help him

I really really hate to say this and it makes me emotional as fuck, but I really think I need to rehome Noodle to a professional, because I cannot go on like this. I’ve tried for so long to get him to calm down.
Me and my babysitter both have been unable to give him a WATER change for a few weeks because he runs after our arms and hands like a rabid dog. God forbid we can temporarily relocate him to change his water. You don’t wanna know how many times we have tried that. Only during the night have we been able to quickly fill his water bowl. Don’t get me started on cleaning. He just needs a professional with professional tools to give him the care he needs.

I’ve never been afraid of him, but his ‘agressive’ behaviour is getting so bad, he tore a piece off my LEATHER glove, threw it away and went straight for my hand just now. I had literally not ever been so afraid to lose a finger. It’s still on there, but if I didn’t pull him off he would no joke have amputated my pinky finger. My mum knows first-aid, so she was able to stop the bleeding and put a band-aid on it. I guess no more drawings for a week or so. It’s hurting a lot.

Things were going okay for 3-4 days or so, but he fell back into his old behaviour even though there was no reason to. Not even experts know what is going on with him. My vet called him a 'very special case’ and most keepers are pulling big question marks.

I don’t wanna do this. I don’t even want to consider it. But I really have to do it. If there is anyone on tumblr in the Netherlands/ Belgium willing to take over a morbidly defensive/agressive skink, hit me up.
Although there is probably no-one around here following me that would want to take him on, chances are I need to take him to a rescue to see if they accept him.


Hyuk (@hsh0705):


#hyuk 누군가의.. #오버워치 ??
#좋은아침 #굿모닝

Chirp chirp chirp.
#Hyuk somebody’s.. overwatch ??

T/N: Overwatch is a first person shooter video game.

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

vixx as people on airplanes
  • n:immediately starts a conversation with everyone within a five seat radius and brings extra candy so he can give it to children and babies and ken
  • leo:speaks to no one. earbuds in 24/7. stares at the baby two rows back until it cries, but he really just thought it was cute and was debating whether or not to take a picture for the Random Cute Babies and Animals album on his phone. he looks through it when he's sad
  • ken:listens to music and accidentally starts singing along out loud. spills water on someone's laptop and apologizes so much he cries
  • ravi:looks left. looks right. surreptitiously takes out his knitting and works on it, humming quietly to himself
  • hongbin:doesnt drink anything so he wont have to use the airplane bathroom. reads the safety manual thing in the seatback like 8 times. keeps swiping people's peanuts for snacks later
  • hyuk:takes the aisle seat and sleeps through the whole flight, much to the dismay of the man next to him who really has to pee