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Leo busting some smooth moves until the evil maknaes swoop in


Princess Choco with her dad!Hyuk and her mom!Hae // Hyuk took a Choco fanboard and cover his own face then started imitating Choco’s barks, Hae also started imitating. When they had to choose the VCR they decided to let choco choose so they stuck the fanboard onto the box, the fanboard suddenly fell and Hae grabbed onto Hyuk’s hand. Then Hyuk asked “What are you doing? What are you doing?” // Hyuk got choco fanboard. He says to pray for her health. Mum informed Hyuk yesyerday that Choco is well and can jump around already. (x) (x)


Honey Family  ♡

➱ 151028 Hyuk’s mom’s letter to Hyukjae (1) :


You have been curious why it’s been such a long time since I wrote you a letter right?
I wanted to contact you but there were a lot of complications~
I will tell you about it next time ^^
It has been really hard right~~ ㅠㅠ

I believe that you will do well but why does my heart feels bitter like this. Checking the weather forecast everyday has become a habit. I wasn’t extremely interested in places other than Seoul but there is a place that my eyes goes to look now~

The temperature has dropped a lot so I’m worried. Always keep your neck warm and be careful not to catch a cold. I heard that there will be a chemical, biological and radiological training so tell them you did lasek surgery~~

The family members are doing well. I’ve sent the things that you’ll need under the name ‘Park Jungmin’ but I’m not sure if you got them !!Yongsun manager said he sent you body lotion so I’m curious whether you got it too.

Mom and Dad went down to another area on Monday so we didn’t see your letter. When we call Jongseok-hyung, we will pass it on to him for you~~

Even though it’s hard , if you withstand it well, I will anticipate for you to become a real man~~ ^^
I miss our baby a lot~~~~~
You’ve not been picky with food and have been eating well right?
I will contact you again~~
I love you ♡ ^^ ♡   (c)  

➱ 151101 Hyuk’s mom’s letter to Hyukjae (2) :

Baby! The weather suddenly became colder so i got worried.

I’m extremely curious if you are doing well, It’s frustrating and i wanna hear your voice too ㅠㅠ

I heard that you talked to Jongseokkie - hyung and manager Youngsun. I was thinking that you might call today so i was waiting ~~

Even though we will get to meet during the completion ceremony on the 19th, i am going to try going to the place on Tuesday. I am also curious how the place is like ~~

I received your letter well and our son is becoming manly. We have already booked the accomodations for the 19th and we are planning to go the day before. We are stil unsure about your noona’s time on whether she will be able to make it.

And Donghae’m mom called and said Donghae was worried if you are doing well.

Do your sunday worship well and take care,fighting!!

I love you  ♡ (c)  

➱ 151102 Hyuk’s mom’s letter to Hyukjae (3) :

Baby !!

You don’t know how happy i was when i received your call in the evening. Even if i have to stay up all night, i was really happy with a smile that won’t erase from my face. Your voice was so bright, good and calm to the extent that i was thinking “did you really go to the army?”.

I believed that our baby would do well but aren’t you doing too well~~ !!ㅎㅎ

I was worried about the cold but because you are young, i believe that you will be able to withstand it.

It will be great if you don’t forget to pray before starting your daily schedules and before going to sleep. Mom has formed another new thing to pray for. I pray that all recruits will stay healthy and are able to complete their trainings well with no accidents.

Platoon leader, please pray for your peers too ~~ㅋㅋ

On Tuesday, dad and i are palnning to go and explore the 15th division and pension and look at scenaries but it will be great if i will be able to see you too ㅠㅠ

It will be great if i see you even it its in my dreams.

I hope that you will do well this week too ~~

Baby!! Bye i love you  ♡ ♡ ♡

➱ 151102 Hyuk’s dad’s letter to Hyukjae [ He used hyuk mom’s ID ^^ ] :

My excellent son Lee Hyukjae!

Hearing that you’re receiving the trainings well after you enlisted, it seems like you’re doing well~

Of course, this genius has been doing everything well ever since he was young~

The weather has become colder so take care of your health~

The prayers which you were not able to do while you were promoting because you were busy, i hope you will be able to do it in your spare time~

Because you were originally a genius, there are not anything that is hard for you but pray and entrust everything to god and i hope that everything will turn out even better and well for you ~

We are planning to talk when we meet you in a while and i hope to hear a lot of your tales of heroism~

Bye ^~^

From Dad in Seoul  ♡ (c)

151111 Hyukmom’s 8th letter to Hyukjae ♡

Baby !! H~i

Did you train well today too?

Did you focus well during the firing training and did it without any mistakes?

There is not long left until i get to see our baby now ~~

I want to quickly meet you and feed you homecooked food. Bulgogi,Tofu Kimchi, rolled omelet, Bossam etc ~~ I will make delicious food and bring it there.

The local and international fans has sent lots of letters to CBB so you’ve got to read them during your vacation. All the ELF said they are waiting ~~ Thankful thankful touched ^^

Yesterday on the 10th, the Suju parents were invited by Ryeowook’s parents and they bought us delicious Sashimi at Yeonan Pier. After eating deliciously, we went all the way to Ryeowook’s house and came back. The parents has also been meeting for about 8 years so everyone is like a family now. It is comfortable and fun to meet up now that everyone knows each other well. Especially today, Ryeowook’s dad made us laugh a lot. It would have been great if Ryeowook was a little bit more like his dad ㅎㅎ

Baby, it’s sad that the weather has become even colder ㅠㅠ

Officer Junghoon has uploaded lots of photos so my mood went up ~~ i recognized you even when you dressed up.

It would be great if the time passes faster ~~~~

You should be having sweet dreams at this time right?

Sleep ~ well ^^

Bye (c)