hyuga mom

Hinata's mom

Does anyone ever think of, or come with a background for Hinata’s mom? I’m going to be making a short doujin/comic for sasuhina based off an AU idea I’ve been playing around with. I wanted to include her in the beginning but not much is known about her. We know Hinata takes after her, but why is she not around? Is she dead? How did she die? Thoughts?

I’m so mad I honestly can’t see straight. Of all the bullshit I’ve see Anti’s spew over last two years, this takes the cake. We’ve gone from slut shaming Hinata for having big breasts to basically saying she’s worthless for raising her children like a mature adult.
How in the FUCK is it sexist to be a stay at home mom? If this isn’t the biggest “fuck you” to stay at home mom’s ever, I don’t know what it. It takes a lot for a woman to leave her profession to raise her kids, (especially if her spouse has an important full time job like Hokage, which is basically a presidency) and I have nothing but respect for the woman who chose to do this. Idgaf how much you dislike Naruto’s ending, you don’t get the right to shame a woman this way.