hyuga hizashi

ok, I’m seriously confused

like, there’s so many people in the fandom claiming that the Hyuga never changed even though there has been subtext about it changing since the Chunnin Exams:

  • Hiashi apologizing to Neji, something his own father (and therefore Hizashi’s father) did not do
  • Hiashi training Neji, it may seem to be about one person but that’s a mayor step in the right direction, because Hiashi helped Neji learn techniques the branch house isn’t supposed to learn, and this served as an example to both sides that at the end of the day they were all family.
  • neither Hinata nor Hanabi were ever relegated to the branch house. Neither one of them. I know that people asume that this is because of both of them being female but since Hanabi was born when Hinata was 5, and from the age of 3 she was already deemed a non-natural fighter, chances are she was kept around in case Hinata didn’t live up to their standarts
  • btw I do believe that Hinata made them eat those words but part of that comes from training with a branch house member. No one would have allowed that prior to the Chunin Exams.
  • during the war Hiashi himself states to his brother’s reanimated corpse that they are not fighting as “main house and branch house” but as “shinobi of the leaf”, meaning that the fighting tactic isn’t “keep a branch member around in case a main member is in risk of death”. Members of both parts likely passed away as did a lot of other people.
  • neither Boruto or Himawari are shown to be excluded from the Hyuga Clan altogether. Yes they have their father’s last name, which was likely helped due to Naruto’s part in the war, but Boruto and Himawari are shown using gentle fist as their primary taijutsu style. Even if they learned ir primary from Hinata, there are no signs of this being forbidden to them. Specialy since Boruto used (without the byakugan) on a very publicly broadcasted event.

changes in the Clan started with Hiashi, moving on to Neji, Hinata, and Hanabi. The sealing practice most likely no longer exists, both sides were shown knowing the same techniques and the same headbands. I simply asumed that the clan had already begun to change during the time skip and that by the time of the war big progress had been made.

all of these without bringing up the difference between the Otsutsuki Clan’s current state compared to the Hyuga Clan; one is stronger than before, the other is nearly extinc.

yes I would have wanted for this to be addressed more openly in the manga but the implications are still there.