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I once seen a NaruSaku fan say that Hinata isn't a good mother because she "can’t get Naruto to spend time with their children". Um, have they forgotten what a big responsibility being the Hokage is? If anything, Hinata would looked immature and worse IF she DID try to get spend time with Boruto and Himawari instead of his duties.

They don’t seem to understand that nothing would really change if Naruto had married Sakura instead of Hinata. He’d still be swamped with work (ruling the land is rather time consuming. Shocking I know) And surprisingly, Hinata is not the one in control of what her husband does. He’s his own person, and you can clearly see that he tries to make time for his family when he can (but again, busy job. Using shadow clones constantly is draining, which they don’t seem to understand as well) He’s trying still, and she’s making sure they know that he still loves them very much, which is really all she can and should do. Forcing the interactions wouldn’t be good for the kids because they’ll start to feel like he’s forcing himself to be with them instead of being with them because he wants to.