his glance was sexy.

literally as soon as your shorts hit the floor, hyuk climbed between your legs and began leaving those trails of wet kisses that you loved. you grabbed onto his shoulders as he went down lower. he hovered over your panties and kissed you through the cloth, earning him a moan from you.

then, he kissed your thighs. “don’t you ever talk about losing weight. you’re beautiful just like this.”

you nodded since you couldn’t say anything. his touch gave you chills, it gave you goosebumps, and most of all it gave you satisfaction.

“tell me when you want me to stop alright?” he said while he ‘slid your panties to the side.

before you could answer, he started moving his tongue in a motion that took you by surprise. usually when he did this, his tongue game was up to par. you didn’t think that he could get any better but boy were you wrong.

“you taste so good baby.” he gripped your thighs and spread your legs wide so that he could really enjoy his meal.

“baby…” you bit down on your lip and threw your head back. the amount of pleasure that he was giving you was unbearable. you found yourself slowly rolling your hips at the same rhythm as his tongue.

about ten minutes later, you made up your mind. you were too horny to go through with this any longer.

“hyuk…” you paused until he stopped and looked up at you. “i’m ready.”

“okay but before we..you know.” he paused and climbed on top of you. “promise me that you’ll stop being so insecure.”

“i promise.”

hyuk slowly entered you, inch by inch until there wasn’t any left.

“shit y/n you feel so good.” he grunted at how your walls wrapped around him.

his strokes were slow, steady, and full. his strokes were accurate to his grinding on stage, he was so passionate when it came to this.

his fingers ran across your skin, and his lips never left your neck. “you’re so sexy.” he softly grunted into your ear.

“i know…” you replied as you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.

he chuckled and sped up, causing you to moan aloud. he stuck his head in the crook of your neck, enabling you to hear his small grunts clearer. you stroked his hair with your fingers and repeatedly kissed his neck tattoo.

scratching his back was really really tempting. you chose now to tell him before your voice went hoarse. “i love you.”

“i love you too mocha.” he kissed your lips and pulled out of you, causing you to let out a small whimper at the sudden emptiness.

“turn around and lay on your tummy.” he told you which made you giggle.

“yes daddy.” you said in a cringey and seductive way, while doing as you were told.

hyuk laughed lightly while positioning himself in between your legs. “call me daddy again and i will fuck the shit out of you y/n.”

“i want you too…daddy.” you bit down on your lip to hide your grin.

unexpectedly, hyuk grabbed you by your waist and sat you up on your knees. he rammed himself into you with full force. the only thing that you were able to do was scream/moan.

“what happened to calling me daddy sweetheart?” he sarcastically said as he slowed down and ran his fingers along your thighs.

when you didn’t respond, hyuk became worried, “ba-”

once he saw your face, his whole attitude changed. you were basically drooling with your eyes closed.

“i’m that good?” he got cocky.

you hummed yes and rolled over on your back.  "come here.“

hyuk literally slid between your legs again and leveled his face with yours. he leaned into you skipping the soft kisses and went straight for your tongue. if your tongue and his tongue were to get into a fight, he’d win. he wasn’t playing any games with you any more and you could tell by his body language that he was close to his climax.

he pulled away from the kiss and and pulled you to the edge of the bed by your thighs. “ready?” he asked, while pushing his hair back, revealing his forehead. daddy look.

you nodded and prepared yourself, this was one of hyuk’s favorite positions so you knew that you’d be in for a ride. he loved this position because he could see you and your beautiful face. with every stroke he could see how it affected you, your facial expressions and moans were what drove him. he could see everything.

of course, he started off slow but eventually he sped up. the room filled up with the noise of hyuk’s skin slapping against yours and his grunts became louder as he chased his high.

“fuck y/n..” his climax was more than close. all that he needed for you to say that you were his and that all of you belonged to him.

“who’s pussy is this?” he asked you in between gritted teeth.

it was your favorite question. you always shouted his name the loudest you could. the new neighbors needed to know his name.


once the both of you were showered, you asked hyuk if he wanted to cuddle but he rejected your suggestion.

“what why?” you asked, feeling a little hurt.

“i have to go back to the studio, millic is there.” he held up his phone and showed you his nonifications. millic had called and texted him over 100 times.

“did you make up a lie just so you could come over here?” you giggled as you buttoned up a loose button on his shirt.

“yeah, i told him it was important business. but i mean, it kinda was.” he chuckled and kissed your forehead before grabbing his keys. “i love you mochaaa..!” he sung while he stood at the doorway, with his arms wide open waiting for your embrace.

you rolled your eyes at how petty he was and ran over to him. you hugged him as tight as you could. “thanks for always making me feel better baby.”

“i’m your man, it’s what im supposed to do.” he kissed your lips this time. “i’ll see you later okay?”

“okay.” you waved him off.

and with that, he left.


you were smiling brightly the rest of the day. melanin popping cause that sex glo yezz.