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Reaction no. 32: When your aunt visits your family and she hasn’t seen you since you were a kid.  (¬_¬)

Your aunt: Oh, you grew so fast! I remember when you were such a little baby! You are still a cutie! *pinching your cheek*

Good Night

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You knew better than to get comfortable. You knew better, but you did it anyway. And at the exact moment you felt yourself finally start to drift off, the moment you felt your thoughts finally slow down, the lock on your dorm room door turned and all hell broke loose.

The heavy wooden door slammed against the frame of your roommate’s bed and in she stumbled, her boyfriend practically attached to her face. His hands had already started wandering and you knew that it wouldn’t be long until their clothes went flying. You’d made the mistake of trying to ignore them once before but now, well, that wasn’t even an option.

Muttering curses under your breath, you gathered your pillow and a blanket.

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Reaction no. 88: When someone hugs you, but you’re not a “huggy” person.


hyukjae collecting all toys to put on donghae’s lap and he making a heart from them (▰˘◡˘▰)
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