VIXX could’ve performed fantasy with a live orchestra and all the other conception songs with lit stages and amazing choreography and show everyone how it’s done but nope


Hyuk (@hsh0705):

어느덧 찾아온 12월의 시작은
혁스타그램의 추천곡과함께 !
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Let’s start December that came before we knew it
with Hyukstagram’s song recommendation !
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VIXX: It’s been five years since debut, but the members all live in a dorm together still.  We live together because we want to.Leo doesn’t clean.

Leo: It’s not that I don’t clean. I just leave it all be.

RaviOn top of not cleaning, he eats other people’s food. 

VIXX: We’re busy because of our personal schedules, but later, we promised to go vacationing in Hawaii.

Mental image:
Ken, Changsub, and Ilhoon are chasing each other
Hyuk and Sungjae are in the middle of everything, orchestrating the chaos while waiting for the time to strike their elders.
Hongbin observes but is ready to support Hyuk when needed.
Hakyeon and Eunkwang are trying to maintain peace through glares and sheer man power and totally failing.
Peniel and Minhyuk are comforting Eunkwang and N, respectively. (I see N and MH cuddling)
Ravi is cheering on Ken and calls him cute every 5 minutes.
Hyunsik and Leo are sitting on a corner, hands on their faces, watching their members and regretting every choice they made.

I pity the guards and their managers.

VIXX Reaction: When their crush accidentally confesses to them

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Initially, it would just be shock. Complete and utter disbelief. He would stop in his tracks, his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide. Then he would give you the biggest smile you have ever seen and start giggling like an idiot. He’d probably get really flustered and start fanning himself all while continuing to giggle and express his disbelief.

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He would become instantly so shy. He would look up at you with a straight face but wide eyes and just break down into a shy fit. ‘I-I didn’t know you felt like that.” he would try to say in between trying to calm himself down. He wouldn’t be able to prevent the smile on his lips as the information kept replaying in his head. He would quietly pull you into a hug, deciding to say nothing more.

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It would take him a moment to process what you had said, but after he did, he would give you the goofiest grin ever and probably hug you and jump up and down and kiss your nose and tell you that he wasn’t sure you felt the same, but now he knows for sure and it’s the happiest day of his life. He would cling to you and kiss and cuddle you a lot to make up for the time he wasn’t able to.

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He would be incredibly flustered, but overjoyed to know that you felt the same as he did. He’d chuckle and grin and bite the inside of his cheek but he would take this as his opportunity to confess to you and he would feel more confident than ever doing so. He would understand the position you were in after it being an accident and chuckle. ‘It’s okay. I kinda like you a lot, too.”

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He would be so happy. He’d grin and pull you into a tight hug watching you become flustered over your accidental confession. As he was hugging you he would be really sweet and kiss your cheek then pull away and flash you a huge smile, telling you that he was actually planning to be the first to confess but you beat him to it.

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He’d be shocked, but also really happy. He’d be really cute with you and cuddle you and pinch your cheeks and kiss them with a smile. ‘I knew you liked me all along, Y/N.’ he would tease while completely fawning over you. He’d tell you he felt exactly the same and go on to talk about how the two of you would be the cutest and sexiest couple.

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vixx as k drama characters

n: psychotic mother who is constantly torn between bragging about his child and kicking his ass

leo: that quite one who initially seems like the only rational person in the country but then you find out he’s the mastermind behind all the crazy shit that’s been happening lately and has a secret underground dungeon filled with pictures of anyone who has ever done him wrong

ken: the over-dramatic ahjumma who dresses up in random disguises while hiding in buses and imitating wildlife for the sole purpose of collating gossip to use against other members of the neighbourhood

ravi: the one who is kind and wealthy but no one knows until he rents out an entire restaurant in hopes of confessing to his true love but then gives it up to the male lead instead and then promptly disappears of to another country in the middle of the night, never to be heard of again.

hongbin: the male lead who nobody knows the personality of because they would much rather stare at his face then listen to what he says. deeply annoyed, he joined a student protest on the matter and built up his hope in the cause when an individual approached him, only to have his dreams utterly shattered when he realised they were just recruiting for a modelling agency

hyuk: appears normal but secretly terrorises everyone to the point that a support group was established for those who felt personally victimised by him.

Until we put on eye patches and military uniforms, we tried to create a more mysterious vibe. We tried to express a charming man who is wooing the woman he loves with a uniform that symbolizes Kratos…You will also be able to experience the masquerade concept and a powerful being that has absolute power.” - VIXX

hi love, thanks for the request!! i love harley so this was fun to write~ i also love me some daddy hyuk hope you enjoy! ~admin o

               You were sat on the floor in front of your bedroom closet one afternoon, wearing your pajamas. You really hated cleaning out stuff, your closet in particular, which was packed with old things. Things you never wore, only wore once, family gifts you were too sheepish to return- huh. Well, one thing caught your eye. In the corner there was a bag labeled Halloween, and you cocked an eyebrow.

               Reaching over to it, one of the contents fell out- fishnets wadded up into a ball. Ohhh, you thought, unraveling them and holding them in the air, I remember what this is. One by one you pulled the items out of the bag- a Daddy’s Little Monster crop top, and tiiiny little red and blue shorts. You had intended to go as Harley Quinn for Halloween, and you recalled with a snort how Hyuk borderline begged you to not wear it. The costume was in good shape, though, and you kind of needed a break from the bore that was cleaning…

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