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Mumford & Sons fans, remember this post asking for YOU to contact MTV? Well, here is the final product! This is the Team Mumford & Sons Fan Army Manifesto in which you (including some followers of Mumford & Sons Blog!) explain why you love Mumford & Sons for the upcoming O Music Awards!

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LOL! I recommend installing Tumblr Savior and making sure to type in “Sherlock” as one of the filters on Sunday afternoon. Doesn’t help when people don’t tag their posts (*SHAKES FIST*) but it’s a start?

i’ve considered this but there’s just one more episode to go anyway and i thought i’d rather backtrack my dash in just one go (without missing what you guys posted about the show)

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Heads up: The Villagers World Cafe session will go live on Thursday, June 6th. Look for it up on the NPR Music website sometime that afternoon...or check out your local World Cafe affiliate and listen to it on your radio. (Sadly, it will be preempted in Philly due to our fund drive, which always happens with sessions I want to hear!)

Thank you so much for this information Lauren, it’s so good to finally know when we’ll be able to hear it! Mark June 6th on your calendars my friends :D and bookmark this website: http://www.npr.org/music/

PS. I’m sorry to read that :( guessing that’s the one disadvantage of working for the station?

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FYI, in regards to the June 14th Philadelphia show, I think Free at Noon tickets usually only go up the week before the gig, and they won't be on sale, per se - it's a free lunchtime show, you just have to RSVP. And I am SUPER EXCITED for it because I'm going to get to go. (Also, XPN broadcasts Free at Noon live on the radio and online!)

I honestly had no idea how the XPN show worked so thanks a lot for letting me know all of this! And you’ll be there so I’m truly happy for you :D I’m guessing the broadcast works worldwide so I hope we all can enjoy part of the experience as well :) oh, and thanks to Lauren for confirming the RSPV for the show will be up on Friday June 7th so, for those of you planning on going, keep that date in mind!

hystericallyyours asked: How about a Being Human US mix?

(Download) Last Call For Sin; a Being Human US mix.  (1) All These Things I’ve Done : The Killers. → These changes ain’t changing me, the gold-hearted boy I used to be. → Over and in, last call for sin; while everyone’s lost, the battle is won. → With all these things that I’ve done. (2) Lessons Learned : Matt and Kim. → While lessons learned go down the drain, I can’t believe in everything. → Thinking about tomorrow won’t change how I feel today. (3) Bag of Bones : Talain Rayne. → So carry on with the fallen shame that you are the one, are the one to blame. → I’ll sit and wait it out, ‘Cause love, I’d do it for you. → So sad to say that the brightest things are short of bright. (4) Time Lapse Lifeline : Maria Taylor. → Oh we dreamed a life, it was just like that, was like that. → And just like that, and just like that it’s done. (5) Fix You : Coldplay. → When you lose something you can’t replace. → When you love someone but it goes to waste. → Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you.

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Uggg, post-Emmy grumbling happens? This is my first year watching the Emmys while being SUPER invested in the fandom so I’m going to have to choking people, aren’t I? Both shows were absolutely on POINT this season, I have to say.

the episodes they submitted are both great as well… any of them can take it at this point. i just don’t like it when people shit on TDS while arguing for TCR. it’s very upsetting.

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Steve better win or I will flip the fuck out.

he better. it’s ridiculous he doesn’t have one yet. i’ll be flipping out on the other side of the globe if it doesn’t happen

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i love tds but come on, give the others a chance as well. i wonder if stephen donkeypunching jon will be brought up again. hmmm.

hee. if he does can he do it on air so we can see?  *cough*