Vixx’s health and well-being are paramount…..yes they’ll miss promotions, yes they might not win BUT they need to take care of themselves…..the boys have worked extremely hard for this comeback and have had to compete with big names for wins….we as fans can ensure that we support the boys and reassure them that we firstly care for their health and respect the company’s decision to give them some time off

It is during these tough times (when seemingly nothing is going their way) that we need to stick by their side.

Let us message them that we care for them and care for their health…..let us continue to support our boys (by streaming the MV and voting even if they are not nominated for number 1).

Let us let them know that we got their back.

Hyuk fell on the relay bwahahahahahahaha

Ravi is dying 😂😂😂

Where is Taekwoon when this happened?

Edit: Since a lot of people assumed that idk Taek’s whereabout or his current condition, I know he went to the hospital for his contusion on his nose and went back to their dorm to rest and that VIXX’s activities were altered as a group atm (and that The Show took them out of this week’s #1 nomination even though they’re winning on the prevotes smh). I’m not really asking where he is literally. I’m implying that he missed a moment to see Hyuk falling. The rest of the members were cracking up and Taek’s probably upset that he missed out on an opportunity to laugh at Hyuk.

these kids😂😂😂😂

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exodarkwolf16  asked:

What would vixx love about their crush :)

I might turn this into a series for individual members. Would you guys like to see that? If so, who would you want first?


  • depth. he’d like learning something new about them every day
  • genuine innocence
  • dumb moments
  • natural aegyo
  • wisdom. having a good understanding of things
  • seeing things from different angles


  • has a good first impression
  • the ability to instantly attract people
  • intelligence
  • the ability to have really deep conversations
  • when they get flustered
  • when they notice him getting flustered


  • when they are open about themselves and their feelings
  • confidence
  • diligence
  • can take care of themselves
  • open-mindedness
  • excitement over small things


  • shyness
  • when they are insecure but get all flustered when he compliments them
  • very conservative with their body
  • sweet tooth
  • when they say what they’re thinking, especially when it’s strange thoughts
  • gets embarrassed when they get attention


  • hard-working
  • having good sense and a practical mind
  • smile omg he’s a sucker for smiles
  • good communication
  • when they are willing to try new things
  • slob days


  • when they make him feel special, like he’s their favourite male friend
  • getting pouty about his teasing
  • ability to counter his jokes with better ones
  • when they know what they like and want
  • easy to get to know
  • playful hitting