How Vixx does Thanksgiving |Request|
  • N: *Lowkey annoyed*
  • Leo: *Doesn't wanna be there*
  • Hongbin: Let's stop playing and eat you little shits
  • Ravi: What happened to the cake
  • Ken: It didn't rise up like it was suppose to, i think we put less of everything
  • Hyuk: No you just can't cook
  • N: Leo would you please say a thanks
  • Leo: I'm thankful when you all start to choke on your food because you are all annoying
  • Ravi: *Laughing at Leo*
  • Leo: *Starts to choke Ravi*
  • Hongbin: I'm gonna go eat by myself
  • Ken: I agree
  • N: *Grabs Hyuk and pushes him to Leo*
  • N: Take him why you're at it
  • Ken: *Looking at them along with Hongbin* I think Leo is gonna kill them
  • Hongbin: Oh well means we will have another year without those bitches, Turkey?

Obsession - Sanghyuk had stupid shiny black hair and a stupidly cute fleshy nose and a pair of stupid, nicely-shaped eyes as well as stupid pink lips he liked to wet with his tongue a little too much between two stupid smirks, and he was also stupidly tall, but Jaehwan would never have a crush on him. He didn’t like bad guys. (Ken/Hyuk, pg-13, 5953 w)

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im watching vixx mtv diary

i never watched it before, and just found some channels on yt that have it all subbed (thank you so much!) and i gotta say…i love it SO MUCH this is EXACTLY what i needed. theyre so new to the idol life, you can clearly see what type of weird, dorky ass kids they all were (and still are, in some regard). theyre all nerds! every single one of them. N with his constant MCing, leo with his non-presence and lack of responses, Ken with his characters, ravi trying to be cool but constantly exposing himself as a soft boy, hongbin with his dweeb ass always trying to go along with whatever is happening despite having THAT face (hes always been handsome, you know it) and hyuk is a BABY learning about the world, adjusting to dorm life, being super polite and an absolute CHILD. 

i thought i saw it all when i watched all of vixx tv last year, but this is truly something unscripted, unfiltered (all their beautiful melanin!) and improvised. 

omg can someone please talk to me about this!!!!